Top 11 Best Kodi Addons For Sports in 2021

If you are a Live Game enjoyer, you certainly must be looking for Best Kodi Addons For Sports in HD and the awesome quality you ever had. There is a wide stream of Add-ons and accelerators that you may need to have a look at. Though, picking the right to suit to your liking seems a hard enough task. All your specifications are covered and well-served by the Add-ons that are available on the market online.

There are like I mentioned herein that quality-packed and user-specific add-ons to search from. Based on the facts what you are looking for what taste do you have? Be it for online Kodi Live TV Streaming, Movies, Music, or Sports, you can fetch one best kodi addon to add to your Kodi Player. Here in the guide, I am going to talk about some relevant for sports lovers.

Best Kodi Addons For Sports Lovers

You can check Kodi Add-ons for movies and TV in other topics I recently wrote about. These Add-ons I am displaying along with their features are based on user ratings and experiences. Let us now have a look at the itsy-bitsy details and features of these Best 10 Kodi Addons for Sports and find out which one is the best one for your setup.

NetStream Sports Hub

best kodi addons for sportsNetStream Sports Hub is top-class and recommended one among the Best Kodi Addons for Sports lovers. It’s introduced by The Stream Army repo, famously known for releasing some of the best sports addons. This addon has been tweaked lately, so there are a lot more channels as expected.

The sports section is well-categorized, and you can sift through every popular to a non-popular game like UFC, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Football, or boxing. There’s a massive addition of channels after the released update. You can go ahead and explore them. This Kodi Addon is what makes watching sports easy and fun.

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NBC Sports Live Extra

Best Kodi Addons For SportsYou can access this feature-fledged add-on only if you are a US user or try a VPN. NBC Sports Live Extra is the most appreciated kodi addons for sports known simply for its contents covering the world of NBA, F1, Nascar, Golf, NFL, and others. To view some contents, you need to register with the cable/Satellite TV service providers, while most of the sports contents are absolutely free to have your screen.

You can also adjust the screen settings as per the speed of your data connection. NBC Sports Live Extra is available in the D-base of the Kodi add-ons; easy to find.


Best Kodi Addons For SportsSportsDevil is also one of the most renowned sports kodi addons that come with a large range of several sports streams. This addon is a part of the SuperRepoaddon base. The add-on is not effective in the case of sorting and organizing the sports contents. But, you can easily search for the desired content by streaming it on the website.

The websites listed in the addon has it all instead of the direct availability of the contents. So, if you know the right website for the right stuff, it should not be an uphill task to find your favorite sports. With the help of this addon, you can stream live soccer games, football, golf, ice hockey and even darts. There are more in it, check it out.

Extreme Sports

Best Kodi Addons For SportsExtreme Sports stands out to give you a thrilling online streaming experience with its content. It is also the one available in the SuperRepo’s repository that also covers Snowboard, Surf, Freeski, Kayak and other sports. Unlike SportsDevil, it has a list of contents that is directly accessible from your screen through the displayed icons.

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The Add-on is also integrated with YouTube Kodi Add-on to enable you to enjoy the direct Live and HD Streaming. Just choose the content icon that you find the best for you.

Phoenix – Best Kodi Addons for Sports

Best Kodi Addons For SportsPhoenix is the next one on the list that lets you access several channels with kicking streaming capability and enables you to watch Live TV. Phoenix is the primary solution when it comes to looking for the most interesting and highly rated sports events.

If you are looking to start your search for sports contents, you should be looking into Phoenix Add-on to get the best quality sports contents sufficing your likes.

DC Sports kodi

Best Kodi Addons For SportsWith DC Sports Kodi Addon, you can find the best of the e-sports world including the event based games. The Add-on brings all the sports-specific stuff right to your screens with it innovative looks and easy to use interface.

It has been recognized as the best of all the Kodi Add-ons since its entry in the Kodi add-ons market. If you reside in US, UK, or Canada, it is worth looking at that gets you live streams of the latest and most popular sporting events.

NJM Soccer | Best Kodi Addons for Sports

Best Kodi Addons For SportsNJM works along with the SportsDevil add-on (the one mentioned above) and requires some associative sources of SportsDevil to work properly. Don’t be judgmental by its name, you can enjoy a great range of sports on it including the recent or ongoing golf matches.

NJM Soccer takes all the sports-related stuff to your screen, where you won’t miss out on your favorite Soccer game. Once you add NJM Soccer, you get access to the UK and USA IPTV lists along with the Gameday Sports events.

Champion Sports

Best Kodi Addons For SportsBy installing Champion Sports, you get access to enjoying the HD content of live sporting events. It has been reviewed as one of the best Kodi addons for sports till date. Availing Champion Sports you can stream in HD screen resolution of 1080p.

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That said above, you’ll be requiring an installation of SportsDevil before you put Champion Sports on your screen, because some links will only work properly once you install the other add-on.

Our Sports

Best Kodi Addons For SportsOur Sports is a collected package of USA, UK, and Canada Sports events. Install this add-on and you’ll never miss any important and grand sports event going live at the moment. Yeah, do try a VPN if you are residing out of these countries.

Besides sports, it also homes some kids contents along with the movies collected in high format and quality.

Halow Live TVBest Kodi Addons for Sports

Best Kodi Addons For SportsIf you can’t stay away from your favorite soccer games, Halow Live TV is the kind of add-on you need to install right away. To stream live and HD Football matches from around the globe, go for it and choose the best of the best contents from a large directory of listed channels.

You have no region-based restrictions unlike some of the add-ons I mentioned above. It is also easy and timeless to set it up.

Bulldog Streams

Best Kodi Addons For SportsThe next one on the list is also a great plugin to enjoy unlimited and unrestricted access to the live Football Games. Identical to halow, Bulldog gets the list of HD channels’ directory to help you pick your favorite.

Just as I said, you get the access whether or your living room is in US, UK, or some other end of the globe. You have all of your football games right wherever you are right now.




There is just an introductory part I mentioned about each in the search to Best Kodi Addons for Sports. You’ll get to experience more and more once you install one for your favorite games. You’ll be able to stay synced with the currently going sporting events and important games that, in no wonder, you’d like to miss out. Find more in the next section of Best Kodi Add-ons for TV. Do leave your reviews about any of these add-ons I showed you here.

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