250+ Hidden Skype Emoticons & Smileys List of 2020

Hidden Skype Emoticons | Skype Smiley’s :- In this article you can get a full list of best, top and hidden Skype emoticons or Skype animated smiley that you can use in Skype chat.

As we all know Skype is one of the best and most popular free video calling App/ software that is being used by millions of people to make national and free international call worldwide. Skype application is available for all platforms like android, iPhone, Windows, PC, laptops etc to get in touch with friends, family and others via video call, audio call, chat. Skype application is also features with messenger and the messenger is loaded with tons of Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley’s. If you log in Skype messenger features there are tons of Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley but there is a big collection of hidden Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley. So, here are I am sharing the best collection of Hidden Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley.

Note These Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley are animated, so just type given codes into a Skype chat to see emoticons in action.

List of All Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley

If you log in on Skype messenger you can find some of best and default Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley that you can send in Skype chat.

Hidden Skype Emoticons

Skype Emoticons Emoticons Name Short codes
 🙂 Smile :):=):-)
 🙁 Sad :(:=(:-(
 😀 Laugh :D:=D:-D:d:=d:-d
 8) Cool 8=)8-)B=)B-)(cool)
 🙂 Wink :o:=o:-o:O:=O:-O
 😥 Crying ;(;-(;=(
 (:| Sweating (sweat)(:|
 😐 Speechless :|:=|:-|
 :*: Kiss :*:=*:-*
 :p Cheeky :P:=P:-P:p:=p:-p
 yn Fingers crossed (yn)
 :$: Blush (blush):$:-$:=$:”>
 :^) Wondering :^)
 |-) Sleepy |-)I-)I=)(snooze)
 |(| Dull |(|-(|=(
In love (inlove)
Evil grin ]:)>:)(grin)
Yawn (yawn)
Puke (puke):&:-&:=&
Doh! (doh)
Angry :@:-@:=@x(x-(x=(X(X-(X=(
It wasn’t me (wasntme)
Party!!! (party)
Facepalm (facepalm)
Worried :S:-S:=S:s:-s:=s
Mmm… (mm)
Nerd 8-|B-|8|B|8=|B=|(nerd)
Lips Sealed :x:-x:X:-X:#:-#:=x:=X:=#
Hi (hi)
Devil (devil)
Angel (angel)
Envy (envy)
Wait (wait)
Bear-hug (bear)(hug)
Make-up (makeup)(kate)
Giggle (giggle)(chuckle)
Clapping (clap)
Thinking (think):?:-?:=?
Bowing (bow)
Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl)
Relieved (whew)
Happy (happy)
Smirking (smirk)
Nodding (nod)
Shaking (shake)
Emo (emo)
Yes (y)(Y)(ok)
No (n)(N)
Shaking Hands (handshake)
Heart (h)(H)(l)(L)
TMI (tmi)
Heidy (heidy)
Flower (f)(F)
Rain (rain)(london)(st)
Sun (sun)
Music (music)
Coffee (coffee)
Pizza (pizza)(pi)
Cash (cash)(mo)($)
Muscle (muscle)(flex)
Cake (^)(cake)
Beer (beer)
Drink (d)(D)
Dancing (dance)\o/\:D/\:d/
Ninja (ninja)
Star (*)
Tumbleweed (tumbleweed)
Bandit (bandit)


Hidden Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley

Below is the awesome list of Hidden Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley. All these are animated smiley, simply type given short codes in Skype Chat and enjoy.

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HiddenSkypeEmoticons EmoticonsName Short codes
Skype (skype)(ss)
Call (call)
Talking (talk)
Broken heart (u)(U)
Time (o)(O)(time)
Mail (e)(m)
Movie (~)(film)(movie)
Phone (mp)(ph)
Drunk (drunk)
Punch (punch)
Smoking (smoking)(smoke)(ci)
Toivo (toivo)
Rock (rock)
Headbang (headbang)(banghead)
Bug (bug)
Poolparty (poolparty)


Best Skype Country Flag Icons

Skype also provides features to send any country flag via Skype Emoticons or Skype Smiley. Some unique codes are assigned to generate country flag in Skype chat, so use it and enjoy.

