How to Trace Mobile Number Location with Exact Name, Address

How to trace a mobile number current location with exact owner name, Address, Operator, Place: – Mobile phone has become very important need these days in the world. According a survey India is second biggest country in the world where a big number mobile phone users. Here dozens of telecom operators are working like Airtel, Vodafone, Relince, Aircel etc. As we all know, have disadvantage as well as advantage of something. One of major problem increasing day-by-day is getting miscall, unknown call and prank calls.

How to Trace Mobile Number with Exact location, Owner Name, Address

Sometimes it’s become necessary to trace out the Exact Owner Name, Address, and Location of an unknown call number.  So, here I am going to share with you some best or possible ways to trace out any Mobile Number Location with the Exact Owner Name and Address. These ways may not give you whole information of unknown calls but help you to a great extent. You may also like:- Best Anti-Malware for Android.

Trace a Mobile Number Location with Exact Owner Name, Address, Operator, Location

how to trace mobile number location

Mobile Telephone Numbering in India

By this way you can easily find the list of exact telecom operator name and location (circle wise) of any mobile number. This method is bit complicated because here you need to search mobile number operator and location. Below I am providing the link for finding operator name and location (circle wise) of the unknown number’s owner.

How to Trace Mobile Number Operator Name in India

Log on to Mobile Telephone Numbering in India wiki page and click CTRL+F (PC or Laptop) put first 4 digit of any mobile number. By doing so, the number which will be highlighted will be the operator name and area code written in front of it. By doing this you can very easily find any mobile number operator name and aria details.

How to Trace Mobile Number Exact Location with Name [TrueCaller]

If you are using Android phone then you can use world’s largest and most popular mobile phone community named TrueCaller. If you don’t have android device you can also use TrueCaller features from any Laptop, PC, and Tablet etc.

Trace Mobile Number exact Location with name on TrueCaler website

  • First you need to logon to TrueCaller website, select your country and put your 10 digit mobile number in the search bar.
  • After entering your mobile number, you will have to sign in with facebook / Google/ Microsoft/ Yahoo account to trace the mobile number.
  • After Sign in you can trace any mobile number location and owner name

Other Apps to Trace mobile Number Owner Name and Information

How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location on Mobile

There are some android apps which can help you to trace mobile number current location OR place with mobile number owner name, operator name and there place. Some services are providing mobile number exact location through Google map.

Phone 2 Location

Phone 2 Location is also one of the best caller ID Tracker which allows to trace mobile number name, location and also allows block any mobile number. The tracker app will track the city, state, country and service provider of mobile number. The app is best number tracker app track any number or landline number from India, Canada, UK, China, USA and some other countries. There are number of best apps to Trace Mobile Number Location.. You can try

Trace a Mobile Number Current Location (Websites)

If you want an automated online system to trace mobile number, there are various websites available over internet which provides automated system to trace mobile number location below I am listing some of best sites which provides those service. I am already listed 10 best websites to trace mobile number location you can read collection of sites to trace mobile number location with exact owner name, address, operator and location.

Internet4Mobile (Trace Mobile Number Location)

This website is one of the best website which provides automated system to trace mobile number’s State, City, operator, Locate mobile number on Google mapTrace out exact location name and place by using . you have to just log on the official website and put the mobile number to trace mobile number current location.

Mobile Tracker India (Trace Mobile Number Location In India)

Mobile Tracker India also provides free number tracking details in India with its location on Google map including longitude and latitude position. You only need to enter mobile number to trace the details. This site also provides State, operator name, mobile number position on Google map. so, Trace out exact location name and place by usingMobileTrackerIndia

Mobile Number Tracker (Trace Mobile Number Location in world)

one of the popular website to trace mobile number current location using google map. the website claim, they provide exact mobile number location on google map. you just have to log on the website and put the required mobile number in box and click on trace mobile number location that’s it. the website give you the all searched details regard the number.

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Trace Mobile Number Location Online on Map

Through this given method you can trace any mobile number location on Map with near location, operator name, and circle. Follow given steps.

  • Lo on to this website by clicking here
  • When the site will open than enter the number which you want to trace in search box and click on search button
  • The site will give you the location of the unknown number on map.

Most Frequently Asked Queries on ‘How to Trace Mobile Number Location’

Q1 – How to Trace Mobile Number Location ?

Ans – As you read in above article, you can trace mobile number operator, name, state name etc. but you can not find exact location

Q2 – I lost My Phone some Where, Can I trace where it is now?

Ans – There are number of technique to trace your lost phone like you can track lost phone using IMEI Number, you can track your lost phone using your Gmail account OR you can use AndroidLost app to find your lost phone easily. We have a separate article on How to trace lost Android phone. You can read to know step by step process.

Q3 – Someone bothering me from random numbers, how can I find his caller details?

Ans – By using Truecaller you can find caller details. But if the SIM card is not registered in Truecaller database, than you cannot trace him.

Q 4 – Someone stole my money and I have his mobile number, how do I track Him?

Ans – In this case you will have to get help from police. If you file complain against him police have authority to trace exact location using GPS OR other mobile tracking service.


This was the tips on How to trace mobile number location with exact Owner name, location, operator name and address. I hope you like this, friends if you have any kind of query and suggestion regard this post then write in comment box. I shall try getting back to query as soon as possible. Also share this post with your friends on social networking sites.