How to control your PC from Android

How to control your PC from Android

In this article we are going to write about How to control your PC from Android topic and let start. Controlling the android mobile with pc is too easy but controlling PC from android is not too easy. There are several remote controls like YouTv, BluRay Player and DVR but they never but they didn’t work as much. Then this guide is to inform you that you can control your pc from Android. Yes, if you have an android phone, then you can control every part of your PC. There are several ways to control your PC from an android device and they are too easy. You can also access your PC even outside the home also and get connect with your important documents always. You can access all the things in your computer using small applications and get in now.

The best thing you will enjoy is you can control your PC outside office or home using these remote controllers using these popular remote controllers some of them only and some of them are can be controlled by in front of your PC only.

There are several tough things also and we just go on through this.

Control Your PC From Android

Google Chrome Remote Control

If you are using Google Chrome consistently in your both PC and android then here is a first thing to control your PC using android phone. Just download and install the Google Chrome app in your PC then install the Chrome Extension for your pc. Then you can easily use it for controlling your pc. The other thing is you have to install the same official app in your Android device and install it.

Now Google Chrome can access anything in your computer. How? Through Google Interface you can access anything from your android device and even you can connect the mobile networks and you can control anything like file browsers, applications and anything you want.

The most important thing is you can access your PC using another PC or Laptop by just installing Chrome and its extension and enjoy using it. The best controller to control PC using android phone and it is completely free. Remote controllers are good but this one is ultimate.


TeamViewer is the best of best app to control your PC using android phone. TeamViewer will work just through internet and get some problems when you connected two machines. You can access emails, videos and anything else you want. Working of this PC in android mobile is as same as in PC you have to tap on the command where in the PC you have to click by mouse and to open the command you have to tap two times on that and where as in PC you have to click mouse button two times.

How to control your PC from Android Using TeamViewer

Follow these steps to control your PC using android phone.

  • Download and install the Teamviewer for both PC and android phone. The Teamviewer is completely free for both PC and android versions.
  • The one thing is you need to connect the internet to perform and this make sure that both PC and Android connected to internet.
  • Launch the TeamViewer on your computer.
  • After installing TeamViewer ID and password will be displayed. Note down that ID and password displayed in TeamViewer.
  • Open after installing app TeamViewer on the smart phone or android phone.
  • Enter the details on Smartphone means you have to enter the ID and Password you have received in the TeamViewer app.
  • Then Tap on the remote control.
  • Now you can control your computer using Android Phone. You will see computer screen on your android phone.
  • That’s It, Now you can easily control it.

Remote Mouse

It is like remote desktop and behaves like emulator means it emulates keyboard and mouse of your pc. You can do it when you are in front of your pc and you can perform this through only Wi-Fi networks. Download Remote Mouse for your android mobile and it is totally free and also download it for your PC and available for all OS. As I told you need to run your PC to perform this. You can perform only basic commands using this Remote Mouse but to better start here. You need to buy means purchase extra keys to perform media and anything else on your PC through your android mobile.

Unified Remote

It is all like Remote Mouse but it is expensive than that and supports larger functions than it, like LAN support, voice commands, infrared and NFC tools and controls higher features like VLC and music services like music services like iTunes, Spotify.

The app is totally free for PC versions and works well with all operating systems. There are upgradable features means you have to unlock by purchasing them and make it full version. The android version of this app will cost you $4 and purchase it and enjoy using it.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Windows producers cleared the solution to control PC using remote controls. The app works on windows machine and it also available for android versions also and you can download it. Microsoft developers update it in all time and android app can be updated on its features.

Virtual Network Client

The best remote controller ever and the best solution found ever by the developer. The android phones got more popularity and they are thing about to develop the apps to control PC. This is completely free and some along with some paid features among both PC and android. The android developer gives a free android remote access. The Remote Rippl is the app you have to download it through Google Play

These are the popular remote controllers means developed to control PC using android mobile. The suggestions or questions are regarding this articles are openly accepted and those can be commented through using following comment form. Stay connected to get ultimate android tricks and tips.