How to Earn Money Online with Video Sharing Websites

Hi friends, in below tutorial we will discuss about some best video sharing websites where you can Earn money online by sharing your video. So, let’s start our tutorial how to make money online with video sharing websites.

Earn Money with Video Sharing Websites

As we know there are various mediums to make money online like blogging, data entry, freelancing, affiliate marketing etc. Similarly video sharing websites are also an effective place where you can earn money online very easily. Yes friends, you can earn money with video sharing websites by sharing your videos and photos such as YouTube, etc. So, here we are sharing list of video sharing websites to earn money online.

We already discuss about some useful ways to earn money online and some of them are make money online by starting blog || make money online by Freelance writing || make money online by Domain Name Flipping || Best online Survey Sites to earn money || URL shortener sites to make money etc.

Earn money with video sharing sites is very simple, you only need to some collection of self made unique and interesting videos like any tutorial videos, self made interesting video etc, and internet connection to upload videos to video sharing sites.

These video sharing sites are using simple revenue sharing method to give you your revenue share. They provide you the platform to host your video and share with others and also you can add advertisements with your videos, any impression and clicks on those ads lead to make money with your video.

Steps is very easy to earn money with video sharing websites, just collect own video or copy right free videos > Choose any website to share your videos for making money > create account and start sharing videos. To start making money from those sites you need to Adsense account Or some sites share their earned revenue from your uploaded videos.

Earn Money with Video Sharing Websites

Now we are sharing the list of video sharing sites where you can earn money by sharing videos. Let’s start our list of Earn Money with Video Sharing Websites.

YouTube, The king of video sharing websites and mostly every internet user known about this website and may be used some time. YouTube is the best place where you can host your videos and can also make huge amount of money. Most of people makes huge money by sharing videos on YouTube. You need to create Adsense account with YouTube account to make money with this video sharing site.

Creating YouTube Account is very easy, you only need to Google account and after the creating account on YouTube you need to create a YouTube Channel (based on uploaded videos) and start uploading your unique videos with unique name and tags.

earn money with dailymotion

Dailymotion, Similar to YouTube and the second biggest video sharing website after the YouTube, The site gets more than 200 million visitors every month.

The video sharing website offers you to earn up to 70% of the Ad revenue from videos you have uploaded. Dailymotion offer three different ways (Video Monetization, Paid content and website monetization)to monetize your dailymotion channels to earn money from your shared videos is another name in our list of earn money with video sharing websites and is the best alternative of YouTube and dailyMotion. allows there users to upload videos like other video sharing sites as well as Images and flash games. It means you can upload your videos, short video clips, images and can also sell your Games. will not pay you money like other video sharing sites like YouTube, means there is no advertisement option. pay you money when your video, images and games reach their Himepage/ front page. Ex- if your videos make it to the home page of the site then you will get $2000. And you can get $25 if your uploaded images will become a part of the Gallery of the site. is another name of video sharing websites where you can earn money by sharing video. It has over 45 million unique visitors every month.

MetaCafe is also a video sharing website and This video sharing website using Producer rewards program (PRP). Through MetaCafe, users can earn money up to $5 on per 1000 viewers. is also a great site where you can make money by sharing videos as will as write article, upload photos. You need to link your flixy account with Google adsense account to make money like youtube.

Final Words

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