Top 15 Best Android Apps Not In Google Play Store in 2021

The Googlers have everything at their fingertips, just type some apps name in the play store, and up you get it within seconds. But, do you know there are some restricted apps that are never to be found on the Play Store. Even though, they are restricted due to some violations, or, I don’t know what the other reasons maybe, they are still useful. Herein I am going to let you know these 15 Useful Android Apps Not In Google Play Store. Find which one you have seen somewhere around and why they are used.

It’s not about finding and installing Facebook messenger or whatsapp from Play Store, some apps reside on other websites that may or may not be safe or your device. But, if you need one such app to get your stuff done, you have to get it anyway. Also, being unavailable at Play Store doesn’t mean an app doesn’t deserve recognition. like SyncMate is one of the useful app to Sync Android Phone OR table with Mac. we are sharing such types of useful apps for your android phone.

Best Android Apps Not In Google Play Store

Even Google offers no such guarantee against the durability and probability features regarding any app available at Play Store. Due to being non-compliant with policies or Terms and Conditions, there are a few apps that had never been able to step into the official app store, while some are being scrutinized. Here are some of these apps that you should know about.


Well, how many of you don’t know about this app? And how often you tried searching for it on Play Store? Due to some restrictions, you won’t find it there, but you can still enjoy its cool downloader and mp3 converter from its associated websites. I show most of my friends and me also using TubeMate as our video downloading apps. The videos you can have your videos in any resolution that is suitable for your device. Besides, there is a great support for Facebook videos, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Naver, Daum, and LeTV. Do make one thing dead sure, check for any malware before you enter some website offering its APK.

Key Features: – you can download videos through this app in various format and resolution. You can download videos from those sites also who are not providing option to download like facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo etc

Lucky Patcher

It is quite a catch that allows you access control on the permissions assigned to the apps running on your Android right now. Be sure your device is rooted first. Install the app and later, and once you do it, you can alter the permission settings restoring or backing up your phone, remove bulky advertising, bypassing license verification for some, you know, expensive apps etc. To remove ads, it is the easiest and the best app that gets you done by identifying the advertisement type and removing them eventually. Beguile those apps giving you a heck of expenses to be used by removing the in-app purchase verification. Lucky Patcher easily removes Google Ads from the app. Users are recommended taking a full backup of their pre-installed apps and data in advance before using Lucky Patcher, just for safety.

OG YouTube

Best android apps not in play store

This app, that you will find rarely, is another unique way to get access to YouTube videos. Get direct and instant access to your favorite videos from the tube as it works similar to the Official YouTube client and it has the same features as well. In the “Audio only”, you can download a video in a mp3 format directly from YouTube. Hence, no third party converter is needed. Using Multiple Video Downloading, fetch multiple YouTube videos as if you download it in TubeMate. However, you won’t be able to get the second one downloaded until the first one is done. Before the download begins, you can rename it as per the title you like. The kicking feature of this app is that it plays the video in the background, and even when your screen goes to sleep after a few seconds of inactivity. You can also use it in a pop-up screen.

WiFi Kill

Best android apps not in play store

What it does basically is in its name, yeah, it manages a wi-fi network by disabling the internet connection of other devices connected to the same wifi network. It is an extremely handy tool for wifi internet users by which you can cut other’s access to common or publicly shared wifi network and. Through this app, you can see the list of devices in the wifi network that you are using and can allocate the bandwidth to your device. It displays the data transfer rate of the currently connected devices helping you monitor the network activity of any device including their names. You can even generate a fake MAC Address for your device.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is not available at Play Store, whatever May the reasons be, are why I mentioned about it here.  It has the new and amazing features of hiding last seen and some tricks which you will make you like this app. Hiding last seen, always online mode, disabling voice calling, changing launcher icon and adjusting picture settings are to name a few. Share the theme of WhatsApp by customizing it with your friends easily by sending them “theme.XML” files. Some say it does not exist anymore, but you have to search for it to get it.

Note: Whatsapp had banned some user accounts using the Plus version. So, do try it at your own risk.

Opera Mobile App Store

Best android apps not in play store

Opera mini browser is one of the best browser for android and I am sure you ever tried Opera Browser for your Smartphone. You’ll definitely find it on Google Play Store, but you won’t find its App Store. It has a separate one.  When you enter the Opera Mobile App Store, you’ll have plenty of options that you can browse through. Apps are available at Opera Store in countless different categories. To ease your search, just browse through the category based on user ratings and upvotes. The interface is a lookalike of Google Play Store. Just find the apps that what the Store offers, it is a good deal putting your time into it.



