Top 11 Cool Video Call Apps for Android In 2021 [Updated]

Android platform is counted as one of the best for video calling buffs. Video calls can be used for many purposes; you can make a face call to your friends, your family, and loved ones through your phone. The mobile data network service is refined and getting faster day by day, and all credit goes to the better internet companies. Today let ustake a look atthe 11 Best Video Call Apps for Android that will help you to take advantage of this fast data service in many ways and one out of them is video calling feature of Smartphone’s.

I’ve used a few of these apps across multiple platforms and to be honest; I always stick with the few apps I used way back when Android launched. However, if you need a reliable & best app to make a video call for your work, these Android apps to make free calls will come in real handy. Let us have a look at them.

Best Video Call Apps for Android

Google Duo


Google Duo now comes preinstalled in every new Android phone you purchase. Launched with Allo, this blood brother was designed for video calling only. Google had stop support for Allo, but Duo is still in the race to perfection. Google Duo is one of the simplest video calling apps that doesn’t take up much space, nor does it slow down your internet speed.

Packed with some pretty impressive features like knock-knock and support for up to 32 users simultaneously make it a useful video chatting tool for casual users as well as professionals. Google duo is available in the market for free, and you can try it on Android or iOS devices with standard configurations.


best video calling app for android

Skype is the only Microsoft product I happily use on my Android devices. Not that their other apps are bad, it just the Skype is highly convenient to use. I’ve been a Skype user since it was launched on desktop PCs, and I only find it easy to use and instantly recognizable.

The design philosophy behind the desktop program has also translated well to the touch-friendly interface of Android. Talking face-to-face with a person is as simple as tapping on their face. The app now also offers group video calls with up to 25 people; however, I only got three people to talk to thanks to my poor internet connection.

New users will find Skype to be a very user-friendly experience and will be able to enjoy one-on-one calls a lot. This app is not the best app to make free video calls, but it can indeed be considered a great one. With more than 660 million subscribers, the majority of us use Skype in our daily duties.

There are lots of Hidden skype emoticons here that you can use on Skype and also can record Skype video and audio call during call.


best video calling app

IMO is one of the most popular & best video calling app and also one of the best Skype Alternative. Now a day everyone is using it on his or her mobiles. It has a very friendly interface. You will not get any problem while using this app. You can learn it very easily. It’s an entirely free platform. Even it can support more than one platform. If you want to use this app on your smartphone, you can directly download from Google play store or Apple app store or the official website of IMO. IMO is the best video and instant message app. It has lots of features that you might not know.

Key Features of IMO

  • You can call anywhere in the world.
  • Even it allows group calls also.
  • You can share any files.
  • There is an instant message option.
  • You can send voice messages.
  • You can share screen space with your pleasant person.


It features free to voice-video calls and is integrated with the contact list on your smartphone which makes it easier and more convenient than ever.  LINE is the most popular communications app you’ve never heard of, with a huge following in Asian countries that is slowly translating itself to success in the US.

While LINE exists as a viable Video calling app and there is a certain emphasis on the messaging side of things. It’s also a lot brighter, with efforts to engage the younger audience using things like emoji and stickers. And it’s great when it comes to cross-platform abilities.

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Jitsi is one of the best Video calling apps. It’s free for chatting and video calling. It has some unique features such as like video conferencing, voice message, instant messaging, file transferring, desktop sharing, etc. It supports multi-platform such as like windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, and windows vista, windows XP, MAC, OS X, and Linux. Jitsi is available in more than 30 different languages. There are millions of people using it on their device. The best thing about Jitsi is it is one of the most secure ways of communication.

Key Features of Jitsi

  • It is 100% free software.
  • There are an auto answer and auto forward option.
  • Call Recording, Conference calls, Desktop Streaming
  • It does not require any account
  • It was encrypted by default

It can support video group, and if you miss a call, you can read voicemail transcriptions and add and share notes. It can also be used to send text messages, to a maximum of five contacts at a time, from your browser.


Initially a Medical consultation website, VSee can also be used for personal purposes. It was developed as a medium to provide medical consultation over the Internet, to people that do not have easy access to such facilities. The app still caters to these needs, but also offers unlimited group video calls for any user. You can use this feature to your benefit.

Advantages of VSee

  • Uses very less bandwidth and data
  • 720p Video quality
  • Easy File sharing between users
  • Unlimited Group Video Chats
  • Instant Messaging
  • File Sharing


UberConference is a trusted and widely used service when it comes to Audio Conferencing. People around the globe, corporates and citizens alike, trust UberConference for an uninterrupted and service and flawless experience. It does not offer Video Conferencing or Video chat but can allow you to audio conference with up to 100 persons at once. It also has many important features that make it an ideal candidate when it comes to Audio Conferencing over the Internet.

