How To Make Free Calls Using Free Calling Apps Without Internet

Hello friends, recently I post my article Top 10 best free calling apps for android. After that many of our friends suggest me to write on best free calling apps which makes free call to phone/ landlines without internet. So, today I am sharing our interesting & useful article ‘Make free calls using free calling apps to Phone/ landlines without Internet’. We all know about some free calling apps like viber, WeChat, facebook messenger, line, tango etc which also enable free calls but they require the internet connection to make calls. What if, the calls take place offline without the need of internet connection? You heard right, you can make free calls without internet connection.

So friends, keep on reading to know how to make free calls using free calling apps to Phone/ landlines without Internet. You can also find your query here like make free calls without internet, best apps to make free call without internet.

Best Free Calling Apps Without Internet


free calling apps without internet

Bigo is awesome revolutionary communication free calling app without internet that lets you make free calls to any mobile/ landlines across the world. The best features of this free calling app are the called person is not required to have the bigo app or internet connection. Only you need to download and install bigo app in your device and start to make free call without internet connection. With bigo app you can make free calls at any time any where including US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India and other more than 230 countries.

Features of Bigo

  • Bigo app provides free 400 credits per month per users.
  • This app also provides free 10 credits per day for login onto the app
  • You can use these credits to make the calls & the call credit cost depends on the location. You can check out the credit charges for non bigo by clicking here.
  • Bigo also provides Unlimited bigo to bigo calls
  • Bigo also offers 300 bigo credits on inviting/ referring a friend.


free calling apps without internet

Whatscall is another best free calling apps without internet in our list and also my favorite free calling apps for android phone. Whatscall is also a free calling app where you can make call without wi-fi OR internet. You just have to download and login to get 100 credits to make free call without internet. App also gives 1000 credits to refer your friends. There are also ways to earn free credits to make free call without internet. So, just install and earn credits to make calls to your friends and relatives. Whatscall is available for Android and iOS both.


free calling apps without internet

Nanu is latest free calling app which designed for android phone for making free calls. Actually nanu app provides free unlimited calls from nanu to nanu on net and without internet it provides 15 minute every week free calling. You can read more about nanu app in our another article How to download and use Nanu app for Free Calls

Nanu Features

  • Nanu app is exclusively for making free calls
  • It does not need high speed 3G internets for making calls. You can easily manage with the 2G
  • It’s a free app available at Google Play Store for Android
  • Nanu to Nanu free calls everywhere
  • Across 41 countries includes HongKong, Austria, Chile, Italy, India, Canada, UK, Taiwan, US, Singapore and France, nanu support calls to Landline numbers
  • Nanu also support Nanu to Non-nanu mobile includes HongKong, Austria, Italy, India, US, UK, Malaysia.


free calling apps without internet

Libon is another Voip (voice over internet protocol) free calling app. which also provides free calls to its users like free unlimited Libon to libon cals, free 30 minutes non-Libon users ( landline/ phone). Libon users can also get free 60 minute per month by referring friends.

Features of Libon

  • Unlimited free Libon-to-Libon calls
  • 30 minute free calls to non libon users per month(mobile, landline, libon calls without internet connection)
  • Also have referral program, refer to your friends or family to get Free 60 minutes

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These were the best apps to make free calls to Phone/ landlines without Internet. Friends if you know of any such good free calling apps or have any queries feel free to comment.


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