How to Record Whatsapp Call on Android [Complete Guide]

How to Record Whatsapp Call? This question must have come to your mind, is you are using whatsapp in your smartphone. So, are you finding step by step guide to record whatsapp call android phone, than this tutorial will give you most accurate & step-by-step guide to this query.

I think, every android user have whatsapp in their phone because of their free instant messaging features as it allow you to call any of your contact for free of cost. I show, most of whatsapp users searching how to Record Whatsapp Call. So, here we are sharing a complete guide to record whatsapp call on android.

Many users searching How to record whatsapp call on web. First of all, let me tell you that there is no inbuilt whatsapp call recorder feature and also you cannot do it by the default in your phone. But you can do this through the free & Best Call recorder app. all you need is a best call recorder app, we will also assist you in this.

How to Record Whatsapp Call

In below guide we maintained 2 different methods for the record whatsapp call on android first is record whatsapp audio call and the second is record whatsapp video call. So, let’s start…

How to Record Whatsapp Call (Audio)

The first safe, secure and very easy to use app to record whatsapp call is Cube Call Recorder ACR. So, let’s step-by-step guide to install and use to record whatsapp call.

Cube Call Recorder ACR

  • Automatic call recorder to record every call
  • Automatic call recorder to record selected contact
  • Record voice call on Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, Skype, IMO, Hangout etc.
  • High Quality Audio call recording

How to Record Whatsapp call Using Cube Call recorder

  • Download and install Cube Call recorder in your phone
  • Open the app click on next >> Agree the terms >> Grant Permission >> enable overlay than switch to whatsapp
  • Call the person you want to talk to…
  • If the cube call widget shows and light up while you are talking, means its working
  • If given any error, open cube call recorder setting and choose ‘force VoIP call as voice call’

Note: – some android device does not support to record whatsapp calls, for that device you will have to enable VoIP recording in setting. Just go to Setting >> Recording & Enable VoIP Recording.

How to Record Whatsapp Call (Video)

whatsapp video call recorder

Record Whatsapp Video call on Android:AZ screen recorder is one of the best android screen recorder and the best thing of this app is that it can capture both audio and video in the single frame. That’s why we can also use it to record whatsapp calls or as any video call recorder like IMO call recorder & Skype Call Recorder

Just download and install the app in your phone that’s it. Before start whatsapp video call, hit the record button. Whatever goes on your phone’s screen with be captured along with audio. Once the call end hit the stop button, your recorder whatsapp video call will be save on desired location.