How to Backup Android Phone to Keep Phones Data Safe

This Tutorial Will guide You Some working and easy Tutorial on how to Backup Android phone to keep Phone date safe

Some Android devices might need an update, and you don’t have any place to back up your data if you haven’t saved it on Android Cloud Storage apps like Google Drive. You may be running out of space on your device due to size limitations or even you need to copy some important document, image, or software from your phone to computer for an official purpose. There is, no doubt so many reasons why you might need to do that. That is why we are here to discuss How to backup Android phone.

This is a time when the time is of crucial significance for everybody. About a decade ago when nobody knew about the Android technology, it was a cumbersome task to transfer files. The only thing we knew was either the words “Bluetooth” or “Infrared” when we had thought to move files between mobile devices. Now let us look at the methods below.

Method 1

Backup Android Phone to PC

Backup Android Phone by Transfer Data from Android to PC through USB

The first option is to get connected through a data Cable. Well, this might sound a little out of fashion to follow. But, I assure you guys it is the best and most secure Ways to Transfer file from Android to PC. How is it secure? Here are the reasons why. When you attach your device through the cable, you get a notification to use your device as a simple media device, USB Mass Storage or a camera. The transfer is reliable as the device is directly connected to the computer and both the device memory and external memory are accessible. You can also opt for an option to choose Use “USB Charge Only.” When you are done copying and pasting. These days all the Android devices come with plug and play support. So it just takes a few seconds to get started.

Transfer Files via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the oldest technologies to transfer files from android to PC. Earlier, every multimedia phone came with this support as this was the only method to send or receive data. With no other option, it was good to transfer files with the maximum speed of 232 kbps. Bluetooth is still reliable I must say, but only for small sized files or documents. When it is nowhere to go for users, they can still go for it. All they have to do is get the device paired with their computer and get to work. But I still prefer to opt for the better and time efficient one.

Transfer Files via Wi-Fi

In think every android phone user definitely using Wi-Fi file transfer app for android to transfer your data from one android device to another device. You can use these apps to transfer your all data like File, Videos, Photos, Music, and Applications etc.

USB SD Card Reader

Another way to get your files transferred is to eject your Memory card out of your device and connect it to your laptop/PC. Transfer speed might not be trouble with this method, but when it comes to taking out the SD card and then inserting it back in the device.

Method 2

Backup Android Phone by Using Google Account

Every Android Phone makes it compulsory for the user to use Gmail services and download apps via Google Play Store. One of the features of Gmail is that it syncs data in your phone to Google database. You can use this data to transfer contact from android to android. Let us see the steps for that.

If you cannot see your contacts on your Google contacts, here’s how to sync your contacts to your Gmail account to your phone.

  • You need to sync your contacts to your Gmail Account to your device to see your contacts on your Google contacts.
  • Make sure your phone has Gmail installed.
  • Open the App Drawer, Go to “Setting” and then click on “Accounts and Sync.”
  • Make sure the Accounts and syncing service are enabled
  • On your email accounts set up click on “Gmail” and ensure that Sync Contacts option is enabled.
  • Now tap “sync now” and your contacts should be synchronized with your Gmail account.

Method 3

Backup Android Phone Using Android Backup Apps

While Google automatically backs up your contacts, Gmail, and calendars, you can also do a lot to save your apps, as well as app data and settings. Here are some of the best Android backup apps to help keep your app data, contacts list, photos, and media safe.

Helium App

Helium App Sync & Backup is Clockwork entry into the mobile backup app space. Like the best backup apps, Helium allows users to backup apps, data, contacts, SMS and your call log. But unlike many backup apps, Helium can do all this without needing to root your device. Unrooted users will have to install an extra desktop app to work with the mobile app when plugged into a PC, while users with a rooted device just run Helium out of the box. A paid premium version offers cloud uploading of backups, backup scheduling, and no ads.


If your primary concern is documented, photos, and media files rather than a backup of your contacts, SMS, and other phone details, then you may already be well served by best cloud storage service like Dropbox. The cloud storage pioneer offers cloud-based, multi-device-synced storage for everything from documents to photos and other important files, with automatic backups and 5GB of online storage (expandable through promotions or premium plans). Premium subscribers get extra perks, such as more storage, file versioning features, and encryption.

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Google Photos

Sometimes, you’re not looking to back up everything on your phone. If your primary concern is backing up your photos, then Google Photos service can do that for you with ease.

Users can store unlimited number high-quality photos in their Google account, as well as up to 15GB of original resolution photos in your Google Drive space. In addition to the generous storage terms, Google Photos features a smart search tool for finding familiar objects, places and occasions, and intelligent album assistant and basic Best photo editing tools. Users shooting for one of the brand new Pixel Smartphone’s also get the bonus of unlimited cloud storage space for videos and original resolution images.

My Backup

My Backup is a reliable app backup and management tool for Android devices. My Backup provides app backup functions, with automated scheduling, cloud backups and more. While My Backup works well on non-rooted phones, the real potential of the app is unlocked when you run it on a rooted phone, allowing it to back up not just apps, but also app data and settings such as saved games, market links and more. A free 30-day trial version lets you demo the app.

In Conclusion

One of the most important uses of backup apps, however, is for backing up application data and settings so that you can transfer these over to a new device with ease. Hope that you like our methods on “How to backup android phone.” All the methods mentioned above are good and does the job easy for the Android lovers. Do like and share and do not forget to leave us a Comment in the Section below.