7 Tips to Grow Your Blog Traffic Now

Whether you are a mommy blogger or article writer to boost credibility in your market niche, chances are that one of your biggest concerns is traffic to your blog. When you have consistent and growing traffic to your site, you have an increased marketing capacity, you get more shares, and, ultimately your income due to sales or advertising increases. Today we will be looking at 7 things you can do today to grow your blog traffic.

Create Quality Content

High-quality content is the cornerstone of a good traffic generating strategy. If the quality of your article is lacking, people won’t read it and they won’t share it. They will leave and never return. When you produce blog articles that are jam-packed with fresh and engaging content, however, people will bookmark your site and regularly take time to see what you have to say on your site. The quality and value of your content are also one of Google’s ranking factors. So, making an effort here will improve your traffic in more ways than one.

Keyword Research

Researching and including keywords and search phrases in your content is a search engine optimization strategy. This doesn’t mean that you have to cram every keyword you want to target in the text as this can reduce the readability and quality of your article. You should rather focus on targeting on a primary keyword or search term. This will help you rank for that specific term. Make sure that you understand the intent behind a search term so you target keywords that people use specifically to find your content.

Link Building

Another SEO strategy to boost your ranking on search engines. This one is a bit more challenging as it involves getting links to your blog on other high-ranking websites. This involves coming into contact with people and asking them to contribute to your content. You can also do guest blogging as a way to link back to your own blog yourself. Landing a guest blog can be a tall order but is definitely worth it. You may also consider getting the professional help of one link building service on board so you can get traffic to your blog.

Social Share Buttons

Social share buttons are sometimes designed elements that you can find in your content management system. There are, however, businesses that offer them online for free. It is important to add prominent and brightly colored social share buttons near your content. This will encourage people to click on them and share it on their Facebook or Twitter profiles – boosting your traffic.

User Experience

This has to do with the on-site aspect of SEO. Sadly, this part is often overlooked. User experience plays a large role when it comes to your site’s search ranking. Most of your traffic comes from Google, and not social media as many bloggers may think. It is, therefore, important that your website offers pleasant and fast interaction to visitors. Your blog’s loading time should be fast, it should be mobile friendly, and navigation has to be simple. Make sure that your blog has a trendy and modern design that people like to look at.

Social Media

Open accounts and Facebook and Twitter and make sure that you have the same username on all of them. Share all your content on these platforms to incentive interaction from readers. Engage with them and read what they have to say. Social media is an excellent way to gauge people’s reaction to your content.

Build an Email List

A welcome mat on your homepage that asks people to subscribe to your newsletter can help you build an email list and boost reader retention. You can also use a funnel consisting of Facebook ads, a landing page, and a lead magnet to capture email addresses. Emails are excellent for personal marketing and interaction with your readers.