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SkypeCountry lag Name Shortcode
  Afghanistan (flag:AF)
Albania (flag:AL)
Algeria (flag:DZ)
American Samoa (flag:AS)
Andorra (flag:AD)
Angola (flag:AO)
Anguilla (flag:AI)
Antarctica (flag:AQ)
Antigua and Barbuda (flag:AG)
Argentina (flag:AR)
Armenia (flag:AM)
Aruba (flag:AW)
Australia (flag:AU)
Austria (flag:AT)
Azerbaijan (flag:AZ)
Bahamas (flag:BS)
Bahrain (flag:BH)
Bangladesh (flag:BD)
Barbados (flag:BB)
Belarus (flag:BY)
Belgium (flag:BE)
Belize (flag:BZ)
Benin (flag:BJ)
Bermuda (flag:BM)
Bhutan (flag:BT)
Bolivia (flag:BO)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (flag:BA)
Botswana (flag:BW)
Brazil (flag:BR)
British Indian Ocean Territory (flag:IO)
British Virgin Islands (flag:VG)
Brunei Darussalam (flag:BN)
Bulgaria (flag:BG)
Burkina Faso (flag:BF)
Burundi (flag:BI)
Cambodia (flag:KH)
Cameroon (flag:CM)
Canada (flag:CA)
Cape Verde (flag:CV)
Cayman Islands (flag:KY)
Central African Republic (flag:CF)
Chad (flag:TD)
Chile (flag:CL)
China (flag:CN)
Christmas Island (flag:CX)
Cocos Islands (flag:CC)
Colombia (flag:CO)
Comoros (flag:KM)
Congo (DRC) (flag:CD)
Congo (flag:CG)
Cook Islands (flag:CK)
Costa Rica (flag:CR)
Cote D’Ivoire (flag:CI)
Cuba (flag:CU)
Cyprus (flag:CY)
Czech Republic (flag:CZ)
Denmark (flag:DK)
Djibouti (flag:DJ)
Dominica (flag:DM)
Dominican Republic (flag:DO)
Ecuador (flag:EC)
Egypt (flag:EG)
European Union
Equatorial Guinea (flag:GQ)
Eritrea (flag:ER)
Estonia (flag:EE)
Ethiopia (flag:ET)
Faroe Islands (flag:FO)
Falkland Islands (flag:FK)
Fiji (flag:FJ)
Finland (flag:FI)
France (flag:FR)
French Guiana (flag:GF)
French Polynesia (flag:PF)
French Southern Territories (flag:TF)
Gabon (flag:GA)
Gambia (flag:GM)
Georgia (flag:GE)
Germany (flag:DE)
Ghana (flag:GH)
Gibraltar (flag:GI)
Greece (flag:GR)
Greenland (flag:GL)
Grenada (flag:GD)
Guadeloupe (flag:GP)
Guam (flag:GU)
Guatemala (flag:GT)
Guinea (flag:GN)
Guinea-Bissau (flag:GW)
Guyana (flag:GY)
Haiti (flag:HT)
Heard and McDonald Islands (flag:HM)
Holy See (Vatican City State) (flag:VA)
Honduras (flag:HN)
Hong Kong (flag:HK)
Croatia (flag:HR)
Hungary (flag:HU)
Iceland (flag:IS)
India (flag:IN)
Indonesia (flag:ID)
Iran (flag:IR)
Iraq (flag:IQ)
Ireland (flag:IE)
Israel (flag:IL)
Italy (flag:IT)
Jamaica (flag:JM)
Japan (flag:JP)
Jordan (flag:JO)
Kazakhstan (flag:KZ)
Kenya (flag:KE)
Kiribati (flag:KI)
North Korea (flag:KP)
Korea (flag:KR)
Kuwait (flag:KW)
Kyrgyz Republic (flag:KG)
Laos (flag:LA)
Latvia (flag:LV)
Lebanon (flag:LB)
Lesotho (flag:LS)
Liberia (flag:LR)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (flag:LY)
Liechtenstein (flag:LI)