XTunes is what you need when you have a list of songs to download and don’t want to stream online all the time. This app is available at XDA Forum, and you can download multiple files of an album in a Zipped folder. Including the latest US/UK top charts, this Mp3 downloader is your easy gateway to the latest Music Albums entirely.

This music downloader is what makes the list of 15 Android Apps not Available in Google Play Store that too for free. Search through the lists of songs by name, Billboard Hot 100, genre, Monthly Hit Songs, or alphabetically. The sound quality is of audio files is optimum, that you won’t need to install any other mp3 downloading app.

Network Spoofer

The spoofing job is done by Network Spoofer by letting you change the websites on other’s computers using an Android. Download this app and log on to a Wifi network, choose a spoof and hit start. The best part is you can choke someone’s’ network with this app by redirecting traffic of any user’s on the same network. You can easily redirect them to any web page or website. With no purpose to harm any user’s confidentiality, NS does not promote any malicious service. There is some funny stuff to explore with is for sure which includes flipping the text and images, deleting and replacing random words on the web page wobbling the pictures or trolling them.

Strict Advice: DO NOT try to experiment Network Spoofer with any corporate or other non-residential networks, will land in trouble.

Amazon Appstore

Best android apps not in play store

Not just Play Store, Amazon also has its app store that gets you both the paid and free apps for your Android easily. There is a bit of a reason to fret though, AA is accessible for users from certain countries due to licensing restrictions. The regions include the US of A, Canada, and a few European countries. Amazon Appstore hasn’t got the widest collection of paid and free apps yet it is a home for the totally genuine apps. According to the policies adopted by Amazon, there is almost no change for fake or malware-ridden apps that will harm you in any sort. It’s been built for heavily modified Androids, but shouldn’t be a problem for updated users buying products from this app store. Generally, a paid app can cost you from $0.99 to $1.99.


To get the songs and music right to your fingertips, Netease Cloud App is the best existing app. You can access an unlimited number of songs considering it a better and an easy app to get your favorite music at your end. Yeah, when you try this app, you need not have any premium account to listen to your favorite music. There are no annoying ads or unnecessary subscription required. Download any music file and check its lyrics within it.

Media River

Best android apps not in play store

It is more of a search platform offering ClickSurge platform assisting Web publishers. Media River is a great platform for the startups, they can take a much-needed help about the online content in a widget-based delivery model. Media River also allows users to link the content of different types, like videos, music, pictures, and text onto various Web pages based on the properties of that Web pages. The features include a lot more than told here. some are downloading music, books, videos, Android apps, and HD pictures.


Best android apps not in play store

Who wouldn’t want this app on their phone? I do.., I do… Well, it is a freeware to keep the stupid ads from you. The sites and domains are always somewhere to hand you a malware are also taken care of by this app. You can get rid of unwanted animation ads, video ads, web ads, and pop ups etc. It is a win-win situation for both the users and the ads publisher, AdSkip just being nice to and lenient, doesn’t disable ads in the background, the revenue is still generated by the web bloggers and site owners.

Facebook App Center

Facebook App Center, unlike the other app stores, is sort of a mixed games shop next to the Google Play Store. While there are many games that will drop you off your couch, there are some that will make you what the Hell? Believe it or not, if you are a game addict, this should be your stop. It can’t be downloaded anywhere but Facebook itself. Also, it can be fetched from the “FB’’ app that you downloaded from the Play Store.

X-posed framework

Best android apps not in play store

Xposed is a sort of framework which changes the behavior of a system and apps without interacting with any APKs. It changes in the back of the device memory while to Roll back to its previous state you just have to deactivate the module and reboot the device to get your original system state. This module works for different versions and leaves ROMs without any changes. If you don’t find the changes satisfying, just reverse it by undoing. Again, there is no unnecessary space consumption as all the flashing is done on ROMs, provided your device is rooted.


Best android apps not in play store

MiXplorer has no ads and is free to get from the internet. Mix of Explorers is a reliable file manager that gets users a fast, smoothed search. It has a simple, an easy to use and attractive interface that will nobody can point a finger at. What it does is its free support for 19 different cloud search storage’s like MEGA, Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive. Using this file manager system, you would come to believe that there are many other alternatives to search for the best apps and store cool stuff at. It also has a capable test editor, a customizable interface. Grab the Mixplorer to explore more of the paid and unpaid apps.


Some of these apps may contain harmful elements to put your device at risk. AllTipsFinder is not liable for any loss of user’s data or private information while accessing sites for these apps.


These surely are some apps that you need to search out for. Some are available easily, while some may force you to scroll some more web pages. Keep in mind, some of the sites offerings may mislead to a malware. Just be double sure of it before you find 15 Useful and best Android Apps Not In Google Play Store . How do you like these apps, or some of these apps, or the best one out of these? Do leave me your opinion here.