Top 100+ Best Funny WiFi Router Names for Your Network in 2020

Best Funny WiFi names for your Wi-Fi Network: – Hello friends, welcome to I am a Blogger and also a travel lover. Most of time I keep traveling from city to city, I always keep my mobile and Wifi device together. I always keep my mobile and WiFi device together. But while connecting the net in my laptop, many WiFi names near me are found that are quite funny, cool, and a little strange. Out of these, I am sharing some selected Funny Wife names with you today. Funny WiFi names

So, if you are searching for a collection of best Funny WiFi Router names for your Wi-Fi Network. You will surely like this list. But before that let’s know how to Change WiFi router name. Funny WiFi names

find your wifi router IP address, “most of router provides web based administrative interface that you can easily access using your browser by typing your router’s local IP address. > login with your password and find wifi setting, here you will see the setting named something like “SSID” or “network Name”. here you can change your WiFI name and password. Funny WiFi names

Best Funny WiFi Names Which I Searched

In this list we are sharing some best Cool and Funny WiFi names which I searched when I was searching for WiFI. Funny WiFi names

Funny WiFi Names


Not Free for You. Use Your Own

Get Off My LAN



No WiFI for You

404 Network Unavailable

Starbucks Wi-Fi

Your Pen-Is Down

Keep Searching

Virus Found

Will You Marry Me?

WiFi under Maintenance

Free for Beggars

This LAN Is My LAN

Get Off My LAN

Never Gonna Give You Up

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi


Virus-Infected Wi-Fi

Text ###-#### for Password

Yell ____ for Password

The Password Is 1234

No Free Wi-Fi Herefunny wifi name

Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi

Click Here for Viruses

I’m too sexy

Error: Please Contact Your ISP

I’m Under Your Bed

LAN this MAN!

Haters gonna Wait

Beggars gonna beg Funny WiFi names

Bang Bang! Funny WiFi names

Open Wireless Fly Network Unavailable

Wi-Fi is in the air

#Free Tickets to Honeymoon

Poor Chap! Get out ya!

Jesus! Punish this GUY!

Access Denied! Funny WiFi names

WTF! Welcome The Fraud

Your Session has Expired

Go to Hell!

404 Wi-Fi Unavailable

Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore

Life in the Fast LAN

The Creep Next Door

Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

Don’t even try it

My Own Damn Internet

You Pay Now | Funny WiFi names

Feel Like Flying

You Lost Your Connection

Network error

Ye old Internet

Please use me

Call Me Maybe

Once See Back

My Neighbors Suck

Drop it like it Hotspot

Pick up your dog shit

You are my crush

Talk Less, Work more

Very slow internet

The Next Door

Don’t Snoop

Hack me

Password is Password

Log in here!

find nearby WiFi

Network Not Found

???? | Funny WiFi names

The Promised LAN

Top secret network

Keep it on the Download


In conclusion

These are some best funny wifi names. Hope you like it. If there is any other funny Wi-Fi name in your mind, then definitely tell us. leave your comment in comment box. Funny WiFi names