6 Handy Apps for Home Schooling Your Kids

Homeschooling is part of the new normal. With the corona virus remaining a widespread threat, many parents are hesitant about sending their kids to school where they are at risk of being exposed to the dreaded virus.

Aside from using the books, modules, and other learning materials issued by the school, homeschooling your kids means using some gadgets. Your children need to use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone to join online classes, receive instructions, or speak with their teachers.

For parents with two or more kids, there is no going around the fact that you need to buy additional devices. Laptops and desktops cost a lot, especially if you wish to buy high-end ones. If you want your little ones to have access to a gadget that they can use for studying, tablets and Smartphone’s are your best options.

Apple-certified pre-owned iPhones and iPads make it easy for your little ones to read electronic documents or books at home. Moreover, they have high processing speeds, which mean they can easily join online classes, download and upload files, and engage in other online activities.

Additionally, the high processing speeds of these products also ensure that your children’s productivity and other online activities are not significantly affected even if they have several apps on their devices.

Homeschooling Tools to Install on Your Kids’ Devices

Installing certain apps on your children’s iPhones or iPads allows them to be more productive, perform better in their subjects, and learn more. You also need to use a few tools as you take up the role of being your kids’ teacher at home.

Below are the six most useful apps for homeschooling your kids:


apps for Home Schooling

If you are homeschooling young kids, although they have an online teacher or tutor, you’ll have plenty of things to do as their parent. These include planning their lessons and subjects.

Planboard is an app that teachers have been using for years to organize their semesters, subjects, and lessons. Home school educators and tutors also rely on this tool to create their timetables.

If your home school teachers are using this tool, you can edit, share, and collaborate on lesson plans with them so you can help your kids understand their modules better.

You will also be able to access your children’s timetables on the app, thereby allowing you to know their schedules and see to it they are being followed.

Google Classroom

apps for Home Schooling

Virtual classes are part of homeschooling. Your children’s teachers will probably ask you to install Google Classroom on their devices so they can join these sessions.

Google Classroom is the most recommended online class platform. This is because it is easy to use. It also facilitates quick and easy collaboration between teachers and students.

With this app, students can view announcements, submit requirements, and ask questions. They will also be able to see what assignments or projects are due.

Teachers can use it to receive and grade assignments, answer queries via private or group chats, share resources, start discussions, and so on.

By using Google Classroom, your kids can connect with their teacher and manage and stay up-to-date regarding their schoolwork. They can engage with their fellow students as well.

Khan Academy

apps for Home Schooling

Students need to research regularly to complete their assignments and projects. They also need to do this when they are having difficulties understanding their lessons or some concepts.

Khan Academy is a free educational app with over 4,300 educational and instructional video lessons on various topics including math, science, economics, reading, and humanities. Users can stream or download them to view later.

Aside from videos, the app offers practice exercises to help students apply and remember whatever they learned.

Additionally, students can create personalized dashboards, allowing them to access the videos and study or research at their own pace and time.

For younger kids, you can sit with them as they watch the videos and hit the pause icon if they have some questions or need additional explanation.


apps for Home Schooling

Evernote is an app used mainly by professional’s on-the-go. However, its features also make it a handy tool for students.

With this app, your kids can take notes, collect and save files, capture photos, and create to-do lists. They can also upload PDF and audio files and pictures to this platform.

Regardless of the type of file they upload or create, they will be able to search for them easily on this app.

Your kids can also share their notes through email with anyone. Additionally, they can sync Evernote on all devices, which means they can check and update their files and dashboard wherever they are.

Younger kids may have difficulties using this app, so it is usually recommended for older learners. But regardless of your child’s age, if he or she wants access to this tool, make sure you guide him or her in installing and using it.


apps for Home Schooling

Students learning a new language, which is sometimes included in some curricula, can have a less stressful and challenging experience by using Duolingo.

Duolingo has made learning a new language such as Spanish, French, or Mandarin easier and more fun. This is due to the interactive way it teaches students.

For beginners, Duolingo provides basic picture labeling games for teaching new words. As learners complete more levels, they can participate in other activities that will improve their vocabulary and grammar skills.

The app also has other useful features such as forum discussions, interactive stories, and language learning events. Moreover, users can set their daily goals so they can keep track of their performance.

Qustodio Parental Control

apps for Home Schooling

Although your kids need to use their devices several times a day, it doesn’t mean that they should be glued to it for hours.

Qustodio is an app that helps you monitor and control the time your children spend using their devices. One of its most useful features is Screen Time, which sets a time limit for your kids when they have their hands on their iPhone or iPad.

The app also comes with bedtime control, which allows your kids to read book apps but not play games. It also has a school time control, enabling them to download only apps that you have approved.

Technology can make learning easier and more efficient for your kids. However, you still need to keep an eye on them to ensure they are using it correctly.

Installing the right apps is one way of helping them get the most from their devices and their online educational experiences.