5 Online Opportunities for Spanish Teaching Jobs

Each year the number of companies hiring online Spanish teachers and tutors continues to increase at an annual rate of 14%. In addition, plenty of schools are starting to offer virtual classrooms for Spanish lessons. This trend is set to continue as time goes by. If you are in pursuit of online Spanish teaching jobs, you have the grand opportunity to put your unique language and teaching skills into good use. To your advantage and convenience, the teaching happens outside the classroom which is unprecedented. Below are some of the online Spanish teaching opportunities you can easily find hereĀ https://preply.com/en/skype/spanish-tutors

You can write educational blogs

If you enjoy writing as much as you do teaching the Spanish language you might want to consider blogging. You can get freelance blogging opportunities from many companies and websites. The pay is usually between $10 to $100 per article depending on the source. However, if you are patient, launching your own personal blog can be quite lucrative.

You can teach for learning apps

Learning mobile applications are a good source of employment for Spanish teaching opportunities. There are a number of educational apps that are convenient for this such as Varsity Tutors or TakeLessons. Most of these apps request for native speakers who can teach K-12 learners. However, even if you are not a native Spanish speaker it is advisable you apply.

You can create content for educational sites

E-books, language worksheets or any other learning materials can be monetized. There are a number of educational websites together with schools which pay Spanish language tutors to create quiz tests for language courses and tutoring platforms. Other than creating unique quality material for learning purposes your self-marketing skills should be on point. Pay rates for such opportunities depend on your client demand. The pay can range from $5 to thousands of dollars. Other companies or websites only take a certain amount of the pay as commission while the rest is yours. Notable spaces like Udemy offer such opportunities.

You can use YouTube to create your own content

YouTube is a popular site that has created stars since its establishment. Many people make loads of money through the site. You can create your own personal learning and teaching videos for the Spanish language. Youtube allows you to make free digital video clips through your own account. You can earn between 8 to 26 cents for each advertisement viewed on your account. This amount might sound small, but provided you have a good following you can make a lot of money from it.

Create your own learning app

Most internet users are currently using smartphones. Therefore, if you do not wish to work for anyone you can create your own language learning app. There is a growing demand for mobile applications since they evidently make life easier. This option might need a bit of time, finances and commitment. Therefore, you should ensure that you conduct extensive research beforehand.

There are many sites that you can get teaching opportunities from and make some money while at it. Such sites include, Craigslist, Fiverr, Upwork, Glassdoor, Indeed and many others. For more information on opportunities for Spanish tutors visit Preply.com.