How to Speed up Firefox When it Running Slow

We already share about How to speed up Google Chrome in our previous article and most of my friends suggest me to write article about How to Make Firefox Run faster. So friends, in this tutorial i am going to share How to Make Firefox Run faster when it running slow.

How to Speed up Firefox – As we know Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular and best browser for almost every platform like Windows, Android, iOS etc. Most of internet user use this browser because this browser supports customization, fast and flexible features. According to some reports Mozilla Firefox is runs faster than Google chrome.

After the using Mozilla Firefox for long time, you may have noticed it getting slow then as time passed. But you don’t need to worry about it, there are a lot of different ways to speedup it and Make Firefox Run faster. So, Follow some given steps and make your Firefox run faster or Speed up Firefox.

speed up firefox
Tips to Speed up Firefox | Make Firefox Run faster

Clear Cache to Speed up Firefox

It’s Highly Recommended to clear you browsing data or clear cache once in a weak. Because Firefox will catch the contents of most websites you visits, so that they load faster when you visit them again. But if these temporary file will kept for many days then any web browser will become heavy. So, on that situation browser will slow down page loading speed.

To delete browsing history from Firefox Click on Menu > history and in history click on Clear Recent History > Select everything and clear now.

Minimize Memory Usage to Speed up Firefox

Minimize Memory Usage to speed up Firefox is another trick. To do this Type in about:memory into the address bar and you can get detailed memory usage information about Mozilla Firefox. You will see a button under free memory called minimize, Click Minimize Memory usages under Free memory, it will try to free up memory immediately and therefore make Firefox run faster. This is one of the great options to use if you had a bunch of tabs open in Firefox and you recently closed out a lot of them.

Disable Plugins and Add-Once to Speed up Firefox

In Firefox there are many plugins installed for different operations such as flash, Silver-light, Java office and there are some of plugins you do not need. Because the can slow down the Firefox browsing speed so you need to disable it.

To disable a Plugin in Firefox, click on menu button in Firefox browser window and select Add-Ons from the drop down menu

Add-Once manager windows will open. Click the plugins tab on the left side of the window, for each plugin you want to disable, click the corresponding disable button. That’s It.

Disable Extension to Speed up Firefox

To disable extension, go to menu option and click on Add-Ons, In new window find extension (situated on left side). Click on each unused extension and click on disable or remove to disable extension That’s it

Final Words

This was our article How to Speed up Firefox When it Runs Slow . How did you like our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. also write If you have any query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


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