5 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO Free and Premium

In this article we are going to list the best Keyword Research Tools for SEO Free and Premium and we will also inform the features of those Best Keyword Research Tools. Keyword Research Tools is a tools where professional find and research targeted search terms that users enter into search engines. SEO professionals find and research keywords, which they use to achieve batter ranking on search engines on there targeted keywords and it helps to find keyword suggestions on required niche to get organic traffic to your blog and up course keyword research is itself to bring search traffic for your blog. The more details about Keyword research tools and benefits of those are given below.

Why we need best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword Research Tools is mostly used to find Long Tail Keywords using which you can get targeted traffic to your blog. We need Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO to find the profitable and targeted long tail keywords. Those also helps, who wants to buy the keywords. It also suggests you to get decent searches keywords using those you can easily rank and bank in search engines.

Benefits of Keyword Research Tools for SEO

  • Helps you to find Long Tail Keywords because long tails keywords will have less competition.
  • You can get targeted traffic using these Keyword Research Tools by finding decent searches keywords.
  • You can also get paid keywords by these Keyword Research Tools
  • Finally Keyword Research will help you to boost your search traffic.

There are lots of Free and Premium keyword research tools available. Usually, there are various search engines provides there own Keyword Research Tools like Google search engine provides “Google Adwords Keywords Planner” and Bing search engine provides “Bing Ads Keyword Planner”.

Most of keyword research tools are paid and few of them are free – Google Keyword Planer tool is one of my favourite and free keyword research tools, but if you need more detailed keyword research & competitive analysis, than you need to go through advance keyword research tools that i have listed below.

5 best Keyword Research Tools for SEO Free and Premium

Google Keyword Planer

Google Keyword Planner is the most used Keyword Research Tool and it is totally free. I think most of our blogger friends using this Free Keyword research tool . You need to sign up for Adwords to use this tool and you just need Google Account to sign up for Google Adwords. The limitation for this keyword tool is you can’t get results how the keywords are performing in the search engine. It’s purely for both beginners and advanced users.

The details of specific keyword offered by Google Keyword Planner

  • Exactly Monthly Searches.
  • Adsense CPC.
  • Broadly Related Keywords.

How Google Keyword Planer Works

To use Google Keyword Planer Log in with your Google Account from Here

In next page you can enter your required keyword and customize your filter for the resultant keywords. The Keyword research tool offers you a verity of keywords filter like location, Language, filter. After that click on Get ideas to get result.

SEMRUSH keyword research tool [15 days Free Trail]

SEMRUSH is keyword research which offers more than researching keyword tool because you can actually find out of your competitor’s keywords by just entering their URL and that will show all the keywords which your competitor is ranking for so, this tool makes your keyword research part easy and simple. You can get more detailed information about the keywords like short-tails and long-tail keywords, traffic stats, total search engine report, and AdSense CPC and much more! SEMRUSH is gives 15 days free trial.

SEMRUSH Features

  • Very Easy to Use, Simply type in a URL
  • Discover new organic Competitor and their best keywords
  • Get Long Tail Keywords, related keywords and find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Advertising Research and much more…

Long Tail Pro [10 days Free Trail]

Long Tail pro is the tool which helps you build micro niche sites. This tool is paid ones and there is an awesome feature in this tool like it analyses the competition for one particular keyword and gives you all the information. You can use this tool for a trial period of 10 days.

Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is also one of the best tools to do Keyword Research. You can also view competitor keywords using this tool. This is the premium tool and it’s really not for beginners. It is too expensive to use as the price range of this tool is $89.95 per month and $139 for a Professional account. It is the most advanced tool to use and surely for pro bloggers.


  • Discover Competitors and there Keywords
  • Get fresh data w/ daily database updates
  • See sites spending for adwords
  • Find profitable keyword + Ad copy combinations
  • Over 127million Keywords

Keywordtool.io (Free)

Keywordtool.io is the best tool to find long tail keywords and gives you the huge list of keywords. This is best tool for both free and premium. This is also one which gives you best keyword suggestion. It also gives you the details about keywords like search volume, Adsense CPC and broadly related keywords.


These are the Best Keyword research Tools for SEO To Use In 2016. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.