5 Tips to Choosing the Right Gaming Laptop for $800 or Less

Gaming laptops are a different breed from typical notebooks. They feature powerful components, vivid designs, and premium prices. However, that’s understandable if you want to play demanding games, delve into virtual worlds, and experience smooth game play, then you will need the best of the best.

Depending on your budget and the games you want to play, the cost of a gaming laptop could run you anywhere between $800 to $5,000. The final price will depend on a lot of things, from specs to laptop features. This 5 of the Best Laptop Deals Under 800$ – Fact’s and Buyers Guide has all the information you need to know which features your gaming laptop should have to ensure your games run better and your system doesn’t crash.

Tips to Choose Right Gaming Laptop

For many people, the cost is a major sticking point. However, is it really possible to get a gaming laptop that does all this and more without breaking the bank? Follow these five tips to find the right gaming laptop for you:

1. Settle on the Specs

When you are trying to pick the best gaming laptop to buy, it is important to know the specifications it should have. Start off by checking what kind of processor it has. The processor will make sure that your laptop runs faster and ensures that it doesn’t crash when it is handling complex software.

Also, check the RAM to ensure that it is high enough to enable the processor to run multiple software simultaneously. The laptop’s internal storage should have enough memory to store all your games and backups. Don’t forget to ensure that the graphics card is sophisticated enough to run all the games you want to play on your machine.

2. What is your Preferred Platform?

You should also think about what platform you would like to use on your gaming laptop. Once you make the choice, it will help you narrow down your focus to laptops that have adaptable features.

The most popular platform is the Windows OS. That is because it is easy to use and upgrade, and also has great control and systems.

If you end up buying from the Chromebooks series, the Chrome OS will be your best option. However, some people consider this a downgrade from Windows systems. The Linux OS and Mac OS are other great options, but very few affordable gaming laptops run on these platforms.

3. Consider the Display

There’s no point in having beautiful graphics and smooth frame rates if your gaming laptop’s display isn’t up to par. As a minimum, look for laptops that have a resolution of 1920×1080. Anything less than this and you’ll get muddy graphics.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from machines with touch screens. Not only is this feature unnecessary for gaming laptops, it will also drain your laptop’s power fast.

4. Check the Battery Life

When buying a gaming laptop, it is important to look for a machine that can hold power for a while – even when it’s not plugged into a power source. This will ensure that you’ll never run out of juice before saving your game, and will also give you more playing time.

5. Don’t Forget the Keyboard!

A lot of the time, many people focus so much on the specs that they forget to check on the keyboard’s quality. Since you’ll be spending hours on those keys and touch pads when playing a game, you have to ensure that they work well, are comfortable and look great too.

In conclusion

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