How to Transfer File from Android to PC [5 Easy Tips]

Hello friends, in this tutorial we will discuss about How to Transfer File from Android to PC. This is a must to do task for you if you use an android device. Every once in a while you have to take backup android phone or copy some other important documents to your laptop or PC. And believe me now or later you’re going to need it. Even I do it often. So let’s take a look at the ways in the following sections of this article.

Why is there a need to transfer a file or a number of files from your Smartphone to PC. Your phone is doing what your computer can, so what is that necessity? Let me tell you the reasons why and I bet there are many. Some android devices might need an update and you don’t have any place to back up your data if you haven’t saved it on Google Drive. You may be running out of space in your device due to size limitations or even you need have to copy some important document, image, or software from your phone to computer for an official purpose OR you can use Android Backup Apps There is, no doubt so many reasons why you might need to do that.

But the thing is you should be able to know all the sorts of techniques so that you can’t be sorry your data loss or any damage. Here in the following part of this article we are going to deliver some useful tips and tricks on the same topic. So let’s start with the first option we have here.

how to transfer files from android to pc

Tips to Transfer File From Android to PC

Transfer File From Android to PC Using USB Cable Connection

The first option is to get connected through a data Cable. Well, this might sound a little out of fashion to follow. But, I assure you guys it is the best and most secure Ways to Transfer Your Data between Android and PC. How is it secure? Here are the reasons why. When you attach your device through the cable, you get a notification to use your device as a simple media device, USB Mass Storage or a camera.

Transfer is reliable as the device is directly connected to the computer and both the device memory and external memory are accessible. You can also opt for an option to choose Use “USB Charge Only”. When you are done copying and pasting. These days all the android devices come with plug and play support. So it just takes a few seconds to get started.

Transfer Files From Android to PC Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the oldest technologies to transfer your files. Earlier, every multimedia phone came with this support as this was the only method to send or receive files. With no other option, it was good to transfer files with the maximum speed of 232 kbps. Bluetooth is still reliable I must say, but only for small sized files or documents. When it is nowhere to go for users, they can still go for it. All they have to do is get the device paired with their computer and get to work. But I still prefer to opt for the better and a time efficient one.

Transfer Files From Android to PC Through USB SD Card Reader

Another way to get your files transferred is to eject your Memory card out of your device and connect it to your laptop/PC. Transfer speed might not be a trouble with this method, but when it comes to taking out the SD card and then inserting it back in the device… I am not that patient to be honest.

Transfer Files From Android to PC Through USB OTG

This is the coolest feature for you if you are a concerned about your phone storage. Get an OTG (On the Go) cable and take regular backups of your data in a pen drive. Later, you can save the files in the computer. If you want to copy you files from your PC to Phone follow the same process vice-versa.

Transfer Files From Android to PC through Wi-fi

When there are the best options available, I suggest you go for the best one. Here is the last one from our topics to help you with the best in class support to help you out. Wi-fi is the most widely used technology and daily GBs of data get transferred between Android-Android, Android-PC, Android to iOS, Android to MAC.

There are a plenty of registered apps that are available for file transfer. Not just for Android, these apps now come with cross platform support as well. So sit with your phone in pocket and run the app in your computer to get a file transfer. All you have to do is to select the files and up you go. Some Android File transfer apps that are going to get you help with this are ShareIT, Xender, Superbeam, PC with AirDroid, PushBullet, WifiDirect.

These apps are the real deal these days that support everything you need. Bonus point you get is, minutes of task is handled within just a few seconds. Why wouldn’t you like that when it comes to saving time.

Final Words

So dear android users and curious readers, these were some basic and important tips on How to Transfer File From Android to PC. Hope, you liked reading it. Do leave us your comments and reviews on this in comment box. For more tips and tricks stay with us and keep visiting here to get regular knowledgeable stuff. Thank You for the visit.