11 Best Free GPS and Navigation Apps for Android to Track Location

GPS and Navigation apps for android :- Tracking location or finding restaurant, colleges, and cinema halls from your Phones Map application is trending now. Most of android phones have default Map app called Google Map. But some time we find the default map app is not sufficient, there are lots of best and also free GPS navigation app are available and your can free download these Free GPS and navigation app for Android’s Google Play store Or can find some Best Alternatives of Google Play Store to download these apps.

So, let’s start to share our list of Best Free GPS and Navigation apps for android Smartphone’s

Best Free GPS and Navigation apps for android Phone

Map Factor

map factor navigation

This free GPS Navigation app for Android and tablets comes with a voice-based navigation system and detailed GPS maps in Europe, the USA, Canada, and several other countries. If you have planned a road trip with or without your friends, Map Factor is your perfect companion for a long route.

This app works accurately whether you roam around the city or look for peaceful places out of the town. The greatest thing about this app is it’s not affiliated with Google. All the maps you use are downloaded offline, so there is no margin for error during your journey, even in a poor network. Map Factor comes with 200+ preloaded maps, and that’s pretty much worth it.

Google Maps – Free GPS Navigation App

Google Maps is another product offered by Google and the most popular GPS navigation app for any android and iOS device in the world. If you have GPS navigation app in your android then you can find yourself in anywhere in the world. It has come with some special and unique features to be topped in best navigation apps. The best features from this app are accurate maps and you can clearly see your Home, Area and outdoor images.

Google Maps doesn’t offer to use offline navigation but you can download the map and use it for offline. If you want to check your destination root and then download it and you can check it for offline.

Features of Google Maps

  • Google map is available on 220 countries with accurate maps.
  • It also offers voice guide for your destination weather it is walking or driving.
  • It will be updated continuously and has ultimate automatic rerouteing.
  • You can find your accurate position on this app.


best gps app for android

HERE Maps is best android GPS navigation app, which works in offline too. This app is developed by phone maker company Nokia. If you have no signal then also you can use this app for GPS navigating. You can find yourself or your destination in offline too. The special features from this app are viewing indoor of the major buildings like software companies, Shopping Malls, Hotels and many more. You can also download the map of whole country using this app and you have to register to download this map. The registration is completely free and unlimited. Let’s look at the unique features offered by HERE Maps.

Unique Features of Here Maps

  • Here Maps works without internet.
  • Voice guidance and real time traffic information with internet connection.
  • Indoor view of big landmarks like Malls, Hotels, airports and many more.


best gps app for android

Maps.Me is also works without internet and there are 25 millions installs in Google Play Store for this GPS navigation android app.  This app is paid app and you have to pay $4.9 to use this app. You can access detailed map of all countries using this app. You can use PoI, which is clear routing guide and which clears with you the correct address without any problem.

Unique Features of Here Maps

  • It can works without internet
  • You can access your favorite locations using this app without internet connection I mean offline.
  • You can send your current location using this GPS navigation to your friends.

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

best gps app for android

Waze is a free GPS navigation app for android with ultimate features. The GPS navigation app gives you the traffic information and the special feature of the app as it offers to see incidents. Updates the real time traffic and community updates the map continuously. You can also add Facebook friends and sync contacts. This navigation app also helps you to find cheapest gas station at your route.


  • Alerts of incidents like Accidents, strikes and lot more information.
  • They update the map continuously and edit them.
  • Yu can also get the updates with the ETA of your friends and yours to reach your destination at the same time.

Find My Friends

best gps app for android

Find My Friends is the best GPS navigation app for android. There are ultimate features offered by this app. By using this app you can find your friends on GPS app track and tells you the current location of your friend and final arrival time of your friend. That’s why? It is named as Find My Friends.

Features of Find My Friends

  • You can yourself locate your friend current location using this app.
  • You will find exact arriving time of your friend and you can also chat with them for the guidance.


best gps app for android

Route66 is premier looking android GPS navigation app and comes with the great unique features. If you have this app in your android phone then you can easily get updates of maps, weather and lot more information. This app gives you the accurate routes, signs and landmarks. It gives you accurate real time traffic than any other GPS navigation app and save your lot of time.

Unique Features

  • You can use this app without internet connection I mean you can see the map without internet connection.
  • You can see the weather information on your map.
  • The 3D buildings and Photorealistic helps you to found real time traffic and save slot of time.
  • If you have GPS app on your car then you will get alarms for your high speed and lot more information about your destinations.

Navmii GPS World

best gps app for android

Navmii is the best and my favorite app for GPS navigation in android. This app is famous for its ultimate features and easy user interface. The app is too small in size and requires low space on your android phone. The app is famous for its ultimate features like offline navigation, voice navigation and ultimate user friendly interface. It offers the features like Google Street View and Foursquare and HD maps in over 30 countries. As I said it’s my favorite because it offers map reports, real time traffic information and OSM maps without internet connection I mean you can use them offline.

It also includes community map reports, real-time traffic information, and OSM maps, which can be used offline.

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

best navigation app for android

GPS Navigation and Map Sygic is also one of the most popular GPS navigation apps. GPS maps in this app are powered by TomTom maps. It offers lot of unique features like POIs for driving, Route Destination planning and lot more. It is totally free of cost and updates very month. Let’s look at the following unique features.

Unique Features

  • Voice navigation supported with different languages.
  • High Definition maps powered by TomTom maps.
  • It has a pre inbuilt feature called POIs
  • You can connect Audio with your car using Bluethooth.


Navigon is an ultimate and standard GPS navigation application to which is established with great features on android. Guides you very well to reach your destination and comes with the features like voice commenting, offline navigation and many more. You can view your map without internet using this GPS navigation app but requires internet connection for real time traffic or many more things.


  • This GPS navigation app only supports for few countries like North America, Australia, USA, UK and Europe.
  • You can select your route and destination and you can check that in without offline.
  • You can also add your destination using voice.
  • Warns if you cross the speed limit and traffic rules.


best navigation apps for android

TomTom is one of the best GPS navigation app for android comes with the multiple navigation options. It also works on offline. It offers features like real time traffic information, 3D landmarks and lot more. The maps are updated continuously. The both free and paid version available and the paid version is quite expensive but gives detailed map versions and accurate real time traffic information and lot more.


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