How to Remove Passwords From Adobe PDF- Step by Step Guide

In this tutorial we are going to guide you to removing of passwords from files like PDF. The most of the personal and secret documents are password protected and you know the password but you don’t know how to remove the password protection means how to make it free.

How to Remove Passwords from adobe PDF

The problem with PDF files is you can’t remember the passwords for each and every files because every PDF files have different files because of that we found a solution for you. This guide is too easy you can make it within two minutes using your own software we don’t recommend you to go through any application.

Make sure that your file is safe whenever you are sharing the file after removing the password. Ok Let Start.

How to Remove Passwords from adobe PDF

Here the process will go through using the software there is another method to do this. As I already told you the software will be pre installed in your computer and that is Google Chrome and there is no problem with this weather it is Windows or Mac because it supportable for both Operating System. The easiest guide is here just follow.

As we know, The Google Chrome has inbuilt both PDF reader and PDF writer in it. Using these to you can remove the password of PDF document. How? Just go through following steps.

Open the Google Chrome browser as it pre installed in your computer if not just download Google Chrome and install it and it is available for both Windows and Mac.

Just drag the PDF file where it is written in Adobe or any brand just open it through Google Chrome Browser means just drag it to.

After dragging the PDF file in browser it asks you to enter the password of the document and enter the password and hit enter to open the file.

Now you just have to go to file menu in Google Chrome and print it you can print it by typing Ctrl+P for Windows and Cmd+P for Mac. Then save the file in the format of PDF as “Save As PDF” and save the file in your wanted location by clicking “save” button.

now you can open the Adobe PDF files without the password in any browser and this is the guide to remove password of Adobe PDF using Google Chrome.

How to Remove Passwords from adobe PDF [ Second Method]

There is another method to remove the password from PDF document without using Google Chrome. If you don’t have Google Chrome pre-installed in your computer or you are not like to use it. Then this is the guide for you. You can remove the password of PDF files using this tool- BeCyPDFMetaEdit

It’s too easy to use and perform. After download and installing this tool you have to launch the tool in your PC and it will ask you to enter the location of your PDF file and enter the location. Before entering the PDF file you have to change the mode to “Complete Rewrite”. Then switch to the Security tab and set the “Security System” to “No encryption” and save it. That’s it you have done your PDF files will never exist with passwords.

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If these are not enough Or you want to use another trick to to Remove Passwords from adobe PDF. then there are different types of online tools are available where you can Remove Passwords from adobe PDF very easily. but before using those tools you need to read required steps to know how to Remove Passwords from adobe PDF and then use online tools.


This was the topic to How to Remove Passwords From Adobe PDF. Hope you like this, Friends if you have any kinds of query and suggestion regard this article ‘ How to Remove Passwords From Adobe PDF’ then write in comment box, I shall try gating back as soon as possible.

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