How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Images and Videos on Android

In this tutorial, I will guide you how to recover deleted whatsapp media files like images, videos, GIF’s, document etc on android phone.

Whatsapp, one of the leading and best messaging app for android who provides us a platform to communicate to others via text messages, voice messages, images, video, files, GIF’s and much more. Some time we accidentally or by mistake lost whatsapp media file and that lost data we need again at any cost. If you are looking for solution to recover deleted whatsapp images and videos on android phone, that after reading this tutorial you will be able to recover lost whatsapp images and videos on your android device.

Recover deleted Whatsapp data is not too hard but most of Whatsapp user don’t know the fact that whatsapp takes backup of all shared stuff whether it is text, Images, video, or file every 24 hours and it keeps the backup file intact for last 7 days. There are some ways to restore deleted whatsapp images or videos which we will talk in below paragraph.

How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Images, Video, Files

Method 1:- This is one of the simplest ways to recover deleted whatsapp images and videos. All you need to uninstall whatsapp and then install it back. This would use all the backup files and restore whatever it can. By doing this you can recover deleted whatsapp images and videos.

Method 2:- this method is also one of easy method, you need to install best file manager for android (if your android phone not have default file manager). Create manual backup your recent chat. You can do this in the whatsapp menu button, Go to Setting > Chat and Call > Backup Chats / Chat backup. This setting will save data look like as “megastore.db.crypt123” in your SD card / Whatsapp/Database folder. Rename and Save this file as “megastore.db.crypt123.newchat”

After doing this start recovering lost Whatsapp data by following given steps

  • Uninstall Whatsapp
  • Choose the backup file you want to restore in SDcard / Whatsapp / Database
  • Rename if from megastore-yyyy-mm-dd.crypt123 TO megastore.db.crypt123
  • Reinstall Whatsapp
  • Chose restore when prompt
  • The backup file megastore.db.crypt123 is restored your deleted whatsapp all data (Images, Videos, Messages, files etc).

Recover Deleted Images and Videos from Whatsapp Via Third Part Date Recovery App for Android

Undeleter (Root Required) using this android app you can rapidly recover deleted messages, images, videos from android. Also can recover whatsapp chat (Images, Video, Files, GIF’s, files) and call history from android. You can download this app from Google play store buy you need to root your devise to perform data recovery process with this app.

How to recover Whatsapp Images and Videos Using Undeleter

  • Download and Install Undeleter Restore file and data from Google Play Store
  • Open the app and populate the screen by refreshing the list. Once the phone screen populated, select the folder containing Whatsapp Chat, Images, Videos.
  • After choosing to tap on ‘Check Device’ and in next screen shows up a rundown of latest erased records. When you see the deleted whatsapp items you need to recover. Simply select them and tap on save. That’s it.

iMObie – iMobie is also one of the data recovery software to recover any type of data, the data recovery tool provides an easy way to retrieve your lost or deleted data from your android device. By using iMobie you can recover your whatsapp images, videos, messages, files as well.

How to recover Whatsapp Images and Videos Using iMobie

  • Download and install iMobie on your computer, open it and connect your android phone to the computer using USB cable.
  • When it connected choose Whatsapp option only by selecting the type of files you want to recover.
  • Select the Whatsapp messages, Images, Videos you want to recover. Click to device button to recover them to whatsapp on your device directly for instant use or you can click on computer button to save Whatsapp data on your computer.