Call Tracking and the Different Ways You Can Use It to Your Advantage

When you hear about call tracking, you would probably wonder how it can help your business as it sounds so simple and not really helpful. After all, it’s just monitoring the calls, right? Or is it? If you read through this article, you’d be surprised to learn that there’s a ton of advantages waiting for you if you use call tracking. Perhaps it’s a matter of understanding it works and how you can make it work in your favor.

When you know how your sales team is performing, you will have an idea whether your business operations are functional or not. That is why a lot of businesses today pay great attention to how customer calls are managed; missing out on what happens during calls can be detrimental to your business. For instance, did you know 86% of how you communicate with your audience over the phone isn’t about words? That’s right; a huge portion has to do with your intonation, the way you express yourself, and the way you try to interact with your customers. And even then, customers are picky about who they interact with; 77% of buyers in B2B won’t even talk with sales representatives without doing research. This means you may want to get valuable insight on what happens during calls to optimize your sales operations, and call tracking can help you with that.

Advantages of Call Tracking

Demystifying calls can actually pave the way to a better understanding of how your sales operations work. Doing this with call tracking providers such as Fone Dynamics can open a whole lot of possibilities for you, as tracking calls can actually give you an advantage not just with the information you can get but also on how you can use it in your business.

Here are some of the ways you can use call tracking in your business:

Better Track your Investment Returns

One of the most crucial elements of any business is its returns, especially tracking them properly to assess the overall performance of your business. Call tracking helps you better track your investments returns by letting you know how well each of your marketing campaigns is working. Thanks to the tracking feature of your software, you will know how many clients you convert and how much money you make from these conversions. You can also determine which marketing channels are generating leads and making profit.

Determine your Business’ Peak call Hours for Better Management

When call tracking tracks any of your marketing channels, it assigns a unique number to that channel for clients to call. This means advertisements on radio and television, traditional posted advertisements, and your digital channels will be assigned different numbers. When customers call a particular number assigned to a channel, it will be recorded by the call tracking software. With this, you can backtrack your calls easily and analyze your data to determine peak call hours.

Make Better and Quicker Decisions when you Need it

The nature of businesses nowadays requires proper and intensive assessment of data to make good decisions. This can cost you time and money, especially when you need to make quick decisions about important aspects of work. Call tracking can help skip this entire process by providing you with real-time statistics. Not only that, but caller information is made available for you, such as the number of calls, length of calls, and caller demographics. Accessing this data gives you the power to make quick and speedy decisions whenever needed.

Improve your work Operations, Especially call Forwarding

Call forwarding is an essential aspect of the sales process, especially when you have to get your client to the appropriate staff member. Call tracking allows you to streamline your forwarding process by making sure calls are forwarded to the right staff member in the quickest possible time. There’s no need to hold the call or make transitions from one staffer to the next. This efficient process can greatly increase the overall satisfaction of your customers.

Increase the Reach of your Marketing Efforts

Another benefit call tracking offers is its ability to help you maximize your marketing efforts, courtesy of the information the system provides. Pertinent information, such as customer demographics, number of calls, and call location, can be used with information from your other analytics tools to improve your marketing efforts. This can help you create or release more targeted advertisements so you can reach the right kind of people more efficiently.

Know your staff Performance

Call tracking and its call recording feature afford you the opportunity to look into how your staff is performing at work. You can assess how your staff is interacting with others by listening to the calls. The information you get can be used to create evaluation and training programs for the improvement of your staff’s performance.

The Takeaway: Utilize Call Tracking to Your Advantage

It’s important to remember that call tracking’s main feature is to “track calls.” In other words, tracking is call tracking’s greatest strength, and you can this feature to your advantage. The information provided by call tracking can help you evaluate your current work performance and improve on your operations so you can meet your customer demands. The more customers that are happy with your business, the better the investment returns and the greater the profit.