Top 10+ Awesome Wallpaper Apps for Android in 2021

This article will show you selected list of 10 Best Wallpaper apps for android.

What appears to be most attractive and catchy when you gander at your Phone very first in the morning? It’s not the alarm it’s the home screen and the wallpaper that is meant to be there. You chose it because it means something to you and wants to lay your sight at it every time you access your phone. Some users, well, like I do most of the time, keep switching to the new and refreshing image to set me on my feet. It should be pleasing to my eyes, somewhat sensible and illustrative. To find such wallpapers, here I have 10+ Best Wallpaper App For Android all sorted and sifted.

Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

For your eyes only, a list has been pulled out covering both the static backgrounds and live wallpapers that are mostly considered and used worldwide. What you must do, is just peek into the apps and try some for your own experience. Some of these Best wallpaper Apps for Android are also compatible with iOS devices. The best picks out of the Photos apps that you need to know about, let’s read on further.


best Wallpaper apps for Android

WallPix has a vast database of live and realistic wallpapers in HD and Ultra HD format. This app mainly includes cutout Live Wallpapers for Note 10, Note 20, A51, A71, Note10lite, and S10 Lite. Since this wallpaper app is made for specific devices, is focuses on punch hole camera cut out. You can search for daily new wallpapers or choose any from a wide range of interactive wallpapers.

It’s unbelievably easy to go through different sections such as collections, explore, popular, and favorites for collecting images based on time, popularity, etc. This user interface is also kept simplistic and easy to navigate. WallPix comes with three built-in themes and new wallpapers that you can change every day. It’s a free app, but if you seem to have a problem with ads, you can go for its Pro version and be the first to enjoy an enhanced UI and frequent updates.

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Backgrounds HD

Looking for a variety of colorful images to start your day? Start with a most popular and free Wallpaper app for android wherein you can search your favorite picture by category, and to let you choose your best take, people leave their reviews too.  This is one of highly downloaded wallpaper app for android ever.

Koi Live Wallpaper

cool wallpaper apps for android

It is a light app that competes with the big names in the live and 3D backgrounds.  Koi categorizes multi-colored and live underwater world detailing the 3D experience on your Android. Koi Live Wallpaper is the best choice to make if your love is toward aquatic life and its creatures. To make it amazing Koi lets you enjoy 3D world enabling you to multi-touch your screen to take the creativity to another level. It’s available for both the free and paid version.


best wallpaper apps for android

Most appreciated and interactive Muzei takes another angle on nature closely. Stocked with Google earth images, Muzei makes it even easier for you to manage your icons and shortcuts accessible and visible even after wallpaper is placed in the background. The blurring effect is also to be checked. Muzei also bundles some live wallpapers in its category, which I suggest you take a look.

MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

best wallpaper apps for android

It is an app that has a built-in ringtones bundle besides gifting you amazing set of wallpapers. The gallery has loads of images, alarm tones, notification sounds, all arranged in different categories. You can set any wallpaper for your home screen to your liking and explore more within more features. It is also pretty simple to use and a light app.

Super Clock Wallpaper

clock wallpaper apps for android

Addicted to timeliness? Here is a feasible option to set your plan according to your nature. With the interactive features and adjustable time panel, many users are now setting backgrounds using Super Clock Wallpaper app for android. Additionally, you can also monitor several activities like battery status and network status of your device. If you can’t find the background image attractive anymore, just swap it with another one. Super Clock Wallpaper is free to install and use and is also available for in-app purchase @$0.99.


best wallpaper apps for android

Thousands of images are bundled with this free to use app that I bet, will be enough to keep you busy for a day or two. Wally is a free-to-install app that renders a curated set of wallpapers and background images that too, going easy on your memory resources. Settings are also bread-to-butter to adjust. You can set any image based on image resolution, aspect ratio, and should put you under any load.

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Pixel Road Wallpaper

best wallpaper apps for android

If your love for animated is still on the higher side, Pixel Road is the right path to choose to sail. There are plenty of animated characters brought in the form of background wallpapers to never let you out of your sight. Also, other information you need is delivered to your home screens such as what today’s weather and all that in a cooler way.

Chrooma Live Wallpaper

If you are familiar with the Game, this app would be nothing hard to get. All the live papers are on your home screen. You can adjust colors shapes and resolutions of the live images, and with continually moving layers of images, it is even more convenient to pick your favorite image. Chrooma is available for free as well as @$0.99 with an in-app purchase.

Mountains Now

If Mountains and valleys are your peaceful way to kick-start your day, don’t be shy to try Mountains Now. This app delivers you live wallpapers hence brings you another step closer to nature.

This app accesses you gyroscope to let you enjoy the accurate details and readings. It is worth a try not just because it’s free but also to allow you balance your eyes say, wow. You can also have it with in-app purchase for $1.63 which sounds a little pricey but worthy enough to let you explore more of nature.

Forest HD

Forest HD is another app to get closer to the wilderness and peaceful places. The woods and willows always have been my escape route from my tangled up life. Whenever you swipe to unlock your device, there is a new world of forests to explore. You can customize the way it should appear on your home screen.

As I said, there are plenty more in app’s storage, if you are intact with nature. Available free at the Play Store, as well as @$0.99 with in-app purchase, there is a bag full of places to explore each day.

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It’s a pretty cool and fantastic Background App for Android Phone stacked with plenty of attractive wallpapers for your need. Let me remind you that it’s is only gettable for a pro version, unlike other free apps. Once you get started, you can explore online photos to set on your device, which you can also sync with your Google Account across different devices.

The Image set is exclusive and gets regularly boosted with the latest packs of wallpapers. Consider the memory and resources to take their toll too.

Kappboom Cool Wallpapers HD

best wallpaper apps for android

Forget about the prices; Cool Wallpapers HD is a free to try and install app that delivers over 200k HD wallpapers to your Home screen. A vast collection of images is hard to find these days, that too fitting your mood and nature. A search option rectifies your particular topic and gets you multiple results so you can put one on your screen. What more to ask when all you have is for free.

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Galactic Core

Looking for something to amaze your senses? Galactic Core presents you the inner side of your Galaxy in an interactive way. The site and scenes move ass you swipe across your touch screen. This app supports live wallpapers in both the portrait and landscape modes that is pretty much in demand in tablets. Hence, it is a good to try the app on both the type of devices.


The last one to detail here is Zedge that is probably well-known by you. Zedge also provides you the multi-featured platform to set background images, ringtones, notification sounds, and alarm tones at a centralized place. The image search is enhanced by the pre-defined categories having bulk photos. Apart from the HD wallpapers, users were a little worried about its low res-photos and had reported about advertising flashed on their screens. All in all, it is worth a try for free.

Summing Up

So far, my search led me to these 10 best Wallpaper App for Android here. If some newbies are ringing more bells, I’ll make it to here for sure. If you know some better app that outdoes these ones I mentioned, do let see your comment down here. See you all soon.

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