4 Awesome Methods to Read Whatsapp Messages without Sender Know

This Whatsapp tips and tricks will show you some methods to read Whatsapp messages without senders know.

As we all know, there is a feature in Whatsapp called blue ticks marks which lets messages senders know the recipient has read the message. The whatsapp Blue ticks feature has an advantages as well as disadvantages.

You can enable and disable Read Receipts option in whatsapp OR you can also do some given Whatsapp Tips and Tricks you can use to read Whatsapp Messages without knowing the sender.

Read Whatsapp Messages Without Knowing the Sender by Disabling Read Receipts Option

As we already discus above we can Enable or disable Whatsapp Read Receipts options. so watch out for a while, how will they do it?Disable whatsapp Read Receipts option

  • Open your Whatsapp and go to the “setting
  • Tap on “Account” and then tap on “Privacy
  • Simply uncheck the “Read Receipt” option, That’s all

By doing this, your Whatsapp message sender will not even know when you were online and you read or not the message.

Turn off Your Mobile Data

This also another method to read whatsapp message without knowing your whatsapp friend. Once you get the message don’t open the message. First turn off your data connection and this will take your whatsapp offline. Now read message and you would not alert the sender since you will be reading the message from app cache.

Peep Into the Notification Bar

This is also another method to read whatsapp message without knowing the sender but, with this method you can read only one message from one person. Because when they send more than one message you can see only message count from the sender.

Whenever you get any message from whatsapp friends, it will show a notification in your notification bar. You can read those messages by simply swiping down of your notification bar without opening the app. The blue tick show only when you open the app to read messages.

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Use Whastapp Pop-up

Whatsapp have also a great feature called popup notification. By using this feature you can see popup notification and message notification in the past. To active this features you have to go “Settings” and tap on “Notification” and then tap on “Pop-Up-notification

Look for message notification and tap on it to select anyone from given option. With this Whatsapp Pop-Up-Notification feature you can read the message without actually opening the app.