5 Steps to Create a Successful Blog Content Strategy

If you want to create a successful content strategy for your blog, you should be ready to work hard. You shouldn’t expect that you will be able to cope with this task in a day.

You should put your time and efforts into designing a perfect plan, which will help you to make your blog popular. If you want to know what steps you should take to achieve your ambitious goals, just keep reading.

Know Your Readers

Do you really know who your readers are? How can you describe a regular visitor of your blog? If all you can say is “a housewife around the age of 35-45”, then you know nothing about your target audience.

You should conduct a market research and find out more details. You should get answers to the following questions before creating new content:

  • What background knowledge do your readers have? Do they understand jargon and slang? Or do they prefer formal language?
  • In which way your target audiences search for information online? For instance, what actions do housewives take to find a new recipe? Do they start the search from visiting a favorite culinary blog, watching video recipes on YouTube, or googling?
  • What kind of device do they usually use: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone?
  • At which time do they usually visit your blog? Will it be better to publish your new articles in the morning on Monday or at night on Friday?

Research Keywords

If you want to make your blog content strategy works effectively, you should find the low competition keywords for your niche. You can do it with the help of Google Keyword Planner or alternative services like Uber suggest, Keyword Tool, KWFinder.

First of all, you should make a list of 10-15 short tail keywords, which brightly describe the major ideas of your blog. For example, if you create a food blog, you can choose words combination such as “healthy desserts”, “easy dessert recipes”, “vegan cake”, etc.

After that, you can continue your research and make a list of the long tail keywords, which consist of more than 3 words. For example, let’s choose such phrases as “delicious healthy dessert for diabetics”, “easy dessert recipes for beginners”,“vegan vanilla cake with strawberries”. Long tail keywords work perfectly when you need to target a specific niche rather than wide audiences.

Learn SEO Rules

Do you know why some remarkable blogs fail? The answer is simple – because their creators ignore SEO principles. Every day lots of the interesting blog posts get lost on the vast expanses of the World Wide Web.

If you want to make sure that Google will rank your article high, you should follow these rules:

  • Don’t use long sentences. Perfect length of a sentence is 10-20 words.
  • Break your texts into the sections. Make your blog post scannable.
  • Add catchy subheadings. It helps to improve readability.
  • Keep paragraphs short. 2-3 sentences per paragraph are enough.
  • Avoid passive voice. Sentences which are written in active voice simplify the text.

If you have no time to learn how SEO works, you can check the writing and editing service reviews, and find a reliable content provider. If you can’t write high-quality SEO blog posts by yourself, it’s better to delegate this job to the professionals.It will save your content strategy from fiasco.

Incorporate link Building Strategy

Another way to improve the ranking of your blog is to incorporate link building strategy. There are two types of links: inbound and outbound (backlinks). They both are very important for your blog promotion.

You should consider every article as an essential part of your content strategy. Every new page should be linked with the existing ones.

For example, writing a post “10 gift ideas for your wife”, you can insert an inbound link to your old post “How to choose a perfume for a woman”.You should help your readers to find more useful information on your blog. In this way, you will encourage them to stay at your web page for longer.

If other authoritative and trustful sources will post content with backlinks to your blog, it will help you to increase both referral and organic traffic. It will make Google trust your page and, consequently, rank it higher.

Create Unique Content

Fortunately, there are a lot of modern tools and services, which facilitate the work of content creators. They help to create texts and visual elements in times faster and easier.

  • Top Essay Writing. You can use this tool to get high-quality textual content. Even if the deadlines are tight, you will receive great posts on time.
  • Pexels. This is a free photo stock, from where you can get images for your blog posts.
  • Canva. Use this online service, if want to create original infographics. The intuitive user interface will help you to make your job in a few minutes.
  • Clip Champ. This is an online video editor. It allows to control audio, add filters, crop the video, insert texts and images.
  • Trust My Paper. Check this service, when you need to edit and proofread your texts. Professional writers will revise your blog post and correct all grammar mistakes and typos.

In Conclusion

If you want to create a successful blog content strategy, you should be very attentive to details. You should know what your audience wants and what Google requires. This is the only way to make everything right.

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to simultaneously satisfy the needs of both people and searching engine. You need some time to learn how to cope with this task. You should practice more in content creation and then you will achieve your goals.