How to Build Your Own Website

Have you ever feel the urge to express yourself or your creation to the world? Or are you a budding entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to extend their business? If yes, then maybe all that is standing between you and a breakthrough is an online presence of your business. Long ago, building a website from scratch used to be a daunting task involving serious coding but things have changed since then and now it is really easy to build a totally functional website in a matter of seconds.

Steps To Build Your Own Website

There are several steps involved in the process to build a website and it is important to follow each and every step carefully. To make life easier for you, we have listed the procedure in details below.


Step 1: Choice of Website Type and Host

The very first thing you should do when deciding to launch your own website is to choose what this site is going to offer to your audiences. Will it be a blog about your travels? Or will it be an e-commerce site to display and sell your arts? Or will it simply be a site which describes how many different kinds of coffees are available in your small coffee shop?

A website consists of a huge amount of data and this data must be stored somewhere. That’s where web hosts come into play. They store the data for you in there high-end servers in exchange for a fee. There are thousands of web hosting servers available in the market and you can choose such as Bluehost, GreenGeeks. So be sure to check out their plans and choose which one fits your budget and needs. And while you are at it, be sure to check out these amazing GoDaddy coupons to get massive discounts on the web hosting services.

Like a free WordPress or Blogger account will be suitable for your blog to gain popularity but if you want to engage in e-commerce activities, a paid host will secure and fast data exchange capabilities is a must. Also, in free plans, you get limited storage and you have to bear the hosts name and logo on your website. Also, you get a mediocre data speed and often a very small amount of data storage. But a paid server gives you a unlimited bandwidth and in most of the cases unlimited storage.

Step 2: Designing Your Website

Designing your website is a piece of cake nowadays. Most of the web hosts give you a free tool to design your website. These tools are intuitive and all you need to do is to drag and drop stuff as per your liking. There is also an option to choose from a number of themes which make your job even easier. Some of these themes are free to use but for the decent looking ones it is more likely that you need to shell out a few bucks before you can use them.

If you or anyone of your team have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS then you have a superior edge over your competitors. With this knowledge you can tweak the looks of the theme of your website or you can simply build a theme for yourself. The thing to keep in mind here is that through WordPress and Blogger hosts your site for free, they do not let you customize any piece of code whatsoever.

Step 3: Choosing Your Domain

Before you go ahead and publish your website take your time to choose your domain name carefully. A good and catchy domain name stays in the mind of your audience and next time they think of your niche, your brand name pops up in their mind.

When you pick a domain name make sure it is easy to type. Most of us hate to type and the longer the name is the longer it takes to type it. Keep it short and easy to understand. And whatever you do, please refrain yourself from using SMS lingo as your audiences won’t be able to remember that.

Keep it short and use simple words. Complex words increase the chance of typos and spelling mistakes and your prospective customers can be directed to nowhere.

Be sure to add keywords in your domain name. The keyword used must relate to your business and your main niche. This helps you perform well in search rankings and also let your business be discovered by people looking for your niche.

Do not use any numbers or special characters in your domain name. When the prospective customer hears about their business he/she does not know whether to type the number directly or spell it out. Also, there is a greater chance of mistakes when handling special characters.

Also, properly research what name you are using. You may not know that there exists a huge business that uses a very similar domain name. This can give you a huge SEO penalty and it can even mislead a portion of your customers towards the other businesses having a similar domain.

Be sure to use a proper domain name extension also. The most popular one used is .com and .co but as they have been around for a long time it is very hard to get a domain name of your choice. But also people know about these extensions and it is easier for them to remember them. There are many new extensions available nowadays and you can get the name of your choice.

Also, don’t think for too long as other people or companies can buy your favoured domain name before you act. You should also buy all possible misspelt versions of your domain name and redirect them to your main website. This way, even typos and mistakes on the consumer’s side will not cost you a single visitor.

Step 4: Publishing

If you have come this far and followed each step correctly then your website is almost ready to rock the prospective audiences. But it will not be successful unless you execute this last step correctly.

Before you go live, make sure you have enough content available at your disposal. Google loves content and a regular flow of content helps it understand your site and niche better. This gives your site a higher search ranking which results in a greater customer inflow.

Also be sure to test your site again and again before you go live. Click and check every link available on your site and make sure there is no 404 Error or broken pages. Make sure every button in the site can be pressed and leads to exactly where you intend them to.

After that, check that all steps mentioned in this article are followed properly. And if you feel totally satisfied, go ahead and publish your website to see your business reach new heights.


Now that you have gone through this article, you know how easy it is to get your business live. Just follow the steps thoroughly and make sure you don’t skip anything. And if you do so, I can assure you that very soon your business will grow exponentially with the help of the power of the mighty internet.