How to Backup Your Wordpress Website In 2021

There are several wordpress website provider companies with the help of which you can start wordpress site.  Selecting one of the best companies is a bit difficult, because every company would praise about themselves only. It is advisable to choose the wordpress according to your needs and above all your budget which is more important.

Every business depends upon the website and you would not like your business to be at risk, hence you would preferably look for the best and cheapest wordpress website which are perfect and popular and the one used by many people. The most important thing the blogger should remember is to ensure that the website’s content is always available to the visitors for that you should know how to backup your WordPress blog or website.

You would like to often check about its reliability, its price and the quality of services whether all these factors are worth it. for your Wordpress blog then you need to go for the one which gives their customers outstanding customer support and of course server quality. If your site has any type of security threat then the backups can act as the best defense. Sometimes your site could also be hacked and create a lot of problem. There are backups which can be manually  created WordPress database but they take a lot of time.

Backups are supposed to be one of the best defenses for your website against any kind of security threat. Every bloggers believes to have regular backups in order to keep the content safe.

How to Backup Wordpress Blog or Website

how to backup your WordPress blog or website

There are several ways by which you can backup your wordpress website, some of the 5 simpler ways are mentioned below

Backup Wordpress with phpAdmin

One of the basic method to backup your website, is by downloading copy of your sites database and files. Then by logging on to your web host control panel then click phpMyAdmin, then after selecting the database you have to choose your WordPress installation.

Backup Wordpress Blog With Web Host

The Web Host makes the best backup of website. Some of the host can do the backing up of the website automatically which will help you to check if anything has gone wrong or not.

Backup Wordpress site With PlugIn

The most convenient tool to be used as a backup is plug-in wordpress. Besides being easy to use and you will have to get messed up with any control panels or any other programs.  In this the backups are generated within the wordpress. It is very cheap and allows to download a backup to your computer.

Automatically Backup to Dropbox

If you really want to be tension free then you should use WordPress plug-in that will  help to backup automatically your website to the Dropbox which will truly keep you tension free from downloading your backups without forgetting.   Depending on what you select as the ultimate for your backup, you will come across a tab for it which will automatically upload your WordPress backup to the DropBox using the Backup WP plug-in. The plug-in ultimately takes care of the rest.

Required to Pay for WordPress Backup Service

There are two services like VaultPress and CodeGuard backup your WordPress website to your servers. The main functioning of it is like a real time backups, change detection and finally restoring within a single click. The only thing in this service is you have to pay a monthly fee, but if you are into a business it can be a better deal.

For the beginner level users it is always advisable for scheduling a daily or a weekly backup by selecting WordPress Cron option.

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What Have you to Backup?

The WordPresss plugin creates their own tables in your database which may not be that crucial and of less importance or you may even not need it. Running a backup job may create extra load on your hosting server, resulting in unending backup jobs.

Inspite of having  free plugin like backup WordPress  then why should one pay for the VaultPress or BackupBuddy? The main reason is the support which it offers. Once you pay for the product then it is fully guaranteed to get the support. It is also sure that both these plugins offer malware scanning. It offers 100% managed services and provides a foolproof setup. The point to be remembered is you should regularly backup your site. never wait for the WPsite get hacked  or crashed with the malware.

This article would definitely give you an idea how to restore WordPress from Backup.  You need to keep multiple backups when you rely on your web host to backup your website, such DVD or a USB in addition to regular backups to Dropbox.

What Does Exactly Backup your WordPress Site Means?

Backup means having another copy of that particular file which is done to avoid losing the file content. It is  a good practice to make a backup of any content on your site. it should be regularly done or at least should be done once a week of once a month, this is because you don’t have to start from the scratch whatever you have maintained. The backup tool is very useful and ridiculously important as you don’t have to worry of losing any data from the file.

It is therefore very essential to have the backup means or else you may loose all your defined thoughts which may not be possible for you to start up with it again in the same format. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  It will give you a peace of mind and can save you in a very specific situation too. Backup can be done manually as well as automatically.

There are several  backup plugins which are free and paid ones for the WordPress which can be used very easily and in a simple way.

BackupBuddy is one of the very popular backup plugin for WordPress which will allow to schedule daily, weekly or monthly the backups and store them in the DropBox.  The most beneficial part is that the BackupBuddy is not a subscription based service.

Backup WordPress  is a complete backup WwordPress with automatic  scheduling support which allows you to create different schedules for database and files. While the free version does not allow store your WordPress  backups to a cloud storage service.

Of course the WordPress Backup also has its pros and cons.  They are recommended  because it is extremely easy to use, and secondly it offers real time incremental backups. It gets updated within minutes of getting updated.

When thinking about backing up website or WordPress blog you should be able to know what  parts of  the website should backup. It is necessary to keep in mind the following:

  • The data base ie the textual content
  • The wp- content folder
  • Finally the core data ie wordpress system files

All the above the data base is considered to be the most important part of your backup website. Because it is here that stores all the textual content.  The posts, pages, comments etc are the core part of the website and ultimately your business. If you lose that then you will lose your business or you will not be able to continue with your website. Backup wordpress is good but it lacks the remote backup feature. With the help of backup you can schedule your database and content  and also let you program daily, weekly and monthly.

There are paid plug-In also and its benefits are:

  • It is easy to use
  • Easy site migration directly from within wordpress
  • Offers multiple locations for your backup film
  • It has its own storage facility
  • Free plugins are good for backup your personal.

It is very essential to backup your website and specially the website owners having personal access to it. This can be the first-step for the disaster recovery plan. You should find the reliable way for your backups to be in your control.  Besides this even if you store backups, you should download a known working backup to your own hard drive from the site, so that you posses your backups by restoring it.

WordPress backup offers you option in case of the server failure or any kind of data loss. When you put in a lot of time to build up a website and losing the data will make you feel miserable. Therefore you should have backups to restore the data.

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