How to Clear Cache In Firefox Browser Compleate Guide

In this tutorial under the category how to clear browser cache we are sharing a very important guide how to clear cache in Mozilla Firefox complete guide mince you can read here How to Clear Cache In Mozilla Firefox on Android, iOS, Windows phone, PC, laptop etc.

Firefox browser is the most loved browser in any platforms with its ultimate configuration and features. Firefox is also a default browser for many platforms and associated with Bing, Yahoo and Google to have their search engine URL box on their homepage. Firefox is most loved browser because of its high valuable extensions and new added features like live bookmarking and thumbnails to visit last visited or most loved websites easily on the Homepage. Likewise it offers many features and if you are using this browser then the guide is only for you. If you are using this browser, then you want to clear browser in Firefox for any problems like low speed, password deletion and many more.

So, here using this guide you can clear browser cache of Firefox in any platforms. You can clear browser cache any platforms like Android, Windows, iOS and in Mac using this guide.

Just follow the guide and find your platform and get answer for the question “How to clear browser cache from Firefox browser in any platform?”.

Clear Cache from Firefox browser

Clear browsing cache in Firefox for Windows

Clearing browser cache for Mozilla Firefox is too simple and as same as Chrome but few last steps were different and will done with few clicks.

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox browser, then click on option which you will find in the three horizontal lines placed in the top right corner. New tab will open.
  • In that select “Advanced” which is last option in the new tab.
  • In that you have to select “Network” tab.
  • Finally, you will find “Offline Web Content and User Data” and “Cached Web Content” then click on the clear now placed in front of these two options and hit enter.

Clear browsing cache in Firefox for Mac

You just need to follow the below guide to clear Firefox browsing cache for Mac.

  • Just open the Firefox on your Pc and click On the menu bar then Firefox | Preferences
  • Then you just need to click on Click the Advanced Panel
  • Now click on Network Tab and click clear now and that’s it you have done.
  • Clear browsing history in Firefox for iOS

If you are using Firefox browser in your iPhone and iPad you want to clear Firefox browser cache then just follow the below things.

  • Just open Firefox browser in your iPhone and iPad.
  • Then just tap on tab icon at the top of the screen.
  • Then Tap the cogwheel icon to open the Firefox Settings
  • Now, under the Firefox Settings menu select Privacy section and then tap on Clear Private Data.
  • Select the types of information that you want to delete and in the tap clear to clear select data including browser cache.

Clear browsing history in Firefox for Android smartphone and Tablet

If you are using Firefox browser in your Android and Tablet then you can Clear Firefox browsing history for Android and Tablet.

  • Open Firefox in your Android phone or tablet then Tap on Menu
  • Now, you just tap on Settings and then tap on Privacy
  • Then you will find Clear Private Data and just tap on it.
  • Check all the boxes that you want to delete.
  • Finally Tap on ‘Clear data’ to clear what you checked in the previous step.

This was guide to clear browser cache of Firefox browser in any platforms. If you have any suggestion or question regarding this article then you can openly ask or suggest through comments using below form and we will reply to it within 24 hours.