20 Free Tools to Make Your Content More Engaging

Making content more engaging is anything that adds value to the lives of your customers. It does not have to be intricate; it only requires making your content unique and valuable, particularly to your followers.

Every man jack is always chatting about “relevancy” and swapping that with “engagement” but really, it is all about the level of value you are sincerely adding to an individual’s personal or professional life – and, I am speaking about your content.

How Can You Make your Content More Attractive?

The following free apps can be very resourceful in getting you started:

  1. Apps for Infographics

Infographics are described as graphic visual representations of information, facts, or data envisioned for displaying complex facts swiftly and plainly. They can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and the web more regularly online compared to any content. Infographics are usually easy to share, comprehend, consume. On LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Twitter, infographics acquire more shares as compared to any other content. Most marketers like infographics as they offer an easy and powerful viral marketing tool, which spread the word concerning your business’s services and products. Have a look at the following free Infographics’ apps that can make your content more engaging.

  • Canva Infographic Maker

Canva is an infographic tool that is easy-to-use and appropriate for all kinds of design tasks such as presentations, brochures and much more. Besides, Canva comes with a vast library of icons, fonts, features, and images that you can choose from and make your content more attractive.

Canva infographic maker has great features that you can use for free. With hundreds of free font and design components at your fingertips, you can make your content more appealing. You can use it in the browser as well as download the Canva iPad app to design your content at ease.

Canva’s drag-and-drop interface is capable of designing infographics.


Easel.ly offers many free prototypes to start you off

Easel.ly is another fantastic web-based infographic tool, which is free and comes with a dozen of customizable free templates to start you off. You get access to a collection of connector lines, arrows, and shapes, which enables you to tailor your content text with a variety of colors, fonts, text styles, and sizes. Besides, this tool also lets you upload your graphics and site them in one touch.

  • Infogr.am

Infogr.am is a great tool featured with a high multiplicity of charts, maps, and graphs along with the capability to upload videos and pictures to help you create very cool infographic content.

Tailoring the data, which makes up the infographic is done in an Excel-style spreadsheet

Data customization in this tool is very simple and is usually done in an Excel spreadsheet. Therefore, you can easily watch how the software automatically modifies the look of the infographic and presents your data correctly. After you are contented with your infographic, you can afterward embed it into your website, share it through social media, or publish it in an infographic website for people to enjoy.

  • Google Charts

Google’s chart tools are free, powerful, and simple to use. You can select from a multiplicity of charts and constitute a broad set of options to match the appearance and impression of your website perfectly.

Display real time data using Google Charts

Google Charts is a resourceful infographic creator for your website as it allows you to link your data in real time.

2 . Audio/Video Tools

  • Youtube

Consistently upholding the viewer’s experience in mind is the most vital thing you can do to make your content engaging. Uploading and publicizing your videos on YouTube can assist you in giving your content distinguishability equally in Google search and YouTube. A YouTube channel is a powerful tool and functions as a hub for all your businesses’ video content, enabling you to present your product and services to a platform that gets over 900 million exclusive users visiting monthly.

Have a look at the below CHOW.com YouTube branding.

  • PowToon

PowToon comes with a simple design and a user-friendly interface for presentation. This tool has its free version, which can help you to generate video brands and share it with your customers and prospects.

  • WeVideo

WeVideo is an audio-video tool that gives you a free cloud-access to your media, voiceover competencies, animations, licensed music library, and Ken Burn-styles, which enables you to edit videos easily. Besides, the tool has sharing features that allow you to share your videos with your clients on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitter. This tool comes with a free plan that can get you started.

3.Interactive Content

  • Quiz Revolution

Quiz revolution comes with inclusive editing and marketing tools just at your fingertips. You can generate custom quizzes and surveys alongside with engaging content such as videos and images. Furthermore, you can define your tailored ending and embed quizzes on your website.

  • Riddle

Riddle is an app that has free trial, which allows you to create polls, personality tests, quizzes, and lists. The tool also enables you to generate leads and embed images using its marketing tools to make your content incredibly engaging.

  • Survio

Survio can help you to make surveys and quizzes and ultimately get the results of quiz takers on your site. This tool allows you to generate seventeen different kinds of quizzes and over seventy spectacular designs with more than a hundred templates to use.

4. Social Media Engagement

  • Click-To-Tweet

Providing a link to your readers enable them to tweet or quote directly from your content quickly and thus encouraging a greater level of engagement. The tool is straightforward to use and offers analytics and tracking features to make your content appealing.