Lithuania (flag:LT)
Luxembourg (flag:LU)
Macao (flag:MO)
Montenegro (flag:ME)
Macedonia (flag:MK)
Madagascar (flag:MG)
Malawi (flag:MW)
Malaysia (flag:MY)
Maldives (flag:MV)
Mali (flag:ML)
Malta (flag:MT)
Marshall Islands (flag:MH)
Martinique (flag:MQ)
Mauritania (flag:MR)
Mauritius (flag:MU)
Mayotte (flag:YT)
Mexico (flag:MX)
Micronesia (flag:FM)
Moldova (flag:MD)
Monaco (flag:MC)
Mongolia (flag:MN)
Montenegro (flag:ME)
Montserrat (flag:MS)
Morocco (flag:MA)
Mozambique (flag:MZ)
Myanmar (flag:MM)
Namibia (flag:NA)
Nauru (flag:NR)
Nepal (flag:NP)
Netherlands (flag:NL)
New Caledonia (flag:NC)
New Zealand (flag:NZ)
Nicaragua (flag:NI)
Niger (flag:NE)
Nigeria (flag:NG)
Niue (flag:NU)
Norfolk Island (flag:NF)
Northern Mariana Islands (flag:MP)
Norway (flag:NO)
Oman (flag:OM)
Pakistan (flag:PK)
Palau (flag:PW)
Palestine (flag:PS)
Panama (flag:PA)
Papua New Guinea (flag:PG)
Paraguay (flag:PY)
Peru (flag:PE)
Philippines (flag:PH)
Pitcairn Island (flag:PN)
Poland (flag:PL)
Portugal (flag:PT)
Puerto Rico (flag:PR)
Qatar (flag:QA)
Reunion (flag:RE)
Romania (flag:RO)
Russian Federation (flag:RU)
Rwanda (flag:RW)
Serbia (flag:RS)
South Sudan (flag:SS)
Samoa (flag:WS)
San Marino (flag:SM)
Sao Tome and Principe (flag:ST)
Saudi Arabia (flag:SA)
Senegal (flag:SN)
Serbia (flag:RS)
Seychelles (flag:SC)
Sierra Leone (flag:SL)
Singapore (flag:SG)
Slovakia (flag:SK)
Slovenia (flag:SI)
Solomon Islands (flag:SB)
Somalia (flag:SO)
South Africa (flag:ZA)
Spain (flag:ES)
Sri Lanka (flag:LK)
St. Helena (flag:SH)
St. Kitts and Nevis (flag:KN)
St. Lucia (flag:LC)
St. Pierre and Miquelon (flag:PM)
St. Vincent and the Grenadines (flag:VC)
Sudan (flag:SD)
Suriname (flag:SR)
Swaziland (flag:SZ)
Sweden (flag:SE)
Switzerland (flag:CH)
Syria (flag:SY)
Taiwan (flag:TW)
Tajikistan (flag:TJ)
Tanzania (flag:TZ)
Thailand (flag:TH)
Timor-Leste (flag:TL)
Togo (flag:TG)
Tokelau (flag:TK)
Tonga (flag:TO)
Trinidad and Tobago (flag:TT)
Tunisia (flag:TN)
Turkey (flag:TR)
Turkmenistan (flag:TM)
Turks and Caicos Islands (flag:TC)
Tuvalu (flag:TV)
US Virgin Islands (flag:VI)
Uganda (flag:UG)
Ukraine (flag:UA)
United Arab Emirates (flag:AE)
United Kingdom (flag:GB)
United States of America (flag:US)
Uruguay (flag:UY)
Uzbekistan (flag:UZ)
Vanuatu (flag:VU)
Venezuela (flag:VE)
Viet Nam (flag:VN)
Wallis and Futuna Islands (flag:WF)
Yemen (flag:YE)
Zambia (flag:ZM)


So friends, this was the awesome collection of Hidden Skype Emoticons, Skype Smiley, Skype flag Icons. Share it with your friends and enjoy also share it with your friends over Social networking like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Skype.