YouTube Alternative in 2020 | 10 Sites Like YouTube

YouTube alternative | Sites Like YouTube – Youtube is a website that stockpiles anything and everything that makes life much more convenient and comfortable. Every organization who wants to make their product more popular or want to inform people about their product or service, they use YouTube for this purpose. In fact, it’s one of the most popular websites in the world. But what if YouTube happens to be outdated or you simply crowdie and you want more options for viewing videos online? Here are the YouTube alternatives listed below are at least worth checking out, and there’s no doubt more of them are out there just waiting to be discovered.

These days, the video is such a huge part of the online experience that there are many options available. YouTube is one of Google’s most important and well-known services and is the indisputable king of video websites. Looking for more sites like Youtube? Most of official music videos & movie trailer are first uploaded on YouTube. We can easily watch our favorite TV shows, popular video clipping, educational videos and more.

YouTube Alternative | Best sites Like Youtube

You will feel great when you will know that there is some awesome alternative available to YouTube. There are some video sharing sites which have better features. Let’s go ahead and know about those YouTube alternatives.


YouTube alternatives


Vimeo is another website listed as best YouTube Alternative. It is around since 2004. Vimeo allows you to watch, share and upload in HD-quality and with any advertisement. HD Quality video was first supported by Vimeo.

Even if you visit YouTube on a regular basis, it’s worth adding Vimeo your regular rotation of video sites. Free users can upload 500 MB of videos in a week with one HD video. It means, for per week a free users video upload limit is 500 MB. The site was the first on the web to support high-definition videos, and while it does include a selection of user-generated fare; its emphasis is more on high-quality content.

With its Premium accounts, you can increase the limits of upload size. Vimeo Apps allows you to watch HD videos on your android and iOS devices. The site also has an easy-to-browse search feature that organizes videos by category and channel. A regularly updated selection of Vimeo staff picks can help point you in the right direction.


YouTube alternatives

Daily motion is a very popular video sharing website and one of the best alternatives to YouTube. The company is based in Paris, France. It was founded back in 2005 and available in 35 countries. You can browse their site in 18 languages. You can easily browse and upload videos. To upload videos, you need to register an account at Daily motion’s website. More than 300 million users around the world use Daily motion.

Their website allows you to browse videos in various categories including music, gaming, sports, movies, cars, education and much more. The homepage of the site looks very focused and have the clean interface.

It allows you to upload the video of a size of 4GB maximum with the length of video limit is 60 minutes. They also have apps for iOS, Android and PlayStation 4. You can upload many videos simultaneously with their mass uploader software.


Metacafe is a video site that specializes in Short form video content. This includes everything from highlights of the world’s best surfers, quick and to-the-point product reviews, and tips on how to complete a difficult level on your favorite video game. Metacafe is a video-sharing website that focuses on short-form video entertainment. This site is older than popular YouTube. At the start of the homepage, you will get editorial picks videos.

Creating an Instagram video is easy. Making it unforgettable, however, is a lot tougher. Fortunately, there are various tips and tricks that you can use to help you create a video to make an impression.

One of Metacafe’s strengths is its simplicity. Its browsing interface is fairly straightforward, with a menu bar that links to “latest,” “popular,” and “trending” videos. Those who want to take a deeper dive can click the drop-down menu on the left, which features a more extensive list of 16 video categories.


YouTube alternatives

Many of you may only know of MySpace as the mid-2000s social networking site that turned out to be a precursor to Facebook. The site is still around, and these days it’s putting a stronger emphasis on video.

Today, Facebook dominates social media. It’s easy to forget that social media was once considered an open field, ready for any to stake their claim. What were those early social networks? What killed them?

Many of the videos on MySpace are interview-based and feature celebrities in situations you might not always see them in. For example, in the series Getting Nailed, various celebrities are interviewed while getting their nails done at a salon.There are many other similarly themed interview videos on the site, many of which feature musical acts or action sports stars.


YouTube alternatives

Most of us know “Flickr” as an image uploading & sharing website. But do you know, you can also share your video on Flickr? To upload videos on this website, first, you should register an account. Every user at Flickr will get 1 TB of storage in their account. The free account allows uploading 1 GB per video with the maximum length of 3 minutes.

While many selections on this list feature a variety of TV series or movies, Screen Junkies specializes in original content that covers TV series and movies. Most of the site’s shows are comedic in nature. For example, in Honest Trailers, comedians voice their own versions of previews for various TV shows and movies.

The looks of its homepage look professional. At first, you will a sign-up box with name, email, and password. Upon scrolling, you will provide with best videos from their community and purchase films & series.


youtube alternatives

How about uploading your video on an ad-free platform and getting paid in return? DTube is a newcomer in the category of YouTube Alternatives that is blockchain network. Pretty similar to YouTube, it’s search criteria is based on hot and trending stuff, most-watched videos, etc. You can get relevant videos right on the homepage, and if you want to watch them later, you can save selected ones.

There is a separate trending tag category using which you can view anytime, any day. DTube uses a steem blockchain system to keep records for which you don’t even have to pay an initial fee. Unlike YouTube, it’s an ad-free network that rewards you with Steem Crypto-currency. Furthermore, there is an earning chance for people who watch videos and comment on them.


It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment; think of Crackle as a sort of online TV channel that features both original shows for the web, as well as Hollywood movies and TV shows from various networks.

Some of Crackle’s original content has earned critical acclaim, including the web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee starring Jerry Seinfeld. It also has a good selection of TV shows from the past, such as all in the Family, 227, Firefly, Mad about You, and News Radio. In addition, the site is good for checking out older movies you may have missed.

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YouTube alternatives

Think of 9GAG as a collection of all things fun and goofy: funny photos, GIFs, gaming videos, memes, anime, and the like. In fact, the site’s tagline is, “Go fun you”.Most of the content is fun and frivolous. It’s the type of stuff that’s hard not to click on and then spend hours browsing. Before visiting, be warned: the site contains a number of videos that are somewhat risqué and may not be safe for work. In fact, this video sharing site is so much popular that many bloggers earns their living online from sites and can have a greater popularity among the video bloggers. However, the money blogging is restricted area wise and is accessible in some various countries of the world.

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The Internet Archive

As its name suggests, Internet Archive is a web-based library of all sorts of free content including books, music, software, and, of course, movies.Just as you might associate a physical library with doing research, one of the strengths of the Internet Archive’s video content is its vast collection of historical content. While it does also have some newer content, some of its best videos are older and obscure news reports, TV series, and movies that are typically harder to find on other sites. Like many other sites, users can also upload videos to the Internet Archive. When uploading videos.

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YouTube alternatives

If you’re not yet familiar with TED, now is the time to get acquainted. The TED website features more than 2,300 talks covering a vast swathe of topics, such as technology, business, design, science, and global issues.Some of the talks are funny, and some are emotional. Some talks are meant to teach you something specific, while others are there mainly for entertainment. The one constant with all the TED videos, however, is that you’re likely to take something memorable out of each one.

Why are we the way that we are? Is there anything we can do to change the way we think or behave? The TED website is particularly handy if you’re squeezed for time. Videos that appear on the menu are tagged with an easy-to-see red bar if they’re shorter than six minutes.

In Conclusion

Many celebrities and motivational speakers have their own YouTube channel to reach their fans & followers via videos. There’s little doubt that YouTube is the go-to video site for many people. You know what to do if you got what you needed to know through YouTube Alternatives | 10 Sites Like Youtube. The comments box is right below.