Top 11 Best Custom ROMs for Android In 2021

In this article we are going to write about top 11 best custom ROMs for android and also benefits to use custom ROMs

You have ultimate android phone and that looks very smart with its outer look? We know what you don’t have? Your inner look of the android phone is not good as you thinking and to make inner look as beautiful and smarter you just have to go through this article. As you landed here you know Custom ROMs gives the new feel to android mobiles and also makes your phone performance better. If you are not satisfied with your android phone layout, home screen and notification bar etc. provided by your software. Then the custom ROM changes the background, layout and almost all customization and then don’t look back here are the best custom ROMs for android.

What is custom ROM’s?

When you buy any Android phone, your device comes with “Stock ROM” OR “Stock Firmware”. This refers to the pre-installed operating system. This ROM usually has limited features which are defined by the phones manufacturer. Buy, by moving to custom ROM, you can unlock extra features and sometime it improve the phone’s performance.

Why Custom ROM is better than Stock ROM?

  • The first thing to use Custom ROM, you can use the latest version of android even before the update is released for your device in your country.
  • Custom ROM offers extra features, even if you do not have that feature in your phone. Different custom ROM’s provide different features of different category.
  • Most of the time custom ROMs provide enhance performance and battery life.

Now here’s the list of selected and best Custom ROMs for your android phone.

Best Custom ROMs For Android


aokp custom rom

AOKP is a custom ROM developed by Team Kang and the full form is Android Open Kang Project. This ROM supports almost 20 languages. It supports more than 100 devices and one of the best Custom Rom for android and you can look at its features.


  • You can customize the buttons of quick setting pull down and you can add functions of various devices as Bluetooth and Data Connect and also create your own.
  • User actions will be added to Navigation Ring which make user to quickly usable of apps.
  • There will be problem in some android phones is that some of gestures will not swipe and here is a new thing named as Ribbon which makes users to swipe any gestures or notifications. It can made shortcut applications and actions.
  • You can customize the themes downloaded in Google Play Store.
  • It gives you the support and permission if any app denying to full over control of it.
  • Finally it speeds up the performance and increases operating speed.


CyanogenMOD was developed by CyanogenMOD open source community and this is the most popular android custom ROM. CyanogenMOD supports almost 80+ devices and CyanogenMOD offers incredible features and some of them are given below. There are more than 10 versions available & recently started offering nightly builds of CanogenMOD 13, based on latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


  • Live Display: live display is now customizable that you can adjust color temperature, screen color and brightness to save the battery.
  • The new settings menu and few improvements were done. It has added new features and the different modification like Data Connection on/off and Bluetooth on/off like that. They decreased length of the notification dashboard and they also eliminated some of actions in the settings. They also removed those disturbs notification bar.
  • There is new actions to their launcher(Trebuchet) called ‘quick scrubber’ and it makes you to find apps quickly.

Paranoid Android

paranoid android rom for android

Paranoid custom Rom is ultimate to extend your android mobile features to enlarge smartness of your device. The custom ROM has a beautiful interface and you can customize everything the way yu want. Paranoid custom Rom is officially availabe for Oppo, OnePlus and Nexus devices but you can also get it on other android devices through unofficial channels on XDA.


  • You can avoid distraction while watching video or anything else.
  • You can hide system bars and can make your apps look more stylish and color text.
  • It will make simple navigation bar to enhancive and you can use navigation buttons by swipes.
  • It will provide smooth experience and speed up the working.
  • It will provide dynamic system bars and new model app privacy setting.


OmniROM was developed by OmniROM community and the it supports more than 20 languages. The notable features of this Rom are OmniJAWS weather service, DSPManager, Delta update system, dark mode UI, quick setting panel etc and the ROM is available for various devices like Oppo, Samsung, HTC, Asus, Nexus devices, LG, Sony etc.


  • OmniROM Marshmallow Nightlies: DSPManager with xplodwild’s Stereo Wide.
  • The new setting on Weather in Notification Header Long-pressable, custom locations, unit settings, etc
  • It can un-link notification and ringer volumes Separate Lock screen Wallpaper.
  • The new thing in this is OminiSwitch which provides navigation and application switch makes users to easily switch to apps easily.
  • The new action was added to OminiRom is you can adjust date and time in notification menu.


SlimRom is the slim means lighter version ROM of android and there is no lot more to tell about SlilROMs and look at features.


  • The real dark slim: The feature is no use but quite interesting using this feature you can invert whole ROM with just one click.
  • Slim Recent: You can mark your favorite apps and the new recent look smart. The better multitasking feature.
  • Privacy guard: It gives the permissions to deny or discard unnecessary restrictions or permissions by app developers.
    Shake Events: By just shaking the device you can launch the apps or secure it.
  • You can access most favorites from anywhere.
  • You can use whatever you want in the notification bar just not setting apps or anything else.


PAC-man ROM is the mixture of all Custom ROMs where it consist all the features present in all above 4 ROMs. The PAC-man ROM is has all things in it and has all almost all the features. The Rom has some drawbacks and that holds it backs from popularity.


The ROM is highly optimized and the new versions of the Rom just look amazing. The home screen of ROM is just amazing. The ROM has new feature called Appswitch using this you can switch any app in any time and another feature of this ROM is you can easily find the unknown number calling you and can reject them.

Carbon ROM

There are lot of enhancive features are present in the ROM. You can easily customize the screen and icons with software and hardware keys. The recent opened apps will be closed with just a click and the famous quick launch means user can open perform 4 apps at a time. Gives the permissions to Modifying apps and clears the restriction held by app developers.

Resurrection Remix

Meet Resurrection Remix the one that’s separated from the list of best Custom ROMs for Android that revolutionizes this decade’s custom ROM. Developed and maintained by the team of 5 most talented developers, RR delivers you the most feature-packed settings menu to tailor the Android smartphone according to your preferences.

The new updated Resurrection Remix comes with Advanced Quick settings, custom gesture controls, and interface-lockscreen- buttons customization. Furthermore, you can get Android Open Source Code from Github and customize it your way. RR Rom is akin to AOSP, LineageOS, SlimRoms, and Paranoid Android in terms of features and custom controls.

Vanilla RootBox

Vanilla RootBox is a also a mixed ROM means it has all features of top4 ROM and they are CyanogenMOD, Paranoid Android and AOKP ROMs. The newly released ROM version has some enhancive features like it has changed the navigation bar height, camera features and screen settings.


Android Open Source Bam Project it comes under the category of CyanogenMOD and its all features are as same as SlimROMs and OmniROMs. It has some own features also and they are: You can customize these settings and layout App Side Bar, Recent App iPhoney, Active Display.

These all are the Top 10 Best Custom ROMs for Android and choose the best one. Any questions are suggestions regarding this article are openly accepted and the question can be commented using below form. Thank You for visiting this page.