How to Create Your Own Personal Sticker for Whatsapp on Android

How to Create Personal Sticker on Android for Whatsapp :- The Instant messaging app added some new functionality to its latest build version 2.19.98 and with that gave some more power to users to customize their own things. Those who have a knack of trying something out of the box being connected with their friends and families, emojis and stickers are not a new concept. Looking back at Whatsapp when it had a limited stock of stickers, there wasn’t too much to explore. But, now, you can add lots of fun elements and enhance your creativity too. Here is How to Create Your Own Personal Sticker on Android for Whatsapp for those never-ending musings.

Talking about funny and expressive stickers, concept is nothing new, what adds to my curiosity is, where and How to Create Customized Stickers for Whatsapp apart from the stocks I already have. So, here in this how to guide, I’ll be throwing some light on things that can be handy for you as well. These features and accessibility options are also available for other messaging apps like, Hike, WeChat, and Telegram.

How to Create Personal Sticker on Android for Whatsapp

What’s new in this latest and upgrade of WhatsApp is its revamped list of fun-filled stickers section available with Emoticons. To never let you miss group chats, you have a bunch of loaded stickers to give another boost to your creativity. What’s their worth? Well, they are worth something words can’t explain. These are created by various artists and if you want more, then head back to Play Store and find something to your liking.

Now, here is the thing you’ve been waiting for, How to Make Personalised Stickers for WhatsApp on your own. Even though WhatsApp is missing out of this feature, you can still master your photos into a sticker. What to do next? Just publish them on Google Play Store and share with users like you.

Things to do first:

  • A latest build version of WhatsApp messenger and a healthy internet connection.
  • Now go to Play Store and Download Sticker Maker App, Note the developer Name in the Postscript to ensure it is a genuine built (FYI: It’s a free app).
  • How to Create Your Own Personal Sticker for WhatsApp using the “Sticker Maker App:
  • Launch it and go to “Create a new Sticker” and once you tap on it, you’ll be prompted to create a Sticker Pack for yourself and Name of the one who’s creating this pack.
  • Tap on Create.
  • You’ll see an Empty Sticker Tray when you tap on “tray icon”.
  • Now, add your favourite 30 selected stickers to add to your sticker tray. Do remember that once you add these stickers to tray, they can’t be re-edited or added once published.
  • Get started with it by tapping on the first square box to select an image from gallery or just capture it.
  • This tray icon and the image you take or add will not be visible in sticker pack.
  • Now, crop and outline the image by selecting a specific area using your finger without lifting it.
  • Alright now, tap on Yes, Save Sticker
  • The minimum number of stickers required to publish online is 3.
  • Follow same steps to add as many numbers of images to sticker tray, crop them and save them as said above.
  • Once you are done cropping and saving stickers into tray, save your sticker pack and Publish the pack on Play Store tapping the button with display text “Yes Publish” at the bottom-right.
  • You’ll have to choose whether you want to add your Sticker pack to your WhatsApp or not.
  • Choose Add and it’s almost done.
  • Now, you can head to the stickers and emojis library to see your set of customised stickers.

Some notable points

  • Stickers’ size must remain exactly 512×512 pixels.
  • Each sticker is must remain less than 100 Kb.

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And that is it, not that hard as you thought, was it? This is How to Create Your own Stickers for WhatsApp on Android. And if you want more to know about what’s buzzing on the www, head over to other sections. How helpful was this How to guide to you, do let me know. Comments Box is waiting here. See you all soon.