20+ Best Kodi Addons In 2020 – Updated & Working

Best Kodi Addons:- The best of my regards to every Kodi lovers, I hope your fun and love for Kodi is going non-stop. But have you updated your player with these Best Kodi Addons 2020 yet? Here in this corner, I have given a selected list of newest Kodi Addons for 2020. If you forgot to update yours, it is time to kick start now. Kodi is the place for all your thrilling and chilling needs after all.

It is time to boost your experience to a brand new level if you are a Kodi lover. You should not miss out on your favorite online videos, shows, or movies that you wished to watch this season. These Best Kodi Addons will make it more comfortable for you, while you enjoy your favorite pick while you enjoy your coffee in the couch.Best Kodi Addons

20+ Best Kodi Addons 2020 [ Updated and Working]

The reason why I presented this list here is to enable you to have the ones that you might have missed adding. You know, your love for live streaming, sports broadcasting, or even online gaming should not be interrupted. Who knows, what may need at the moment. Another reason is, there are some add-ons that become outdated with respect to time hence, you need to have an eye on the recent patches to keep going.

Best Kodi Addons for Movies Lover


Veetle gives a wide and wise variety of media to explore on Kodi TV. If your favorite movies are from Marvel, Star Wars or even Star Trek Series, it gives you all the entertainment on just a click. It brings you a whole new level of Streaming through your favorite online movies.


This is also the best among the bests at your service bringing you the best from time media through the official website of Xmovies. It was patched up recently to render you the fine quality experience. To enjoy your favorite movie scenes in High Definition, this must be tried by you.


Well, I should have mentioned it at the top of the list as it bagged all the attention from all the Kodi lovers for this month. As per the ratings, it has been making to the top being appreciated by all the users. Reasons are it’s distinguished library and regularly added features. Exodus releases monthly updates and adds new Shows, movies etc. to its directories making it like an ocean of entertainment for all sorts of users. It is developed by the Lambda Team that made sure of regular user needs delivering their best efforts to the end users. The great thing is its simple and easy to understand interface that is similar to Netflix.

NBC Sports Live Extra

This Addon is made for the sporty users, that gives you live sports telecast, highlights, and replays from the previous and ongoing matches. All the events are covered through this addon depending on your favorite game whether it’s tennis, football or Rugby. But, some of the sporting events might require you to subscribe to view game they are covering. Once, you are done, just enjoy your game in HD quality on Kodi.

Best Kodi Addons for your favorite TV Shows


Youtube is gaining fast recognition as a worldwide video sharing platform. It makes it even better for Kodi viewers, as they can enjoy their favorite shows and movies nonstop through Youtube addon. With increasing numbers of daily viewers, Youtube support was much needed for you. Hence, this addon fulfills your need easily.


Another addon that holds the topmost position in the list is Phoenix. It offers a wide range of media users and fans across the world. All credit goes to its extended and elegantly made library and directories. The development team made their efforts worth a tremendous appreciation. You can get thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from it.


It is quite an older addon but still gets a commendation for its features and support. It gives you the ability to live to stream your favorite media whether a TV show or your recently released movie. If your interest is drawn towards Documentaries, then it is the right pick to add to your Kodi player. Vdubt25 is associated with UK live TV and USA Live TV including some other channels to make it easier for you to search through your favorite documentaries.

Best Kodi Addons for LiveTV Lovers


It is also an appreciated add-on for its quality services to end users. If you want to check the USTV media, then go for a subscription through its official website. It is limited to a comparatively less number of channels like ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox News etc. But, still, has managed to gain popularity among then US users.

TuneIn Radio

For the sake of the old time radio listening, TuneIn Radio is a perfect addon for you. You can tune into your favorite radio station which of course there are many to get you start your day. Like I said, back to old days; all you need to do is just install it and start changing the stations till you get to your favorite one.

Twitch TV

For the love of your gaming, Twitch TV is the first Addon to inform you about. Stream your gaming matches live across the world-wide-web. Once you get it installed you can enjoy your favorite and best match of the recent times. When you install it, you can easily synchronize your Twitch account with it to make it even better for your streaming experience.

Best Kodi AddOns For Sports Lovers

Stream Engine

Streaming is what it is well known and adapted for. With a sophisticated directory and categories for latest movies and TV shows, Sports, it gives you a kick ass experience to users. What more to stream is answered here as it provides you stream through various channels like ESPN, Discovery, NBA TV, Sky Sports etc.


To add to your growing love for sports, Navi-X has been designed. It gives you full access to many live sports streaming channels. It records the history of previously viewed events that you switched to in the last 24 hours. So, if you want to recollect your favorite and most loved moments, just scroll through its history catalog and take it away.

cCloud TV

It’s the first add-on of its kind that is also a cloud-based offering a variety of channels from the worldwide spectrum. It depends on what type of language you are comfortable with. This might be an issue with users to prefer a suitable channel. It brings you a range of Sports channels, documentaries, News and others through cCloudTV.


The best one for firestick, and heightens your entertainment to another level. When we talk about live streaming; it wins the game. At your end, SportsDevil gives you the best of streaming experience without letting you pay a dime for your favorite picks. It’s having a huge directory that doesn’t let you feel bored.


Yeah, at first, I also got confused with its name. but FTV stands for FilmOnTV which is a UK based TV extensive support just like USTVNow for USA users. It also has an extended library that streams your favorite shows and movies on demand. From any genre, you just have to choose what you want to watch today; whether it’s a comedy delight or a suspense thriller. But, if you want to enable its recording feature, then opt for a FilmOn account.


It is the freshly added one to the Kodi List that exactly delivers what it stands for. It is a must to add to your addons list if you want to enjoy your movies and music in extremely High quality. Once you try it, you’ll come to know what it surprises it has. Your recent and hit Box office movies are at the right place when it comes to the great quality and HD features.

Best Kodi Addons for PPV


For live sports streaming videos, Castaway is the addon you should search for. All the sporting events that are streamed live including UFC pay Per view events are accessible through Castaway. The types of streaming links that it offers are rojadirecta, zunox, atdhenet, and castalba. There are just a few, there are many in the list that you’ll know when it’s installed in your Kodi extensions.


VidTime renders you a faster access to your likes and favorite sports. It offers live coverage of sporting events and sports at your end. Your favorite games such as Hockey, UFC events, or even basketball are not far away when you have VidTime installed. In the USTV right now segment, you can enjoy finest 720p high Definition videos for the events that you love.

UKTV Again

UKTV again helps you watch it in the top quality which is a revamped version of UKTV Now. Once you subscribe it, there is a pool of channels to choose from. Some of the commons are Discovery Channel, AMC, abc, Bravo, Animal Planet, CBS, CW, CNN etc. The list is quite lengthy for sure; so do try it because it also outruns other add-ons in terms of quality and speed.


It evolved with a distinguished range of media directory enhancing your entertainment experience. It takes care of your favorite shows, sports events, movies, and music easily. With a wider range of media, its library can amaze you without any question. Just try it and you’ll know.

Care for a Look

These add-ons that I listed can be an exception for you, some of these might not be officially compatible (unexpected case scenario). What you can do, is try for an alternative. To help you save your efforts, I would recommend you visit the Official website for Kodi. This is where you’ll find everything.

While I pack my bag of tips here, let me know how was your experience reading this list? If I missed something, help me put it on this list of Best Kodi Addons 2020. if you found it important, help others know about it too. Thanks a zillion, hope to see you here again.