10 Fastest and Best Web Browser for Mac OS in 2021

In this article we are listing 10 Fastest and Best Web Browser for mac and providing the information about them.

Best web Browser for Mac – The Apple has started to rule the world and also their products. There are best ultimate browsers developed by the Mac but here are the best, fastest, reliable and smooth browsers. If you are using Mac Operating system then her are the best browsers and you can choose one of them. We already published our other articles related on best web browser like best browser for android Or Best browser for iPhone (best Browser for iOS) Or best browser for PC or laptop.

Apple Safari | Best Browser for Mac

best browser for mac safari

Apple Safari is the default browser for Mac users and it was developed by them only. The pre installed browser in the Mac. It is the fastest and favourite browser of all Mac users. The best ever browser for Mac and recommended for Mac. Overall this is the best browser for Mac users. Its comes with most of interesting, powerful and user friendly features like easy social sharing, speed dial, iCloud integration, RSS integration etc.


  • Fast and reliable performance.
  • Battery consumption is low.
  • RSS integration and a speed dial and bookmark to allow easy access to most viewed web pages.
  • Stylish, very fast and smooth browsing experience.
  • Easy social sharing, Speed-dial, iCloud integration.
  • It is twice faster than other browser.
  • Online security and privacy policy are great options.
  • Ultimate extensions available from Apple Store

Google Chrome | Best Web Browser For Mac

best mac browser google chrome

After the default web browser for Mac we comes on world’s most popular and most used web browser, listed in our list on second most popular browser for Mac. The browser was developed by Google and many of the Mac users love it. Most of the Mac users use it as an alternative. The fastest web browser and rated highly in Apple Store. Let’s look at their features and it has loved due to the features.


  • Minimal interface and uncluttered design.
  • It Support for thousands of ultimate plug-ins and best Google chrome extensions.
  • Fast browsing and powerful rendering.
  • The controlling options are user friendly and they are ultimate.
  • Standard HTML and ultimate javascript performance.

Mozilla Firefox | Best browser for mac

best browser for mac mozila firefox

The most used Browser in Windows OS and another fastest web browser for Mac. The Mozilla Firefox supports tons of plug in and extensions. You can safely browse through this browser as it keeps away from Malware and Spyware. Mozilla Firefox id developed for the Mac OS in such a way that it was in built lot of ultimate features and look after them


  • Ad-blocker extension and many more ultimate extensions.
  • Improved lot of controlling systems and tab options.
  • Associated with Google and Bing search engines to provide best results.
  • Live Bookmarks and Ultimate quick restiore.

Brave Browserbrave browser for MAC

Now imagine a web browser that is thrice as faster as Google Chrome and more secure than Firefox. If you have it for your Mac, the new version of Brave Browser could save your MacBook’s 35% battery. And remember not only I would mention it as the best alternative to Chrome but also, Firefox.

Brave browser is by default an enemy of ads and disables information-tracking by third-party websites and ad networks. This browser is what makes what you want is what you see while redefining your browsing experience. The built-in support for the TOR browser betters your safety to hide your IP address and reassign a new one.

Renowned Features of Brave Browser

  • Blocking harmful pop-ups and ads.
  • User-security and reliability.
  • Built-in VPN service
  • The only browser that has tools to refine page content and make it reader-friendly.

Torch Browser | Best Browser for Mac OS X

best web browser for mac torch

Torch Browser is also developed by Google and alternative for Google Chrome. The web browser includes extension as same as Google Chrome uses and it is specially developed for Mac OS. It is more improved than Chrome and let look what they have improved.


  • Social sidebar and Torrent support.
  • Torch Music, video download and emoji.
  • This is beautifully designed and faster and secure browser for Mac OS.
  • The powerful browser specially developed to dominate Safari

 Opera Browser | Best Browser for mac

best browser for mac

 Opera is most used Browser among android and iOS users but when it comes to PC versions it was rarely used in Windows in the beginning due to poor design and cluttering. When it was re developed for Windows and Mac OS then now it is ultimate, smart and powerful. The web page loading speed of the website is better than any other browsers. Let look of them what it gives the best other than rest.


  • It is very secure from malware and spywares.
  • Powerful rendering, server-side compression and Off-Road these makes faster loading and user friendly interface.
  • Easy navigation and smoother browsing experience.
  • You can easily review the website by hovering cursor through tab.

Maxthon | Best web browser for Mac

best browser for mac maxthon

It is also one of the best browsers of Mac OS. There is a full screen option for this browser and you can use and enjoy it. You can sync your favourites to see at any time.


  • You can share files easily using this browser to different devices.
  • Block Ads and Magic Fill add on and ultimate ad on like these.
  • Multi screen supported and better user experience.

OmniWeb Browser | Best Browser for Mac

best browser for mac omniweb

 The premium looking web browser for Mac users gives an ultimate experience. This is one of the best browsing when it comes to navigation speed and start up are awesome and includes amazing features like amazing security and ultimate plug. Let’s look at additional features.


  • Add favourite websites to short cut to browse them next time quickly.
  • Fast web page loading speed and smoother experience.
  • Serves easily thumbnail of your recently visited websites.

Camino Browser | Best Browser for os x

best web browser for mac camino (

It is almost like Mac like user interface and the most loved web browser. The ultimate design and performance makes it as a one of the best browser for Mac. It is developed only for Mac and it has unique styles.


  • Specially developed for Mac Os and that support some of the Apple products.
  • It is the old browser and thus gives ultimate support.
  • Ultimate user interface and fat loading
  • It has scrollable tab bars and ad block plug in.

Flock Web Browser | Best free Web Browser for Mac

best web browser for mac flock browser

The best browser uses ultimate tricky features. The browser almost works like Mozilla Firefox and had designed like that. You can see social networks notifications, messages in sidebar while browsing other pages. This is not available on Apple store but you can download it on other parties.


  • Supports all the social networking sites.
  • You can share pages instantly.
  • Fast uploading speed like images or any other files.

RocketMelt | Best Free Browser for Mac

This also a unique browser and has new features in it. This browser totally defends on Facebook. It works better when you sign up Facebook in that browser. The browser has special features like sidebar notifications of social networks and fast page loading. The uploading speed is awesome.

Final Words

That’s all about 10 Best and Fastest Browsers for Mac. The above browsers are listed in popularity wise and these all supports all versions of Mac OS. Any suggestion or queries regarding this post are openly accepted and cane be commented through using below form