How to Earn Money Online From Your Own Blog in 2016

The internet plays a vital role in our lives. No one can imagine the life without accessing internet. This platform has simplified the life to a great extent. Besides that, it has offered several money making opportunities to people from different background. Everyone wants to earn money online from the internet because they don’t have to step out of them home to make money.

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money starting your blog, you can make money, which you have been dreaming of. It is important to choose the relevant niche and post the content according to the niche. In order to start a blog, you can choose from Tech, health, business, finance, fashion, home improvement and multiple categories blog. Now, you might be thinking how to earn from your blog. Some of the most result-oriented ways are explained as below

Earn Money Online From Your Own Blog

Below, I am sharing some of the best medium to earn money from your own blog.

  1. Make Money Through Google Adsense

It is probably one of the best ways to earn money from your blog. All you have to do is to apply for Google Adsense account. However, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of Google to approve your account. This is because; if your request is declined, it may take some time to reapply. If the account is approved, you can make money from your blog. Google will place ads on your blog and if someone clicks on these ads, you will be paid. In order to make great amount of money, it is important to have huge traffic on your blog. The alternatives to Google are Chitika, Infolinks, and BlogAds.

  1. Make Money Through Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are the effective way to make money through the blog. You need to place links of the company’s products on your blog. If a reader buys through this link, you will be paid. A lot of companies are available on the internet offering these links such as ClickBank. You can easily find them online and start earning by selling their products through your blog. It is highly recommended to find the companies, which are relevant to your blog.

  1. Sponsored post

Guest posting is considered as an effective way to drive more traffic to your blog. If the PR, DA and other credentials of your blogs are good, you can give space to writers and bloggers by asking for money. Sponsored posts can be additional way to earn money. The content will be posted on your blog along with the link to the site. Many webmasters are always in search of the quality blogs to promote their websites and businesses. However, you should make sure that the link should be of good quality otherwise the major search engines might penalize your blog permanently.

  1. Make Money By Selling Ad Space on Your Blog

Selling Ad Space on Your Blog is another medium to make money by blogging. Some blogger don’t have Adsense account then the can use their advertisement space to promote some once product ads and earn money by blogging. To start Selling Ad Space on Your Blog you need to create ‘Advertise with Us’ page for your blog or website, if someone needs to place their ad on your blog he will contact with you.

  1. Make Money By Writing paid Reviews

Millions of people read blog on daily basis and there are many products or services companies available which pay for writing a review article as per their choice on your blog or website. This type of mouth advertising, link popularity, and product exposure and brand credibility provides a chance to learn more about the sponsored products. This is the great alternative for those who tell Adsense is the only medium to make money by blogging.

  1. Text links

The webmasters may ask you to place the links of their business or official website on your blog. They will pay you to get the backlink from your blog.

By following above mentioned methods, you can make money from your blog. It is suggested to keep reading the information on the internet about latest blogging updates.


Hope Above given ways to Earn Money Online from Your Own Blog will help you to earn money by blogging. Friends, share your view and suggestion in comment box also share if you have any query. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.