How to Track Child’s Smartphone Using SpyHuman

This Tutorial will Guide all About the best free Android mobile tracker/ Spy called SpyHuman. we will discuss here all things such as about SpyHuman, SpyHuman Features, How Spyhuman works and more…

As we all know that smartphone market is growing day by day and nowadays almost everyone owes smartphone whether they are businessmen or small kids. Smartphones have made human life more comfortable by providing all the things at their fingertips. Like every coin has two sides, there are also some threats of smartphone usage. According to one survey four in every ten teenagers get victim of cybercrime and that is the side effect of smartphone madness. Teenagers are most sensitive during this age as they are very curious to learn something new and that is why they easily fall into cybercrime.

Now, the question is as a parent of teenage child how can you protect your children from cybercrime, isn’t it? Yes, you can protect your child from cyber threat by using SpyHuman mobile spy or mobile tracking application.

What is SpyHuman?

SpyHuman is a free Android mobile spy application that is specially designed to track your underage child’s smartphone activities. SpyHuman app collects various data of your children’s smartphone like call logs, sms, social media chats etc. So, you can easily get idea about your children’s online or offline interaction with other people. Knowing your child’s online activities simultaneously reduce the cyber risk. And in case, if your children are interacting with any suspicious people through text or online chatting then, you have fair idea regarding the situation and can help as well as guide your children about cyber threat.

After getting victim of cybercrime, most of the teenagers feel ashamed and don’t talk to their parents regarding the situation due to age-gap and commit suicide. Like “prevention is better than cure”, it is good to know your child’s smartphone activities for preventing them cyber danger and The SpyHuman is going to help you in all the way.

What Types of Activities I can Monitor Through SpyHuman?

spyhuman features

There are numerous type of features available on SpyHuman through which you can monitor following types of activities:

  • You can get the entire call logs received calls, dialed calls and missed calls with date and time stamps.
  • Record and listen all the calls that are took place on/from the targeted device remotely.
  • Read all the sent/received SMS from the targeted device.
  • SpyHuman Android spy app collects the real-time GPS location of your child with the exact GPS co-ordinate with date & time stamps.
  • Get eyes on your child’s internet browsing, get the full web history with the link of visited site or pages. You can even block any suspicious website on your child’s device remotely.
  • SpyHuman mobile tracker provides the entire Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media chat history with date and time stamps. Now, you can easily know with whom your child interacting on social media sites.
  • Record and listen phone surrounding remotely and get an easy idea regarding the conversation taking place when your children are away with their friends.
  • Get the list of application installed on the targeted device and if you found any suspicious app there on your child’s smartphone then, you can block it remotely.
  • If your child is talking with any unknown person then, you can block that particular number on the targeted device using SpyHuman’s call restriction feature.
  • And More…

How SpyHuman Works?

how spyhuman works

First of all, you need to register Spyhuman free account on the Fill the required details on registration form and submit. Then, you have to verify your email by pressing verify button from the received mail.

Now download the SpyHuman application from our website i.e. and install that app on your child’s Android phone. Follow the instruction and give the required permission during installation, you can get full installation guide on our website. After installation complete the SpyHuman mobile spy app icon will disappear from the app drawer so, your children will not get any idea regarding this application as it won’t show anywhere.

Now, just go to the press the login button and fill up your login details it will lead you to the SpyHuman admin panel from where you can monitor all those activities remotely. You will find all the features at the left side click on particular feature like if you want to read the SMS just click on SMS Tracker and you will get the entire text conversations with name and mobile number. Similarly, you can access other features also. From the right side you will get idea about the targeted device GREEN dot indicates that targeted device is online means your children’s mobile internet data is ON, whereas RED dot indicates it’s OFF.

SpyHuman phone spy is not for only parents but, if you are and employer and running a business then also you can use SpyHuman to monitor your employee’s smartphone activities during working hours. By using SpyHuman Phone tracker app you will get an idea about your employees interaction with outside people, what type of information they are sharing with other people? Are they sharing any sensitive information to third party? Get all the answers with the SpyHuman FREE mobile spy app, it is 100% undetectable on the targeted device.

SpyHuman Price

When you show the official website you see there are two SpyHuman pricing plan:- Basic and Premium

Basic plan is SpyHuman free version plan which allow there users to monitor only 1 device without any charges. But this package has limited following features. You can track only call logs, SMS, GPS location, contact information, Browsing history, website blocking, calls blocking, apps blocking, device details.

But in SpyHuman Premium plan you can get all the Spyhuman benefits such as whatsapp messages, facebook messages (Currently not available, surrounding recording, gallery data, remote photo capture, file manager including all basic plan features.