How to Fix No Sim Card Detected Error on Android Phone

Have you ever felt into the issue of “How to fix no sim card detected error” on your android device? Now leave your worries off, because we are here to clear out all your doubts. Most of the time, when you face such issues, you might get frustrated. Most of the time, frustration is expected because we are eager to test our new device.

Not only new phones but also old android phones face this issue. In most instances, this issue arises due to improper insertion of the sim card, but the reason is not always the same. Here are the following ways to cure up this problem and fix no Sim card detected error on Android.

Power Cycling your Phone – Reboot Phone – Restart Phone

Most of the time, the users reboot or power cycle the phone, but doing this always doesn’t fix it. Rebooting the phone will lead to the re-establishment of the connection, leading to a new search for your sim card. For following this process, you need to do the follow the steps mentioned below.

Reboot Phone

  • Press and hold the phone’s power button until you see the reboot menu on the screen of your phone.
  • Then tap on the “RESTART” or the “REBOOT” button, varying on the type of android phone you are using.
  • Confirm the choice on the next screen.
  • After completing the above steps, wait until your phone’s power back up again.

If, even after following the steps mentioned above, the sim card is not detected, follow some other procedures.

Reinsert SIM Card

To fix out the No SIM card detected error on Android, the next thing that you can do is to remove the SIM card and insert it again. Most of the time, it is possible that you have not inserted your SIM card into your device in a proper manner. There are also chances of error in the SIM slot too. The possibility of settling of the dirt in the SIM card slot is also there, and hence there would be issues regarding proper detection of the SIM card. Follow the steps mentioned below to solve the no SIM card detected error on Android. Read Also :- What is eSIM

reinsert SIm card

  • Switch off your phone and then remove the back cover of your mobile.
  • Then remove the battery of your mobile.
  • Then remove the SIM card and clean the SIM card slot using a dry cloth or a brush.
  • Then reinsert your SIM card and then turn on the power of your device.

Activity Airplane Mode

If the above two steps of power cycling the mobile or reinserting the SIM card doesn’t solve your problem, then here is another method of fixing that issue. If both ways are unsuccessful in solving your case, then there is a high chance that there is nothing glitched up with your SIM card. You can verify that by inserting your SIM card on a different device. You can also activate the airplane mode to see whether your issue gets fixed up. Here are the following steps that you should follow to do so. Read AlsoHow to Activate DND in Any SIM

Activity Airplane Mode

  • Swap down the notification screen of the home screen of your mobile phone.
  • Then tap on the option of airplane mode.
  • Confirm the action to move further.
  • Wait for some instant before you toggle the Airplane mode off.

Even after following the above steps, the SIM card is unreadable, and then you can follow out the further procedures.

Change your Phones Network Mode

This step is a sporadic case. Most of the time, the users don’t choose the proper network service provider on their cell, which leads to the SIM card to be undetected. Luckily, there is also a way to solve the issue, and that is by changing the network mode on your device to auto.

Change your Phones Network Mode

Follow the steps mentioned below to sort out the issue of no Sim card detected error on Android.

  • Go into the SETTING menu on your smartphone.
  • Go into the section which is related to the MOBILE NETWORK. The section is named as Networks or connections.
  • Then in that section, search for “SIM Cards and mobile networks” and then tap on that option.
  • After tapping on that option, you will find many options like CDMA, LET, GSM, and much more over there. You have to choose any one of those options which the carrier of your mobile will support. If you don’t know which option the carrier of your mobile phone will support, then call the customer care number of your mobile phone company.

Clear your Device’s Cache and Data

For the users who are yet facing the same problem, the alternative is to clear the device’s cached data. For doing such, you need to go into the settings and then tap on the storage option. Then in the storage option, taps on internal storage and then search for the cached data. Then tap on the cached data and click on the pop-up notation to confirm that you are going to remove all the cached data. By caching all the data, your phone will load longer, and also, you will face the need to log in again into all your apps. But this procedure can also prove to be a method to solve your problem.

Remove third-party apps

Another reason behind the improper detection of your SIM card is due to the third-party apps. The apps which download into our mobile from google play are third-party apps. To cross-check whether your sim card has not been detected due to third-party apps, you can run your phone in safe mode for 2 to 4 hours.

Check SIM Card Reader

Insert an active SIM card and check if it is working or not? If it working, then you’re current SIM card is damaged or defective.


Can the SIM card be detected after the OS update?

There is a high possibility that your sim card was not being detected because it needed an OS update. So you can do the update and check whether the problem gets sorted out.

What to do if the SIM slot is loose?

If the SIM slot is loose, then you can put some pressure on the slot, and then you can cross-check whether the slot will hold your SIM card properly. If you are confident about it, then you can put your battery into the mobile phone.

This was all regarding How to fix no sim card detected error on your android device? I hope you find our article informative. So if you found reading this article insightful, then do like and share our article.

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