Best Android Backup Apps Every Android User Should Use

Data is very important for every one. We contains lot of most important data which we save in our digital gadgets like computer, laptop, Tablets and even our smartphone. I think smartphone is one of those device where we contain most of our important data, file, images, videos, audio and some more important things. For this reason, we alwase have to be afraid to go over the data remains. Therefore, data backup is the most important measure.

To help this cause, Android developer build various Android data backup apps. These backup apps help you to create backup for your mobile data and keep your data safe. Below I am sharing some of the Best Android Backup Apps to keep your android data backup which you can restore it within minutes and get your all important previous data back. You may also like: How to backup Android Phone

5 Best Android Backup Apps

Cloud Storage (Google Drive)

In our Best Android Backup App list, I am talking first about cloud storage. Because online cloud storage is greatest way to keep your data safe from data lost. Google Drive, dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and some other cloud storage can be set automatically backup your camera photos and videos. You can also use it to keep backup document, files, folders and other smartphnes data which you want to safe. Most of cloud storage apps comes inbuilt with your smartphones like Google drive app comes with most of android smartphnes, OneDrive apps comes with Microsoft’s devices etc. so, in my opinion Google drive  is one of Best Android Backup App who already inbuilt in your android smartphone.

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Google Drive App Features

  • Safely store your files and access them from anywhere
  • Easily share files and folders with others
  • You can store different types of data like Videos, Images, Documents etc
  • Get 15 GB of free cloud storage to get backup of your data

CM Backup

CM (Clean Master) is one of the most popular clean-up and speed boosting app for android device. The developer also offers CM backup which gives you backup up al the important data to the cloud so you can restore it within a minute with just simple click. It’s does not backup only applications, video, images but it will backup Messages, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, calendar Info, Alarms and user dictionaries. CM backup also works on cloud solution so users be backuping up to there cloud and restoring from there. CM backup offers you free 5 GB of cloud storage on there secure server.

CM Backup Features

  • Intelligent file transfer- fast backup and restore speed
  • Scheduled backup- automatically backup important items every days
  • No root or other authorities required
  • Backup your all data like contacts, messages, images, bookmarks, calendar, Alarms and many more

Gcloud Backup

Gcloud Backup app is another best android backup app. With this backup app you can backup all the data like call logs, contacts, messages, documents including your whatsapp, viber data with just a single tap. You have to create an account on the Gcloud Backup service which lets you easily restore your backup content by signing into your account and restoring your data from your account. Gcloud Backup service offers 1 GB of cloud storage for free but you can get up to 10 GB oh cloud data by completing some easy stapes. The best thing of this data backup service you can backup all data from Gcloud Backup official website and easily move/ delete any data from there.

To take backup with Gcloud Backup is very simple- download Gcloud Backup app, create account and select files and folders what you want to backup, that’s it.

Gcloud Backup Features

  • Auto backup messages, calendar, call log, documents, settings, images, videos, audio and more
  • Also backup camera, Whatsapp, viber photos and videos
  • 1 GB of free cloud storage & easily earn up to 10 GB
  • No rooting or special configuration required

Easy Backup and restore

As name appear Easy Backup and restore is the perfect backup app if you are looking for simple backuping up for your data tp SD card or cloud storage. It backups apps , MMS, calendar and user dictionaries. You also have the another option of backaping up directly to your android device Google drive, DropBox, and OneDrive if you have cloud storage or want to use.

Easy Backup and restore

  • Easy take backup of SMS, call log, calendar, Web bookmark, contact, Apps, images, videos, document and more
  • Easily schedule automatic backup and also manually create backup
  • Easily backup apps to SD card and cloud storage


Helium is another great android backup app who claims “no root required” backup apps although root users can use this as well. All android user can use Helium to backup and sync android apps. Helium late you backup your apps and data to your SD card or online cloud storage. With this app you can sync app data from other android device even if they are not on the same network.