How You Can Make Money Blogging, Too

We all see the fashion and lifestyle bloggers on our Instagram feeds, posing for perfectly curated photographs and jet-setting to a new destination every other week and think, “Hey, I want that.” Creating my own schedule and having companies PAY ME to promote the products they send me on my blog? Now, that’s the life.

This kind of highly successful blogger whose posts you see on Instagram is in a category reached only after loads of time and effort spent generating a loyal following and creating quality content that interests many. Not everyone will be able to reach the same status as them, with tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers and big brands contacting them everyday. However, starting your own blog that you can earn money from is not an unattainable goal.

make money blogging

Choose a general blogging category (like fashion, lifestyle, travel, or cooking) that you are highly interested in and knowledgeable about, select and register a domain name, and get started making content to share with the audience you will attract and engage. Once you have developed a brand personality with your blog and have gained involved followers, start looking into what ways of earning money from a blog will most apply to you. Some of the more common ways of earning money with a blog can over time prove to be reliable ways of earning a little extra income.


The way established blogs can make money with advertisements is in theory the same concept as a magazine or newspaper making money from advertisements. When a blog has a large community of active followers, brands will pay to appear on the blog and gain exposure with the blog’s followers. It is true that a blog has to have a pretty substantial following for brands to come directly to it to discuss advertising, but there are ways to get paid advertisements on your blog if it is not big enough to attract brand attention on its own. Take Google AdSense for example. Google AdSense is a program that pays blogs and websites to display Google ads. You get paid a certain amount per impression (per view of the post that contains the ad) and a certain amount per click on the Ad. It is certainly no scheme to get rich quick, but it is a real way your blog can make a little bit of money as you work to grow it.

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Affiliate Promotions

The most simple explanation of how using affiliate promotions on a blog works is this: the blogger includes a link to a product that is sold on another site, and for every person who ends up purchasing that product as a result of following the link from the blog, the blogger will receive payment. Affiliate programs are easy to sign up for, and since it is most likely true that the followers you have are following your blog because of shared interest and/or similar taste, chances are high that they will also like the products you like and buy the ones you promote on your blog.


In addition to creating content for your blog, you can develop an e-book on a topic of interest to your followers or offer how-to webinars. By using your blog to sell the product you develop or to form an exclusive pay-to-subscribe channel of premium content like webinars and small group chats, you can earn additional money. (Plus, offering premium content to followers who pay a monthly or annual subscription fee results in a recurring stream of income for you!)

If anyone tells you that making money off a blog you start will happen instantly, they’re lying. A solid content and marketing strategy are essential to get started on the right foot.

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However, it is absolutely true that with some passion and dedication, along with putting some now-commonplace earning methods to use, you can build a blog that result in more money coming to your pocket.

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