How to Get the Most Out of a Maternity Photo Shoot

You just can’t wait until your precious gift — your new baby — comes out into the world. But until then, you have plenty of preparations to make.

One thing that you may want to add to your to-do list before you give birth to your baby is having maternity pictures taken. Why?

Top Reasons to Get Maternity Photos

●      Overcoming body issues

Pregnant women are divided about their feelings regarding the changes in their bodies. Some feel ecstatic, while others may feel overwhelmed. Bringing a professional photographer into the equation can help you feel more confident in your body and accept the transformations it has undergone to accommodate your little one’s development.

●      Celebrating your relationship

The birth of a new child changes the family dynamics. With the newborn baby as the new focus of the relationship, it can be easy to forget where things started: you and your partner’s love for one another as a couple. A maternity photoshoot is a great way to honor and celebrate the beginnings of your family.

If you already have a child, this may also be an opportune time to prepare him for the arrival of his sibling.

●      Putting things on pause

If you think that things are hectic before the baby comes out, wait until you give birth. In the flurry of all the activities in your life, it is a good idea to take a breather and to reflect on where you are right now, and to capture beautiful images of your pregnancy before you jump into a new phase.

●      Revealing gender

A photo shoot can be a great way to share with loved ones and friends the news that you are welcoming an addition to your family.

Tips for Expectant Moms

The photos taken during your pregnancy can be a great gift to your child, which he can cherish later on. And in order to ensure that you get the most out of your session with a professional photographer, there are a few essential things to bear in mind.

●      The right time

While there is no real ideal time to book a photoshoot, most expectant moms schedule their photo shoot around their third trimester when their baby bump is more noticeable.

You can wait a bit more until around the last few weeks of your pregnancy, but exercise due caution because sometimes babies come out earlier than expected. Also, during this time, you may feel the most uncomfortable, and you may not be able to move around well.

●      Clothing

It may seem counterintuitive to wear tight-fitting clothes for the shoot, but these are the best garments to wear because they showcase your baby bump quite well.

If you are uncomfortable wearing such clothes, you can wear a flowy dress. Just keep in mind that the photographer may need to pull the fabrics in closer to your body.

As much as possible, avoid wearing clothes that leave a mark on your skin, especially around your belly.

Should you wish to expose your stomach, make sure that you avoid applying spray tans, and do not shave a day before the photoshoot if you have a tendency to get razor burns.

●      Props

Whether you use props or not for the shoot will depend heavily on the style and personal philosophy of the photographer. If you wish to use accessories, use these sparingly, and keep things minimal.

●      Finding a suitable location

You can choose to have your photoshoot in your home, in a studio, or any location that you have in mind. Whichever location you pick, your safety and comfort should be of primary importance. This is especially true if you are thinking of holding the shoot in an outdoor venue.

●      Choosing a photographer

Comfort is the primary criteria you should use when selecting among different photographers. Most likely, you feel that you are in a vulnerable spot right now, and the right photographer can help put you at ease while ensuring that you get perfect quality pictures.

Experience and expertise almost always go hand in hand. That is not to say that a photographer who is new to the craft cannot produce outstanding pictures. More often than not, however, a professional with a few years tucked under his belt can create better quality photos and know how to interact with his specific subjects.

Finally, make sure to check each photographer’s portfolio in your shortlist. The previous work of a photographer can give you insights not only with regards to the quality of his work, but also his unique style.

The right photographer can guide in you making the right choices for your photoshoot, making suggestions while also being willing to hear your input.

Whether you are welcoming your first or nth child into the world, the arrival of a new baby is a cause for celebration. And while you are waiting for his arrival, enjoy the moment with excitement and anticipation and share those feelings with the people that matter in your life.