Best Online-Based Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

If you are hoping to start a business and do not have a large upfront investment to part with, it would be wise to consider what the internet has to offer. When considering the endless tools and platforms available that can help you start your own online-based business, you may be able to kick start your future as an entrepreneur sooner than you realized. While innovative website builders such as Wix and Shopify will allow you to craft a professional website for a reasonable price. Before selecting a platform to build your website, you should use a comparison guide to compare Wix vs Shopify to determine the best solution for your business idea. Here are the best online-based business ideas to help inspire you on your path to success as an entrepreneur.

E-Commerce Retailer

One of the most popular online-based business ideas is niche market e-commerce retail stores. To start your venture you will need to create a professional and appealing website that will serve as your retail shop. While opening a traditional retail store that stocks great products will cost a fortune in rental space and product stock, your online store can be created and hosted for an affordable price. What’s more, you won’t have to purchase ample stock to start as you will be able to provide products on a lead-time basis. This means that you will be able to accept payments before purchasing supplies and suggest a delivery time that will allow you to purchase only on demand.


There are several great website builders on the market that will aid success for writers. Starting a blog is an extremely popular online-based business as you will be able to use your blog to sell products and services. Depending on your ability to provide constant relevant content to your audience, a blog can be an extremely successful online business that would require hardly any initial investment. Bloggers are undeniably useful to digital marketing strategies as they are considered influencers.

Online Niche Consultant

Whether you have ample knowledge and expertise in business development or social media management, you can sell your services online as a professional consultant. It would be recommended to create a website that will allow customers who seeking your knowledge the ability to locate your business. Consultants are commonly used by small businesses for various reasons. However, it would be wise to determine the requirements of your consultancy business before setting up your website.

Remote Working Opportunities to Consider

While there are countless business opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of, there are also plenty of remote working opportunities to consider that will help you navigate your ambitions from an online perspective. Working online is understandably different from traditional spaces, which means entrepreneurs would benefit from testing the waters. From virtual assistants to freelance writing and remote technical support, there are a ton of options to consider. Starting an online platform that provides virtual assistance services would be aided by your personal experience as a virtual assistant.