10 Free Light weight and Fastest Launchers for Android in 2021

Light weight and Fastest Launchers for Android:- What else do we need a from a Launcher app? Well, it should be interactive, intensive to look at, and faster at displaying results. Moreover, shortcuts should be easily available that doesn’t make users confused about where to spot the right apps.

A user-friendly launcher is the one that secures apps contents as well as is easy to customize according to users’ need. Plus, it should not put too much pressure on the processor and Memory. Here I am today with a list of Free Fastest Launchers for Android devices. And for users who are tired of looking at their same old themes, it’s time to switch to some vibrant launchers to cheer your mood up.

What is the need for Launchers?

So, a launcher is something that one can’t start up any app without. It is a platform for your Android phone to start every single process. The home you screen you see along with the list of apps and processes is all because of a launcher. By default, every device comes with a pre-installed launcher. But some of us still are unaware that these launchers can be customized. And surprisingly, there are oceans of launcher apps available at Play Store right now. How good would it be to get some of the Best Android App Launchers for Free?

Why Third party Launchers?

Some of us may hover over why do we need a different launcher app to handle our phones when there is already one pre-installed? Debatable, but most of the pre-installed launchers come with a limited set of features and functionality that are even unchangeable or can’t be customized according to our need. Besides, the third-party offer a somewhat wide and pragmatic approach to customize our devices’ looks and themes and ease of access to apps. For quite some time, lots of such apps have been receiving users’ attention.

Fastest Android Launcher in 2021 [Light weight and User Friendly]

Let us unlock the box of 10 Best Free Android Launchers you should opt for.

Lawnchair Launcher

fastest Launcher for Android

Lawnchair Launcher is a perfect choice that’s among the fastest Launcher for Android. This launcher app for android replicates Google Pixel’s interface and renders the native Google Pixel experience to the user. Lawnchair Launcher is the only pixel-like launcher that uniquely fits your phone. So, you can walk in style with your smartphone.

Automatic dark theme, flexible app drawer, Sesame integration (the universal search function), and Integration with Google Feed and Homefeeder.

 The Lawnchair Launcher also has tabs and folders in the app drawer. This free launcher uses the Device Administrator permission to lock the screen when a selected gesture is detected, optional and disabled by default.

CM Launcherfastest Android Launcher

Lightest Android Launcher (Size 2MB) :- Less than 2 Mb of this App would make you strained, CM launcher App is ultra-light and fast in processing. It is an open-source app that offers better security to users. It delivers extreme 3d themes and wallpapers for an amazing experience of users. The safe side is bettered by patching some hide and lock features for your Android data. If you are more into Virtual Reality, CM Launcher 3D is your take. Of course, it’s free to get.

Nova Launcherfastest Android Launcher

Size Approx (7.2MB) :- Nova Launcher holds the accolade on offering an intuitive interface and customizable features to Android users. It is on top of my list of Best Free Android Launchers for the year. Gaining a foothold in the market and still catching many eyes, Nova Launcher offers Dock customization, Notifications badges, tolls less on device memory and processor, and lists frequently used apps right under your finger. It is free to get from the Play Store and also comes in a premium version. Giver it a try, once you look at the themes it docks.

Apex Launcherfastest Android Launcher

Size Approx (11MB) :- Developed by Android Does team, as the name suggests, is loaded with a plethora of customizable features. Liked by over 10 million users worldwide, it offers free icon packs and themes to personalize your phone UI with 3d effects. It is quite a style maker that offers optimum security and protection as well. Apex launcher can hide and lock your Apps pretty easily with quick search feature. Users can also take backups and create restore points for their data. Go get it, cause it’s free for boot your phone and for you.

ME Launcherfree fastest Android Launcher

Size Approx (19MB) :- For those who love to have the feel of live wallpapers and theme, ME Launcher is up for grabs. ME Launcher is loaded with a pool of live and interactive 3D themes and wallpapers. Apart from just wallpapers, it boxes up cool and intriguing call screens and countless of funny emojis. What it offers besides the regular launchers is a pack of funny GIFs and smiley faces. You are at home with securing your favourite yet vulnerable apps using its security locker. Talking about the pricing, it is available at Play Store in both free and premium versions.

Microsoft Launcherfastest Launcher for android

Size Approx (23MB) :-Yes, you got it right; built by Microsoft Corporation, it suits the best to professionals who have a habit of keeping tabs on dates, meetings, calendars and schedules. For avid users of Microsoft are going to love this launcher which is easy to use, set up and further experience the customizable features. You can pin contacts to your Home screen, or place them anywhere you like. Further assistance is provided by voice-controlled Cortana (your digital assistant), Personalized Feeds, PC Synchronization, and Gesture customization.

Lean Launcherfastest Launcher for android

Light Weight and Fastest Android Launcher, Size Approx (1.3 MB) :- It is a lightweight and easily customizable launcher with an intuitive UI that can be managed easily. Lean Launcher comes with a multitude of features from locking your device via double tap to making voice search shortcuts. Its other features include Search bars available at the bottom, app suggestions and apps search bar, Wallpaper-based themes, swipe indicators, and changeable icon sizes. You can easily adjust your home screen settings through lean launcher by hiding or showing the home button and apps. You can even control the device gestures and actions.

AIO Launcherfastest Launcher for android

Size Approx (8.8MB) :- Now, I won’t suggest you put your focus on any other than AIO. Whatever you do, or imagine to, just do it with AIO installed. A list of things AIO Launcher offers is predicting weather, Playing music, displaying Notifications, arranging shortcuts for frequently used apps, making quick calls, Recording Audio, calculating, system monitoring, scheduling your calendar, and even showing currency exchange rates. What more you need from an App Launcher besides just changing the themes and backgrounds; that too, without any cost. There is a premium version of this app too, you can fetch it from the Play Store for free as well.

ADW Launcher

Size Approx (9.4MB) :- With some recent tweaks and upgrades, Ander Web team has taken it to further notable improvements. With a never-ending list of features, ADW launcher supports a dynamic User Interface, counts of icons and new methods to change your wallpaper, adjustable home-screen, different app drawer styles, configurable icon badges, faster application search bars, and amazing shortcuts. It is free to download from the Play Store and I would recommend it to you if you want to go pro.

Evie Launcher

Size Approx (7.4MB) :- Receiving awards and appreciation from 3 different critics, how concrete proof you’d require to not overlook Evie Launcher? Credit to Evielabs I suppose. Evie Launcher offers quick search method through a universal Search bar, just swiping up your home-screen takes you to all the apps installed on your device. You can create custom shortcuts just by a long press (works for every app). The basic functionality is rather revamped and enough to amaze you further. Get it for free from the App Store.

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Smart Launcher 5fastest Launcher for android

Size Approx (8.6MB) :- Here comes the Boom, Blue theme package, my favorite of all times. Its symmetry and blue themes took my heart. Specifically crafted for personalization, Smart Launchers 5 is packed with an ambient and adaptive theme to automatically change your device colors as you choose your wallpaper. You can enjoy your phone single-handedly with assistance of Smart Launcher 5. Receive Notifications, weather forecast, sort your apps automatically, and so much more to satisfaction.

In the Windup

There are lot of sailors in the sea of androids I must say. For now, these 10 Free Fastest Launchers for Android are my best ones. Keeping an eye son many such, I hope to bring you finest and smartest ones in later times. How do you like this list? Don’t forget to let me know. Comments box is waiting for you. See you very soon.


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