Best Kodi Addons for Live TV 2020

Best Kodi Addons for Live TV:- More Live TV shows await your tired eyes urging you to choose the best of your shows, saying “Tune in Buddy”. In yet another guide on Best Kodi Addons for Live TV, here I have the list of the best add-ons to keep you glued to your couch. The Online competition has become unassailable in the universe of online entertainment be it Sports, Movies or Live TV.

And names like Netflix, Hulu, or Torrent are more on our minds rather than YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Too old is the fashion of that post-shoot telecast in this fast changing world of entertainment, who would want to want to see their favorite shows later when it’s available on Live TV. It is real-time after all. Even I don’t have to miss the timing. For those who still haven’t got some add-ons installed, with them you can’t happen to miss out on your favorite picks.

Best Kodi Addons for Live TV 2020

Bypassing the old system of paying their cable operators for a limited number of TV channels, Live TV is here to stay for a long time. To have an endless stream of entertainment, you just have to have a Kodi Device, an active Internet Connection, and pack of Add-ons. And if you still have no idea about which best Kodi addons satisfies your need, here are some. Read more… Best kodi Addons for Sports


So, the master in bringing the Live TV shows at your end is cCloud, here is available in the Fusion Kodi Installer Package. No matter what age group you are, you’ll find the right stuff to your liking. It has a wide range of TV channels that will be enough to keep you sorting the best ones out of the cloud. Since everything resides on the cloud, it supports multi-regional, multilingual streams of channels regardless of the fact if you are at a different corner of the world. The content is displayed on the list category wise and can be checked in the PodGod repository.


Vdubt25 is known for its simplicity and only accessible if you are located in UK or Ireland. If not just offers a whole different category for sports, Movies, music, but also a never ending an array of Live TV shows; do check it. And if you have any kids surrounding you in the house, it’s got the section for kids too. Also, whatever you want to watch is available in the HD format.

iPlayer WWW

It is a creation of the BBC team that also is the oldest add-on for Live Tv action. Residing in the UK, you won’t miss out on your favorite programmes. All the Britain-based TV shows are on the go in the HD quality. It serves you with News, Sports, Movies, and best of all the TV Programers broadcasted on iPlayer. All the stuff is streamed live and in high definition.


Navi-X is also among the oldest Kodi Add-ons for Live TV that has been on the user’s list ever since it came. With multiple accessible links, it brings you the ease to watch the worldwide TV shows that can be enjoyed in multiple languages anywhere in the world. You can choose the most viewed programme from its catalog and switch to it. It is available in the Super Repository, so go download it.


Here is another useful Kodi Live TV Add-on that offers you an endless stream of Live TV shows and famous programmes. The channels it brings you are based in the UK and USA domain in the categories of Sports, TV shows, Sporting events etc. So, the next time, if you are sitting in the USA or want to watch your best pick, go for it without any second thoughts.

USTVNow Plus

Go for your favorite American programmes, movies, or games with USTV Now Plus. It’s got a list of 28 channels covering CBS, EXPN, History, NB, Fox News and others. Recently undergone some updates, you can purchase its subscription for like $19-20 and fetch it from the official website. The subscription charges are valid for a month. There are Six US channels you can access for free.

Zem TV

Zem TV focuses more on the Asian domain and contents offering you Shows from Pakistan and India. It hasn’t been approved by the Official Kodi Team but can be downloaded from Shani Repository. It has a list of Sports channels too. The content is more based on the Punjabi language. It is one of its kind that is constantly updated by the developers to better the end-user experience.

Zeus Video

Zeus Video has a great list of Live TV Channels that are available for a 24/7 action packed entertainment for subscribers. It has a clean and attractive interface providing users with an easy and comfortable navigation. Available to the worldwide users, you can add it from the Zeus Repository.


PseudoTV is a different sort of add-on that acts as a medium to organize and manage your list of channels. With the simple interface, you can switch between different TV Shows without any fuss and simply. Within a few button presses, you can enjoy your Shows as if you used to do using your TV remote. You can find it in the Lunatixz Repository.

Goodfellas 2.0

As always, the last but not the one that doesn’t need you eye. Goodfellas 2.0 is a revamped version of itself. It is proving to be the best Add—on for Watching TV online with a large and wide stream of channels to choose from. You can access publically available webcam streamed contents from around the circle. What more magical to say, If you love watching International Space Station live, it is the only Add-on that gets it done. So, for your best TV Show, Movie on demand, and Sports events, you have all in the HD format.


Even though there are going to the newest and betters versions of new entrants in the market, these Add-ons are still there to cater to your needs. Out of the lists, these were the Best Kodi Addons for Live TV I found out about. If you know about some more, then let me know. And do watch out for Goodfellas, it is really a great one mentioned herein.