Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android in 2021

Hello friends, in this tutorials we’ll be having a look at the Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android phones. So, in this time of daily data storage and usage, the bulk of data gets used up daily. Be it in business or for personal use, data needs to get stored somewhere. So this is where the cloud comes in the role. A centered place for all of you where you can store and share your personal as well as official data is a cloud.

So let‘s find out which are the Best cloud storage apps that can help you save your data in the cloud. Creating a copy of files and folders in a cloud is totally online and secure. As long as there is cloud to share, users wouldn’t need to care. The cloud storage applications are becoming an essential tool for android users as the data keeps piling up. This is how it works, just log into a suitable app for your android and start saving your data. Once you have uploaded the data, you can recover your data from there even if you delete it from your phone.

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So here is the list of Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android you should know

Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android

Amazon Drive

amazon drive

Allowing users to save up to 5GB data for free, Amazon has entered the market of cloud storage services. This cloud storage solution is owned by the ecommerce giant Amazon, where you can upload pictures, videos, docs, and various other file types.

With a built-in search function, you can quickly download a saved file from the cloud. You can use it on Android and iOS devices; even if your phone is lost or stolen, you can retrieve your saved data from the Amazon Drive. Once you upload your files onto the cloud server, you can share your files with other users via email link attachment. You can go for paid storage service if you have more data storage needs.

Google Drive

google drive cloud storage serviceSo here is the app that dominates the chart when it is all about saving your data in the cloud. The Drive supports up to 15 GB data storage including all types of multimedia data. This application comes with an easily comprehensible interface. Users can set access permission as and when required. Don’t worry and stay cool if you are accessing your account from a remote location. Google helps it out.

The best part is you don’t have to login anywhere else if you are going to use this tool. Best and Time efficient so far. Since this is a Google product, you need not go anywhere else just get it on play store.


onedrive cloud storage serviceNow OneDrive here is also very popular among the users’ using Microsoft phones, tablets, or PCs. The app has gradually gained some attention from users. This Cloud Storage App also enables users to save up to 15 GB of data just like Google Drive. In case your data exceeds the limit, then you have to pay $ 1.99 month to avail 50 GB storage. In fact, there is more for you, in Office 365 you can store up to 1 TB of OneDrive Data.

If you are a windows OS user, you’ll find it quite comfortable to get along with the application. This app is mainly focusing on business and productivity purposes. Using this tool, you can also edit or create new Word, Excel, and Powerpoint file really easily. There is also a wearable device that is supported by OneDrive. OneDrive is a user-friendly one and easy to use. This is a quite handy and a good one for Microsoft clients.


dropbox cloud storage serviceThe Dropbox cloud storage is the best option for those who prefer a reliable and bulky storage space. Everything you need would be available in this app. Be it for your professional use or for personal usage. It comes with an easy to use and follow interface. It beats all the odds when talking about performance. For a quicker access, users are enabled to swipe between tabs and hence save time while sorting out. The app resumes the document or files at a point where a user exited the last time. This application supports a maximum of 2 GB data storage without charging any cost to users.

To entertain more benefits and effective tools plus 1TB storage space, users have to pay $9.99/ month ($15 for official usage) as a subscription.


This application has a maximum of 5 GB storage but it only supports free service till the 90th Day from registration date. Users can not only save their data but also can sync their data to other devices. If we look at the performance scale, this application wins it.

This tool enables you to upload the heavier files also. Through this app, you can manage tasks like editing document, accessing, and sharing to another computer easily. It supports offline support as well and auto-detects the data that needs to be synchronized. Users can avail more unlocked features from this app if they use a premium version of it. The premium version varies from $7.49 to $24.99 a month. The space you get would range from 100 to 500 GB.


box cloud storage serviceBox app is another option that you should go for storing online backup purposes. This app provides up to 10 GB storage space. This is also completely free of cost. This app is so simple and easy to use that it supports more than 100 file types. This app is most efficient and effective for business or enterprise purpose.

For users working in a workgroup, it would be a bonus to have it. Premium use is as per the number of users in an associated workgroup. For example, a plan for $6 per month for a single user is available for 100 GB. With extending storage cost also goes up. This app is secure and has 5-level encryption system.


pcloud free cloud storageThis application also gives you 10 GB storage maximum. It can be further up to 20 GB if you share or prefer it to your friends. Users can download the data with unlimited file size. This feature is available for both paid and free users. This is the only Cloud storage app that allows large storage spaces at reasonable prices.


mediafire free cloud storageEarlier, Mediafire started working as a file sharing site for desktop/PC users. But, as the time switched to smartphones, the development team launched the Mediafire app. As a starter, if you register at MediaFire, you’ll get 10 GB storage space. The basic plan is not ad-free. However, it can be easily upgraded to 1 TB at $ 3.79 per month and 1000 TB for $ 49.99 a month. This app is also available at Google Play store.


mega free cloud storage serviceMega is just as its name and users can share up to a maximum of 50 GB data. This app is an eligible one to be used for the official or corporate sector. However, this might not be a good option to save your personal pictures or data.




So these were Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android that we would prefer you to have for your android devices. Thank you for sticking around and stay tuned for more updates and tips.