10 Awesome Multitasking and Shortcut Android Apps in 2021

There are some cool multitasking android apps on Google store. Here we are presenting only top-notch shortcut and multitasking android apps that makes your smartphone experience smarter and faster. This will definitely increase your productivity.

Here in the bundle, there are some of the options you can try to save you from complexity. No questions, you hardly convince yourself to tamper the codes or settings in the developer options of your device. Here is to bring some more ions the table.

Multitasking Without Application

Before talking about any multitasking and shortcut apps, I want to tell you that you can do multitasking like quick popup ball in your current phone with using any Multitasking and Shortcut Apps.

android quick ball setting (2)

Note – Some of new phones like Redmie, Realme, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo etc giving this feature in their phone. Just follow these steps – Go to Setting – Find Explore New Features > under category Special Features > Quick Ball > Turn On Quick Ball

android quick ball setting (1)

After that click on Select Shortcuts (Just Below of Turn On Quick Ball) and select the apps that you use frequently.

Multitasking and Shortcut Android Apps

Easy Touch

easy touch multitasking app

What more is not accessible from Easy Touch, here are some of the tasks that you need to perform on your Android device every now andthen. While Easy Touch still has the lock screen under control, you are enabled to turn Bluetooth/ WiFi, on and off, access the camera, or run any app. It also homes a shortcut for recent apps to add to your rest.

Easy Touch Key Features

  • Virtual home key, easy touch to lock screen and open recent task
  • Virtual volume key, quick touch to change and change sound mode
  • Go to all setting very quickly with single touch

Floating Apps Free (Best Android Multitasking App)

floting apps free

If you are looking for multitasking android app, you must try it. This is one of the best multitask floating app. You can open more than apps at the same time in floating windows and enjoy the real multitasking experience. Lots of features including view email attachment without leaving email, use notes OR calculator anywhere, view multiple PDF file at same time and much more..

Floating Apps Free Key Features

  • A complete Multitasking android app
  • view email attachment without leaving email app
  • Use calculator and Notes without leaving your current app
  • view multiple PDF file at same time
  • open URL’s in floating browser and view them letter
  • translate vocabularies on your current app



Want things to access even after locking your device, get AcDisplay. Get notifications to your device and respond at your will (if important). Replying to a notification is easier just as is to check it; just tap and hold.

AcDisplay Key Features

  • Great User Interface and Awesome Performance
  • Use it as lockscreen
  • You can enable is also only while charging

These are also Best Multitasking android apps but not available on Google Play Store. you can download these from other application stores…

Omni Swipe

omni swipe

Omni Swipe is all in one multitasking android app for power android user. The UI os this app is very smooth and we well designed. With Omni Swipe, you can access your regular used app from anywhere on the phone like contact, setting, notification

Recently the Omni Swipe application is not available on market but you can find it on Google Play Store Alternative like getjar etc.



Using Shorty app, you can access up to five top apps like making a call to your recent or most contacted person and texting, Launching another app and accessing camera at the same time.

App developer know well, there are few tasks we all do with our android phone time to time like making calls, sending text messages, taking photos etc. So, this app is enough to popup all these things on your screen every time. Just tap on ‘S’ and start doing your daily mobile task.


Shortcut Android Apps

Somewhat identical to AcDisplay the same features are unlocked but with a differently positioned dock. While the screen remains locked, you still have ease launch your favourite applications. Also, an on the go access to Selfie camera and wallpapers.

Simple Shortcuts

Simple Shortcuts is rather an edgy piece of work that enables users to control the device’s features by swiping from a corner. Once you do it, the launcher lists all the apps residing on your phone. Free version comes with ads, so to make it most effective tool for Shortcuts for Android Phone, you have to but it for a Dollar.


This free app is the first Dock task manager for the Android devices but not accessible at Google Play store. Multitasking is at your fingertips and apps are floating in wave motion where you just have to swipe your finger on the dock.