  • Share on Facebook

Share on Facebook is a great way to make your content incredibly engaging. By providing a Facebook link, your audience can easily share your content with others, therefore leading to high level of attraction, very appealing and more so engaging. Sharing content is the most powerful way to drive leads to your site.

  • LinkedIn

Obtaining a unique LinkedIn URL, increases your exposure to prospective clients, connections, and more partners. By having, a distinctive URL also enhances your capability to establish yourself on search engines. It is effortless to use and you can quickly make tracking analytics besides sharing feature.

  • HowSociable

HowSociable enables you to add your social media accounts and that of your competitors, to get a score for each platform depending on a weekly usage.

The at-a-glance HowSociable data displays networks that are performing well and those that need advanced development, therefore enabling you to customize your content to meet the market requirement.

The free version shows twelve social sites’ metrics.

5. Content Analytics Tools

  • Clicky

Many bloggers are beginning to own up their love to Clicky, a powerful analytics tool, which conceits itself on providing real-time results. You will not pay for Clicky’s packages if you own one website, which gets less than 3,000 page views daily. Clicky plainly records every visitor, as well as the time they visited, their location, referral links, duration of the stay on your page, and their activities. This analytics allows you to adjust your content in a way that meets the demand of your readers.

Besides, Clicky also offers live heat maps, not only for a group of guests but also for each person.

Clicky also provides Twitter integration, which makes it stress-free to monitor your accounts, website, and keywords’ Twitter mentions.

According to Clicky’s website, Twitter’s in-built search only goes back roughly a week; however, Clicky can give practically unlimited tweet history, together with summary reports of your readers’ activities, links, sentiments, and hashtags.

  • SEMrush

SEMrush can assist you to get ahead of other players through researching keywords in ads, paid search, link building. You only need to enter a URL, keyword, or domain in the search bar, and access a treasure of insights.

Readers’ can easily observe your keywords or web site’s traffic breakdown using either, backlinks, organic search, display ads, and paid search. Underneath that data, you can observe live updates of top sample ads, organic competitors, and keywords, paid competitors and keywords.

There are also lists of backlinks and indexed pages to browse.

Have a look at this eBay.com sample search:

  • Cyfe

Cyfe is a free and a powerful all-in-one dashboard tool, which can assist you to monitor data through numerous applications and sites including WordPress, Salesforce, Google AdWords, PayPal, and MailChimp. Apart from you observing all this information in one place, you can also tailor your dashboard with over forty widgets for diverse sources and platforms. However, if you do not find what you are looking for from the Cyfe’s widget pool, you can as well generate your own widgets to meet your needs. You are only required to upload external information from your source, Google Sheet, or CSV. For instance, you may need a donut graph of particular results displayed in green, orange, and blue colors.

As soon as your dashboard is finished, you can generate real-time reports, which you can download or share with your readers. Still, if you are not satisfied enough, you can as well link Cyfe to your TV and swap many dashboards on the large screen

6. Content Marketing Tools

  • CoSchedule’s Headline Analyser

No matter how excellent your content may be, if your headline is not eye-catching, attractive, or inviting – nobody will bother reading it. CoSchedule comes with an inbuilt free powerful tool, which allows you to analyze your headline, considering length, sentiment, emotion, balances, and structure.

This analytics enables you to create an authentic eye-catching content for your readers, moreover it can be very useful in creating your e-book.

  • Storify

Storify enables you to curate content from the feeds of social media. You can certainly drag and drop photos, videos, and Tweets to make a story, which then you can embed on your website.

Therefore, you can create a story with your content or instead use Storify to curate content generated by a user. Free versions of Storify are available.

  • Feedly

Feedly, a free and powerful tool, gathers news feeds from a multiplicity of sources, enabling you to modify and share with your readers. Feedly is a great tool for inspiration and synchronizing up to date news from the industry that can keep your readers always informed.

In summary, it is very vital to consider not only having great content but also combining it with unique design to realize the best outcomes.

According to Chartbeat, approximately two-thirds of guests to an average website do not return in the next thirty days.

Tools like Survio, Howsociable, Infogram among others can assist you to win back your visitors by comprehending the way they engage with your content.

Besides, they provide you awareness of what to do to enhance engagement. Therefore, it leads to a strong brand relationship, many trial sign-ups, several social-shares, and numerous clicks.