8 Tips That Will Make Your Whatsapp More Privet and Secure

From sending messages and Videos, pdf, pics, emoji, voice messages, you name it and WhatsApp has it. The Social media app has more than billion active users and it alone transmits 30 billion messages per day. Be careful if you write on this technologically secured app as it encrypts every bits and piece of information. Today we are going to add some additional Security layers by telling you about the useful Tips That Will make your Whatsapp More privet and Secure.

Tips to Strengthen Your WhatsApp Privacy and Security

how to secure whatsapp

It is definitely true that WhatsApp encrypts all chats by default and tries to provide maximum security to its users. But after reading this post on WhatsApp Security you will be able to have an extra layer of security to double-check your privacy.

Hide your Information/ Profile Picture

Have some Common sense and restrict your Profile Pictures to be seen by everyone. You can go to settings and set profile picture sharing to “contacts only” in the Privacy menu. In using any form of digital media is aware not to talk about your personal information like bank account, credit cards information, family or identity to an unknown person.

Two-Step Verification

Just like your Email, you can set up Two-Step Verification in your WhatsApp.  What this will do is that a new WhatsApp will not be installed with your Phone number until you want. For enabling this feature you can go to WhatsApp on your phone and Open up Settings -> Account -> Two-step verification and click Enable.

Make a 6 digit password that you can remember easily. After that enter and verify your email address. You are good to go then and remember you can also disable that feature if you want to at any point in time.

Prevent showing your “Last Seen” on App

Any hacker or stranger that wants to ruin your Privacy may follow this feature and guess your usage pattern to gain information. You can Disable this feature by going to Profile>Privacy> Last seen. If you turn it off, you won’t be able to see other users’ ‘last seen’ times as per the rules of this app.

Lock WhatsApp

The lock feature is something that WhatsApp needs to inbuilt soon into their app. However, by simply using a Third party best android Lock Screen app all the important and private information in your WhatsApp account can be saved. In case of lost or stolen smartphone, this trick can come up handy and unnecessary trouble can be avoided.

Always Hide WhatsApp Photos from your File Manager

The WhatsApp profile pictures, Videos, Voice messages, audio files that you send or receive are automatically stored in your File Manager.

If you ever send or receive photos that aren’t fit for family or common viewing then you can disable this feature by heading towards your phone’s file manager and access the WhatsApp images folder. Just add a new file here by the name of “.nomedia.” and then restart your device.

Beware of unwanted Links or Push Notifications

WhatsApp is a freeware tool and will never ask you for your Personal information or Service of any kind.  The app does not generate emails of any kind that includes chats, audio/video messages, photos, or subscription to services.However, they may reply to your suggestions and problems. Anything that tempts you to click on links or Subscribe to services is a scam and should be avoided from a user and not to be trusted.

Deactivate your App on a Lost/Stolen Phone

I have already suggested using a third party app for this situation. You can also use the following Email addresses if you want to deactivate your WhatsApp account on a lost or stolen smartphone.

You can send a deactivation request to support@whatsapp.com and do not forget to mention your phone number on which the app was installed.

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Disable Cloud Backups for Privacy

The app backs up the data of your app to Online Storage platforms like Google or iCloud. Thus it becomes vulnerable to hackers or various online threats. Every bit of data on WhatsApp is encrypted and thus you need to take care of what you discuss and with whom you discuss on the app.

In Conclusion

Do share with us if you know about any other Security tips that can be used in WhatsApp. Hope that you enjoyed reading this post on “Tips to Strengthen Your WhatsApp Security” and do not forget us to leave us a Comment in the section below.