How to move Android Apps to SD card- Step by Step Guide

In this article we are going to inform you How to Move Android Apps to SD Card? Moving android apps from internal to external SD card is very easy if your android phone supports the folllwing features. You don’t have enough space in your internal storage of android phone or full of videos and apps. You are sick of your phone loaded with lots of unwanted things which you can’t delete and here we got solutions for all of them. Almost all android phones come with internal storage of 8 to 32GB and if you find this is not enough and this article is perfect for you. The internal storage of your and much part of your storage is full of operating system and applications space. You don’t have enough space to install more space then follow this article to get to know about to movie your android apps to external SD card. This article is one who has microSD slots in your android phone means your android phone must have feature to add microSd card.

If you don’t have microSD card buy them on online to get at low price and enjoy high space in your android phone. The some of the games or apps requires more space in your phone and those are your favorites and you don’t want to delete them. Because of all this problems you can’t watch your favorite movies in your android phone and due to lack of space and this is not laptop to get pen drive or just drive.

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This all trick works on only one setting that is Application Manager and check how to move android apps to SD card.

Note– Some of the android phone only supports this feature and not all. The android feature supports some Samsung, lava, and Sony some other devices.

Move Android Apps to SD card

  • Go to setting on your android phone and you can find the setting application on list of apps or just click on notification bar you will get settings tab. Find Application Manager in it
  • now go to Application Manager means tap on this.
  • You will get a list of all installed apps in your android phone including pre reloaded apps. Select the one app which you want to move to SD card.
  • You can’t move several apps at a once you have to move them one by one.
  • Then you will see this Move to SD Card button and if you didn’t see it there is no solution and the apps officially added also can’t be move to SD card.
  • If you don’t see the move to SD card option and your android mobile doesn’t supports this feature at all.
  • Click on the Move to SD Card option and you are done.
  • If you want to same in vice versa means do you want to move apps from internal storage to SD card and then you have to click on the app you want to move to internal storage and then tab on the movie to internal storage and it’s worked.

This is all about how to move Android apps to SD card and we think you have got the solution and who didn’t got the solution means those their mobile doesn’t supports this feature are they not to worry soon we well come back with the solution. Hope you all liked this article and any suggestion and queries regarding this article are openly accepted and that can be posted through the comments using below form. Stay connected to get to know upcoming tricks.