10+ Hidden iPhone Tricks and Tips Every iOS user should Know

In this tutorial we will discuss about hidden iPhone Tricks and tips

Is there anything to find secrets on Iphone as there all things are clear and every iOS users should know these following 10 secret. There are secrets those are unlimited even I don’t know but here are some secrets that I know and sharing with you.

10+ Hidden iPhone tricks and tips

iphone tricks and tips

Creating Text Replacement Shortcuts [ iPhone Tricks & tips]

It’s too easy to create text replacement shortcuts and this is hidden method can’t get you easily. What’s this creating text replacement shortcut? You have to create a shortcut for a word “I am Coming” its shortcut is IaC. Let Start with the procedure.  It is very usable at messaging where you can use quickly recently used phrases.

  • Open settings in your device
  • Then Tap on General
  • Then Tap on Keyboard
  • Next tap on Text Replacement
  • Now Tap on the New button (+) in the top right.
  • You have to enter a shortcut and a phrase in order to do text replacement.
  • Add a phrase like this “Be Aware” and add a shortcut like this “ba” That’s it.
  • Then Tap Save. It’s over.
  • In any app if you have to write anything then you wants to use above phrase then just type ba it automatically expands to be aware.

Use Google Map for Free

While travelling in foreign countries you can use Goggle Map GPS as free. Don’t connect to data and open the Google Map app and while zooming in your area just type “Ok Maps” then you can use Google Map for free.

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Stop Playing Music with timer

Most of us like to sleep while listening to favourite music. If you are getting sleep and you want to stop playing music in background after some time when you in sleep with a timer and here is how it works. Got to clock and then tap on timer and set the time means duration. Select “stop playing” when the duration ends means timer ends.

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Close Multiple Apps at a Time

You can close multiple apps when you are in the multitasking bar after double clicking and you can close 2,3 and 4 apps at a time. No tricks just use your 2 fingers to close 2 apps and 3 fingers to close 3 apps and lot more. That’s it.

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Capture Images while Shooting Video

It only happen when you are connected to headphone. You just have to rise volume by a remote button in the headphone and after this you have to click on shoot the video and tap on play or pause then it will capture the image.

Check Recently Closed Tabs with a Great Trick

When you are opening new tabs using + button and if you want to check or open recently closed tabs with by press and holding the button on your mighty iPad.

Regain Deleted Digits in Calculator

If you automatically delete your last digit in your calculator that you are inputted then it’s easy to regain this. Just swipe across the readout (from left to right or right to left)

You can Charge Faster Your Phone in Airplane Mode

When you are busy and don’t want to attend or receive call then made it to Airplane mode. Then it charge twice faster than it was in normal mode.

Alternative for Home Button

If your home button is crashed or broken then you can make use of one trick. Go to the Accessibility settings, then enable Assertive Touch and there will be big white dot appears on the screen and you can make use of it.

How to Easily Navigate to Simple Calculator to Scientific Calculator

It is too easy just open the Calculator and make it in sideways then automatically scientific calculator will open.

That’s all about 10 Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks and any suggestion or queries regarding this post are openly accepted and those can be expressed via comments using below form. If you want more tricks please let me know.

Type Emoji With Shortcuts In iPhone

These days every one write short words OR emoji in there messages, try this iphone tips and tricks to type Emoji with alphabets shortcuts. To do this first follow given steps…

Go to Setting > General > Keyboard > Add new keyboard > emoji.

Go to setting > General > Keyboard > Add new Shortcut..

Insert a frequently used Emoji in phase.

Insert text in shortcut which will be used to convert to emoji.

Final Words

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