It offers both, a paid and a free membership. The free membership just has restricted access to all the features, and hence you may want a paid membership if you plan to use them to their full extent. Even though, both groups offer these in common

  • You can have Unlimited Conferences online in both the memberships.
  • Free members can conference with up to 10 members, whereas paid members can conference with up to 100 users.
  • HD audio quality, with the option to record the chat, and lock it also, for privacy purposes.
  • Connected to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other accounts as well.

All in all, UberConference is an excellent choice for VoIP calls and Audio Conferencing and is trusted by the majority.

Google Hangouts

best andro

Now you can say ” hi ” to your friends, family members, or any clients with video call or chat on Google hangouts for free. Google hangouts will keep you in touch with your contacts. It’s available for all types of platforms such as like android, IOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows and the web. And the one, who are using Google chrome web browser they do not need to install plugins. It’s a very simple and easy to use on your mobile also.

Key Features of Google Hangouts

  • You can call to anyone in the world
  • You can create your own group up to 100 members.
  • You can send the message any time even if they are offline.
  • You can turn any conversation into the free video call.
  • Even you can connect your Google voice account with your phone number.
  • While texting you may use photos, emoji, animated GIF and Google maps.


Not only is ICQ still going, as one of the first messaging platforms, but it’s also had a major overhaul.

ICQ now not only offers written chat messaging, across computers and mobiles but also delivers voice calls as well as video calls. It works on android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian and even Java. ICQ is free to download and to call free internationally too. You can get the highest quality group video calling. You can text to anyone while the video is calling to someone. It’s available completely free, so anyone can download this app on his or her mobile.

Key Features of ICQ

  • Free Video calls, text and voice calls.
  • It’s available for free.
  • You can use audio during a video call.
  • You can enjoy group chats also.
  • You can send text, photos, and messages also.
  • You can connect to your family members and friends with any device.


best android video calling app

Slack is a little different to the competition as it’s more of an open platform. It works as a central place for communication that pulls in third-party apps to make it work. This is a beautiful app with a professional look and an amazing user interface that looks fantastic.

Soon slack the chat part is built-in, but file sharing can be done via Google Drive or Dropbox. Real-time web analytics can be shared and viewed using GoSquared or DataDog. For video and verbal interacting there’s Google Hangouts or Intercom. The list goes on and on.

Another great feature of Slack is its ability to search entire conversations for certain words so finding what’s been talked about is easy. The app is iOS and Android friendly and autocompletes friends’ names making tagging them simple. If you a tech freak and want a professional touch to the apps that you are building then this app is the best one out there for you. We recommend using it for the professional purpose it the app looks professional and handy in its own way.


Coming from China WeChat is being hailed as the one-stop shop app in the category of social media. It’s like combining text, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into one app.

WeChat allows users to share photos and videos directly with other users or they can be posted to their profile, like the Facebook wall. Another feature, called Shake, allows users to find others nearby to chat locally. Drift Bottle is another cool feature that lets you send a message to “float” until someone finds it. WeChat also allows voice chat, group chat, video chat and emoji sharing. And it’s all free to download.


Video calling these days when one has the advantage of an ever present 4G signal is easier than ever, and with apps like Skype, IMO or Jitsi you can even call landlines for an affordable free. I’ve used all these apps on mobile data as well as standard Wi-Fi connections. While there were some minor glitches and bugs faced during the usage, they were very rare and did not often occur enough to be annoying.

I wrote this post keeping in mind that, not everyone uses Video calls for the same purpose; some people use it for connecting with their friends or family via video chat apps, whereas others use it for official purposes only. Just like you wanted, here was the selective 11 Best Video Call App for Android for you. I hope, going through it, helped you saturate your need. In case, I missed out on something, or there is another kickass app on the market, let me know. The comments Box is empty right now.


Can I make Video Call for Free through Video Calling Apps?

Of course, with the help of free video calling apps, you can make video calls for free without spending any money. Just have mobile data available in your Phone.

Which is the safest app for Video Calling?

There some apps that provide End to end encrypted Text, Voice and secure Video calling features. Some of secure video calling apps are Whatsapp, LINE, Viber, Google DUO etc.

Which App is best for Group Video Calling?

Whatsapp, Skype, Google DUO are some popular apps for Group video calling.

Which Video Calling App Uses the Least mobile Date?

Zangi and Whatsapp are some cool video calling apps which you can also use in slow data connection and they use less data of your phone in video calling.

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