How Can You Become A Web Designer

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of the business”- Bill Gates!

With over millions of websites on the Internet, the demand of web designers is overflowing. But who are they?

Well, web designers are creative lads,  who create the visual and impressive elements of a website to control everything on that site. They are the players of turning texts and images into attractive things, that companies take proud to show-off to the users.

If you aspire to be web designer, but don’t know where to start, here are some tips to help you:

Be The Player Of The Game

Since you will be creating the visual elements of the website like the layout, colors, and formatting, you should have a good hold on basic design fundamentals.

Further, a well-designed website follows the stringent rules of UX design to make the visitors stay on your site. So, before trying anything, learn the basic designing rules, the color theory, and other principles of hierarchy.

You Are The Creative Coder

Of course, you can create a website without using the website builders, but they will limit your learning possibilities. However, knowing the code will make your design technically sound and intuitive. While the  HTML will help you create an impressive web page, the CSS will bring the look and feel into that page. You can also learn other advanced languages like JavaScript or advanced HTML.

Hands-On To The Right Things

Having the knowledge of ‘what a design is all about’ is  the first step toward the success of any field. Some of the important aspects of design are:

  • Graphical design

Graphic designers like the experienced Florida web design company, help in creating the visual aspects that inform, inspire and transform the design. For them, designing is an art of planning and projecting ideas with textual and visual content. Also, they are the master of tools like Adobe Photoshop and have expertise in performing common tasks like image editing, resizing, cropping and more.

  • Website Prototypes

A website prototype is an attractive demo of a website, which is sent to the stakeholders before making the project live.  A prototype can be anything, from an interactive prototype for the one-page demo.  With a solid prototype, the designers don’t have to wait for the final web design; they can validate the decision in a few minutes.


To build an in-demand website is more than just having an effective design. You have to structure websites in a way that make them friendly not only for the user, but for the SEO boots as well.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a process of optimizing a website to enhance its web presence. Web designers can include catchy content to make the site relevant and valuable for SEO and users.

Design Testing

The process of designing also needs the evaluation and analysis of the overall work. Designers have to test the functionality of their website to ensure that the pages load quickly. Also, they have to make sure that the website is accessible both to all platforms.

The Soft Skills

Web designing is not a one-person show; you need to get into other departments as well. You might have to communicate with clients, with designers and developers to get your design in hand. So, have some soft skills to get the work done with ease.

Keep Updated With The Trends

For creative people like web designers, there’s an ocean of trends with no boundaries and no expectations. Just be familiar with all the trends to know the ever-changing demands of clients.

Being a web designer is all about being passionate and creative about your work. Just focus on the right tools, skill and be patient!