How to Send Large Files Over The Internet – Complete Guide

In this tutorial I am sharing the complete 3 different step by step guide of How to Send Large Files over the Internet OR Send large files through cloud storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive), Send large files through Gmail, Yahoo etc. So, if you want to share large files over the Internet this guide is for you only.

If you are trying to send any large file or document than this is not really easy tasks to send large files over the internet, because your most of internet user using their email account to send their file and folders over the net and the email provider have very short file size limits on their attachment approx 25 MB, is very small file size.

So, when you want to send very large file size OR high resolution video files You need to go through file sharing web based service OR have some steps to send large files through Email service. So, In below tutorial we are sharing best methods and using those you can share unlimited files to someone that’s you want to share with. I have shared guide using that you can share Large Files with Website, share large file using Cloud Storage Services and share large file via to send large file on email

Send Large Files with Website (No Sign-Up Required)

The first guide to send large files over the internet using web based file sharing sites. So, if you don’t want to sign up or register for some of the account sharing files then you can use service that uploads your file and helps the recipient download the file directly from your computer. So, here is a website that allows you to send large files over the internet.


WeTransfer is the recommended way to share files over the internet and this file sharing website upload the file to a server and send a downloadable link. There is 2GB limit to send the files through this server. So, follow the steps in order to send large files over the internet.

  • Open and Click on Sign Up and Sign Up for it.
  • Now you have permission to upload the files so, add files with the limit of 2GB and there is no limit for files. So, you can store files here for 7 Days after that you’ll have to upload it again.
  • Now click on Add Files and select your files then click on Transfer and Copy the link.
  • Then Send this link to whoever you want to share these files with.
  • Wetransfer also developed a app for iOS that allows you to send files up to 10GB for free. So, that is very useful and only for iOS users.


MailBigFile is another cool website to send large files over internet for free. Using this site you can transfer up to 20GB file. The site claim, they transfer every file format very securely. Using their paid service, you can brand your own pages and emails using the business account. For their free service you can transfer up to 2GB file and the file available for next 10 days.

Transfer Big Files Using Cloud Storage Services

Cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive are used to share large files via email. It’s very easy to share files using these services. There is no size limit to send files using this service and downloading the files. You can download any files through this service without any hassle. It’s completely to free to use and that too without sign up and set up and use can send files quickly using this service. SO, here are some different cloud services those are used to share large files on the internet. You can also read our other article on 5 Best file sharing sites to share large file.


DropBox is software which supports almost all platforms like windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android and also has a good Web interface. DropBox is the most famous service that used to sending large files over the internet. It gives 2GB free storage. You just have to buy more storage in order to send more files over the internet and you can also get more storage by referring others to download DropBox. You can upload up to 10GB per file when you are using Web interface there is no limit of file sizes when you are uploading using app on any platform. So, follow the steps in order to send large files over the internet through Dropbox.

  • First open the Dropbox and log in to it.
  • Then select the file that you want to share and Click on Share link button.
  • Now click on Get link and send this link to those you want to share the file with.
  • You can also link to other services to send large files and even Dropbox is better.

Send Large Files Online Free Via Email

As mentioned earlier, email attachments are too limiting if you intend to send large files. However, popular email services have cloud integration as well, so you can send large files almost as if they were attachments.


The world’s most popular email service is Gmail and normally it restricts you 25MB limit attachment to send the file. You can also easily send files larger than 25MB and if you want to do then follow the below steps.

How to send large files through Gmail

Note:- This method doesn’t work if you’re using Gmail’s basic HTML view.

  • Open your Gmail account and Click the Compose button which is placed on top left.
  • Then hover your mouse over the + icon in the compose window.
  • Now you just have to click on Insert from Drive.
  • Then upload your file using Google Drive.
  • Now you can also easily send files larger than 25MB

Apart from these if you are using any different cloud service then you can send large files using Gamil through cloud services. So, just follow the below steps in order to send large files using third party cloud services.

  • Go to Gmail and click on compose a mail.
  • Then click on Cloudy button placed at the top-right.
  • Now you can select service that you use like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Githu then add the files and send.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is also a one of the major email service which also allows you to send files maximum with size of 25MB. You can also easily send files larger than 25MB and if you want to do then follow the below steps. Yahoo Mail allows you to insert the files via Flickr/Dropbox.

How to send large files through Yahoo Mail

  • Sign in to Yahoo Mail and then click on Compose.
  • Then Click the down arrow next to the paper clip icon for attachments and select Share via Flickr or Share via Dropbox.
  • Now you can access files via Flickr/Dropbox and you have to authorize to Yahoo Mail if you are using it for first time.
  • After the completion of authorisation now you can select the files those you want to send. The receiver can open them even he is not user of Flickr/Dropbox . The maximum size of sending file for these services is 150MB and if you still want to increase it then you can directly use the cloud services. is a email service using this you can also send large files easily on the internet. If you are user then no problem otherwise you have to create account on it. You can attach 20MB file per mail by default. You want to attach and bigger files then follow the below steps.

How to send large files through

Log in to

Then click on Compose button and now click on down arrow which is placed next to the Insert button at the top and then select share via Onedrive. Then you can attach the unlimited files using your Onedrive account. I mean just upload the files on and then you can send them through when it’s needed. That’s it.

Final Words

This was guide about Send large over the internet. If you have any suggestion regarding this article you can openly say that through comments using below form or if you have any queries or confusions regarding this guide then you can ask them through comments also using below form and we will reply as soon as possible.